Draco and I are back! This is my first listed YYH story, but I do have a couple stories under Teen Titans. At the bottom of this story is a major Author's note, please read.

SRQOTC: Evil little monkey children (ME!)

"I'm telling you. They don't exist." said Crystal.

"And I'm telling you that I saw the Spirit Detectives in the flesh." said Shiara.

"First of all, we live in America, not Japan. Second, they aren't real." Crystal said. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl hoisted her backpack higher on her shoulder.

"Yeah, well, they're here, I tell you." Shiara said again. The green eyed brunette turned a quick circle. "They're here on a mission." She whispered.

"Look, I know you're in love with Hiei, but they're not real!" Crystal said loudly.

"Hush. We're at school." Shiara said. "And they're here." She bounced off before Crystal could reply.

Crystal passed Shiara on her way to guitar class. "You can draw a real person anime, but you can't draw an anime real." She said.

"What does that mean?" Shiara asked, but Crystal was already lost in the crowd.

After school, they were walking home when Shiara asked what that phrase meant.

"I don't know. I just kind of thought of it and had to tell you." Crystal said thoughtfully.

"That's mean." Shiara punched her playfully. "I'm leaving you now. You can find your own way home." She turned left and Crystal kept going straight.

When she reached her house, she let her disguise drop. Her parents weren't home, they were never coming back. Crystal wasn't the cheerful person she seemed to be. She was actually a depressed girl who had tried to take her life several times.

The cuts had left very little scarring on her wrists. What upset her, no one knew. No one, that is, except her and the one who had caused it.

She opened the fridge and sighed. She would need food again soon. Grabbing a carrot stick, she went into the living room.

It was somewhat plain. She had a couch and a TV with cable she got from her neighbors. Crystal propped her feet up on the coffee table and switched the TV on. Nothing good. Sighing again, she turned it off.

She went into her bedroom and flopped onto her bed. This room was better. It had been decorated before her parents had disappeared.

The four-poster bed had silver bedding on it. The dresser had been made of oak, as well as the desk and the nightstand. All furniture had the same symbol carved into it somewhere. Three pointed ovals were joined inside a circle. (A/N: watch Charmed to see the symbol.)

There was one other bedroom in the house, her parents'. Crystal didn't go in there if she could help it. Changing it would mean they were really gone and leaving it alone was the only alternative.

Crystal paid the water bill, but got electricity, again, from next door. She didn't get much money from her part-time job, and she had to save it.

Crystal got into her uniform and pulled her hair back into a braid. Why she continued at the job, she didn't know. It had only gotten her into trouble.

She glanced at the mirror once and left. She didn't care much about her appearance.

She was, in fact, beautiful. Half the girls in her school were jealous, and the other half were Goths. Most of the guys had a crush on her, but were afraid of being rejected. The ones who did ask her out left after they mentioned family. Crystal's eyes would either flash with anger or get very sorrowful.

Now, she had to get to her job, with her obnoxious boss and drunken men. She worked as a singer at a bar, and most men wanted her to leave with them. At least Mr. Obnoxious, as she called her boss, had finally hired a bodyguard for her.

"Finally!" yelled Mr. Obnoxious as she entered the bar. "The people want you to sing 'Something More'. And take off your sweater."

"I'm a singer, not a stripper. If you want the sweater to come off, you had better find me a less revealing outfit." Crystal said. Indeed, her shirt was a size too small and she skirt only came down to mid-thigh. She went onstage before her boss could form a sarcastic remark, like he usually did.

When she finally left the stage, Mr. Obnoxious and his sarcastic remark were waiting. "The only reason I keep you here is for the business you bring. You will do what I tell you to do."

"Then I'm putting jeans on under my skirt. And, I'm getting a new shirt." Crystal said. She turned on her heel and left, after grabbing her paycheck from Mr. Obnoxious' hand.

"Honestly, he annoys me so much! And the drunks! It's horrible." Crystal muttered to herself as she walked home.

"If you don't like it, why do you still go there?" came a soft voice to her left, in the shadows, as full dark had come.

"I need to eat, don't I?" Crystal asked. She had become used to talking to voices inside her head, and the one to her left didn't surprise her.

"If I told you there was an alternative, would you take it?" asked the soft voice.

"That depends. Is it a better or worse offer?" Crystal asked. She kept walking, and the owner of the voice followed.

"It's much better. And your friend could come." The voice said.

"What's the offer?" Crystal asked warily. "I'm not going to become some kind of servant, am I?" She had been taken advantage of too many times. It would NOT happen again.

"No. Meet me outside the bar at midnight two days from now and I'll tell you the offer." said the voice.

"Wait. I'm not imagining this? You're not in my head, like the other voices?" Crystal asked. She looked around.

"I'm quite real. And so are the other voices. We've been talking to you telepathically." The voice said.

"Who are you?" Crystal asked.

The voice just whispered. "In two days. Outside the bar. Midnight." And faded away.

Alright. I do NOT condone suicide. I'm not telling you to go out and kill yourself. In fact, I prefer you alive.

Signing off,

Cuthien Moonleaf