Whew, thought I was dead right? Nope, cos here comes part two of Romanticide! Sit back and enjoy!


Romanticide II

And so begins our second great arc,
The ballad of Pegasus and his passion for art!
With the Eye and his new power on the balance of scales
He re-crossed the ocean without further avail,
For a new world had been born to him once he opened his eyes
A world without secrets, a world without lies.
The visions came more vividly; he'd stay up half the night,
To let this madness consume him, and to his very delight
The petals became jewelled; the lilies were bold,
With every new brushstroke came ideas encrusted with gold.
Yet every night he'd put this new façade aside
To mourn over the passing of his dear departed wife,
And every night he'd whisper to the spirits within
As the boundary between life and death grew thin
Obsessed, he grew stronger day by day,
By feeding on souls he captured in play
A tournament was thrown, ambitions were high
He really thought that he could bring her back to life!
Sweet Cecilia, poor angel child, let not death do us part,
Not even her memories could play on the conscience of his heart.
More souls he captured, his hunger grew and grew,
Until the monster within him was bigger than me or you
But if it had not been for a brave little boy,
Then the whole world might've become this madman's play toy,
For it was Yugi who set our protagonist free,
From the evil that clutched his soul so deep.
His Eye was gone, his power lost,
A broken man mourned over everything he'd cost,
But his soul was reborn and the kindness in him relit,
He remembered the laughing man of happiness and wit.
"That's how she would've remembered me by,
Not for my treasures or my Millennium Eye!"
Well, the ballad is finished, our story is done,
Roll along next season of Toonworld fun!

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