Hey, Diary!


Hermione sat alone in the common room. Harry had just gone to bed, leaving her to her thoughts. Although almost midnight, she had no intention of falling asleep. The lone sound of the crackling fire interrupted the images of Sirius floating through her mind.

Harry's final question stuck in her mind. Would she still love Sirius, even if he was twenty years older? Honestly, she had no idea. She knew that she would have to talk to him, but the memory of their last conversation still haunted her. The light from the fire reflected off the tears in her eyes, splintering.

The portrait opened ever-so-slightly. Through a crack, Sirius was barely visible, but obviously watching her. They were both silent, thoughts on other things. Hermione suddenly started sobbing, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Sirius couldn't take it anymore. The emotion in the room was thick and stifling. Slowly, he turned, wiping away the lone tear falling down a pale cheek. He walked down the dark corridor not daring to look back at the woman he could not love.