Author: ive been meaning to right this in FOREVER. i am finnaly writing it. I hope you guys like it!

Once upon a time, there lived a family of demon-like creatures called the Hellsings. Now this family got around. Not only have they been in YYH world but also InuYasha world. (You guys haven't read my InuYasha fic yet!) Our story starts when one of the sisters was reading a book. It was a book of fairy tales. The sisters name was Catty Hellsing. Let me tell you something about Catty. She is a dreamer and she loved just sitting and thinking about how life could be. Right now she was thinking of fairy tales. Unbeknownst to her, this was a magic book. All it needed was the words 'I wish' and it would be activated.

Inside the book: come on say it! Say it!

Outside the book: Catty rolls over. "I love this book" she says as she hugs it to her chest.

Inside the book: oh boobies! I mean Come on say it!

Outside the book: "I wish life was a fairy tale!"

Inside the book: YEEESSSS!

The lights got brighter and her door was thrown open. Her siblings and parents came in the room. "What did you do Catty?" The lights flashed and Catty saw everyone was gone.

"That was strange. What happened?" she looked to her book. The cover had changed. It now read. "The Hellsing tales, contributed by Catty Hellsing"

"OOpsie" she said. She turned the page. A picture of her eldest sister running threw a forest sat beside a page that said "Snow Bunny"