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"You just feel bad for abandoning them for such a long time." Draco interrupted.

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Last time on CS: Crystal came up with a plan to get Hiei and Shiara together, and it worked.

Crystal was in her room the next day when someone knocked. She jumped up and opened the door. Shiara was standing there. "Hey." She said, sitting back down on the bed.

Shiara sat down next to her, closing the door all the way. "You know, two days ago, when I walked in on you and Kurama?"

"What about it?" Crystal asked.

"Well, I had wanted to talk to you." Shiara said with difficulty.

"What's wrong, Shi?" Crystal asked, using her friend's very rare nickname.

"Well, Hiei had told me about your past…" Shiara trailed off.

"It's OK. I should really have told you sooner." Crystal said reassuringly.

"I just wanted you to know…" Shiara stopped again.

"Come on, Shi. You can trust me. Whatever we say right now never leaves this room." Crystal said calmly.

"Well… my father used to beat me as a child. He was finally put in jail for child abuse." Shiara said, halting every once in a while.

"Shiara. I'm so sorry. I wish I could have helped you with him." Crystal said.

"Well, I never told anyone except the principal. It was she who finally filed the police report." Shiara said.

"It looks like we were both hiding something from each other. It's ok. At least your parents didn't walk out on you like mine did." Crystal scowled.

"My-my mom died giving birth to me. I never knew her." Crystal said. She was crying now, crying like she hadn't let herself for several years. Crystal sat there, reassuring her the whole time. "Thank you. I needed that." Shiara finally hiccupped.

"You're welcome." Crystal replied. "Now, go and clean your face up a bit. Your eyes are puffy."

"Yes mommy." Shiara said childishly as she left.

Crystal leaned back into her pillows. 'Do all magicians have troubled pasts?' she thought. 'Maybe that's what brings out their powers. I'll have to check on that.'

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