I've always wanted to start a collection of poems to Pegasus...though he's 'evil', there's just something about him...well, here we go!

DISCLAIMER: Blah blah, I don't own Yugioh blah...

Soliloquy of Despair

Cecilia, my one, my own
From the moment you left me
It was as if the sun had set on my life
Shutting out his golden rays
Upon my shattered heart
Now every night I die another death
Drowning in a flute of sparkling wine
The deep red blood that flows from the cup
Parches not my thirst,
Merely stains all my sins.
Redemption lies but a light year away
Like the elixir of life,
The chalice just out of reach
The kookaburra laughs at me,
Mocking me until I die
Forever am I cursed.
The raven never moves from his bleak stone perch
And out in the desert,
Where evens angels dare not land
For fear of burning their delicate wings
The vultures circle endlessly,
Eyeing my beating heart,
For broken,
It can mend no more.

Well, a non-rhyming soliloquy...what do you think? Reviews make me happy!