Hey, Diary

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Chapter 1

"Hey, guys!" Hermione Granger greeted her best friends, Harry and Ron, cheerily.

"Hey, Hermione, what got you so chipper?" Ron asked as he piled food onto his plate.

"It's first thing in the morning and I have the prospect of History of Magic to look forward to." Hermione replied sarcastically, knowing that the guys might give up on her if she did.

"No way are we going to give this up. Tell," Harry told her, knowing the routine too well.

"Well, my parents replied to my letter and…" Hermione started when Ron cut her off.

"Wait, you're this happy over a letter that's not from a boyfriend? Hermione are you insane?"

"If you would let me finish my sentence, Ronald, you would know that my parents sent me a diary they got from Diagon Alley when we went school shopping there," Hermione continued.

"Hermione, have you considered the idea that a diary from the magical world may not be the best idea ever?" Harry asked cautiously.

"Yes, Harry, I have and they said that it wasn't second hand. No-one else has used this so it's not like Riddle's diary. You know what? I've got to go and get to History of Magic, I'll see you later!" And with that, Hermione stood and walked away clutching a slice of toast.

She was the first to arrive at the History of Magic classroom, so she sat down in her normal place and took out the diary. It looked, well, muggle so she decided to start writing her first entry.

Dear Diary,

She paused as she thought about what she would write. She didn't stop for long because another person had written back.

What do you mean diary? This is MY History of Magic homework, not that I needed to do it because, well, it's Binns.


Excuse me? Who are you?

What the… well, you can guess the last word. And my name is…

Hermione paused. She didn't want to tell this person her real name, because he might never talk to her again, knowing that she was the schools biggest know-it-all.

Your name is…?

I'm not going to tell you. Call me…call me Magiclover.

Fine, if you're Magiclover I'm Wildspirit.

Tell me about yourself, with no really specific things.

Well, can I tell you my age? As you can tell, I am between 11 and 18. Actually, I'm 18 in my seventh year, you?

Same. Oh, crap, I've gotta go. Class is starting. TTYL?

Huh? Sorry, I'm useless with this. Which class is it?

Talk to you later. I'm not telling. You could come and find out who I could be. OMG, my teacher is repeating last lesson and no-one has noticed. I already have these notes.

So keep talking to me. If your teacher hasn't noticed that he/she has already taught this lesson then he/she isn't paying much attention. And, OMG?

Oh my god. Tell me about your friends.

And risk you recognising them? Hang on; are you a guy or a girl?

I'm a GIRL. Oh come on! What about you? I'm guessing a guy, your handwriting looks masculine.

If I were a girl, I would take offence. But no, I am a guy so thanks, I think.

Hermione giggled at this. She liked this guy. He had a sense of humour and sounded intelligent. She spent a full five minutes just going through a list of guys in seventh year who were already, like herself, eighteen. The list was short and none of them were clever.

Tell me something, are you smart?

Smart? As in dressy or clever?

Clever, am I gonna ask if your shirt's tucked in?

I don't know. I don't know who you are! And, yea, I suppose I am smart, although my grades don't show it.

What do you mean; your grades don't show it? How can you be smart and not get good grades?

All my teachers have said that I am intelligent and that my grades would "improve dramatically" if I were to apply myself in classwork and homework.

OMG, is it really the end of the lesson already? Wow, time really does fly when… never mind.

Hermione blushed and she was sure that Wildspirit knew what she was going to say.

You were having fun talking to me? Wow! Well, it was fun. OMG my mate thinks I was actually doing my homework for a change. Wow, I'd better correct him on that!

You know, you remind me of someone I know. Carefree, restless and

I am not restless. Ok, maybe a little but that is beside the point.

Soz, I've gotta go. Have you got a class next?

Hermione didn't wait for a reply as she walked back to Gryffindor tower. When she arrived she saw a single sentence in the diary that made her heart flutter.

For you, no.

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