Achilles' lady /Puppybaddog

Summary: Achilles' lady is a Trojan, yet Briseis does not remember her kin...God that was a bad summary.

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Chapter 1 How she came to be

A soldier on horseback approaches Agamemnon "My king, Achilles is not with the army."

Furious Agamemnon yells, "Where is he?"

"I sent a boy to look for him."


The boy arrives on horseback at a hut in the Greek camp...nervous he slowly enters, without making a sound and approaches a sleeping Achilles on a bed of furs, a naked woman leaning against his back caressing his chest in sleep, the boy goes to shake Achilles' shoulder to wake him when a large hand grabs his arm and pulls him close, the boy gasps in fear and Achilles released him. "I was having a good dream...A very good dream." He states tilting his head to look at his lady love who was still fast asleep, still a bit tired from the nights exertions he lays his head on the furs to continue his rest when the boy spoke up.

"King Agamemnon sent me. He needs to..." but was cut off by Achilles

"I'll speak to your king in the morning." He mumbled.

"But my lord, it is morning." Achilles lifts his head and stares at the boy. "They're waiting for you."

Achilles sighs and nods to the boy "Wait for me outside." He instructed. And the boy did as he was told and left, while Achilles gently lifted himself from the bed of furs his Lady protested a bit from the warmth that suddenly disappeared beneath her, Achilles smiled as he heard her mumble a few complaints he picked up a blanket that was long discarded to the floor from last night and covered her body then stood and started to put on his armor, that done he turned to her and smirked as thoughts of last night appeared in his mind and placed a kiss on her lips. Then left the tent. Shield, spear and sword in hand he gave the boy his helmet to carry as they made their way to Achilles' horse.

Arriving on the field the Greeks shouting and chanting his name, Achilles jumped off his horse and stared at his opponent, Boagrius didn't seem too fazed by the man before him and chuckled thinking 'I'm to fight this little runt, this is too easy.'

Achilles sighed as he passed by the King of Greece ignoring the man as he headed to the field not wanting to see Agamemnon's face he had better things to do than argue with the idiot king. Achilles smirked as he heard Agamemnon mumble to his council at how he should have the son of Peleus flogged or something, Achilles was about to face the man that stood before the Thessalonian army, except he heard that annoying voice speak up. "Perhaps we should have our war tomorrow, when you are better rested...I should have you whipped for your impudence!" Agamemnon said Achilles stopped and turned to him.

"Perhaps you should fight him..." Achilles answered and turned around walking back to the Greeks.

"Achilles...Achilles" Nestor spoke walking to Achilles "You can save these men. You can end this war with a swing of your sword." Achilles examined his spear as he contemplated Nestor's words.

Achilles takes out his spear and walked back to Agamemnon planting the spear in the ground "Imagine a king who fights his own battles. Wouldn't that be a sight." He growled out as he walks off to do battle with the man he was to fight.

Agamemnon looks at Achilles with disgust. And sneered, wishing very much that brute of the man would wipe that smirk off Achilles' face.

Achilles took out his sword from it's sheath within the shield and started to jog towards his opponent, fighting Boagrius was an extremely easy task one plunge of his sword in the man's neck and the Thessalonian was killed instantly. A little annoyed at how weak his opponent was Achilles spits on the ground and surveys the army before him, "Is there no one else?" he asked gruffly, chuckling within as no other man would step forward, 'They all seemed to be shivering, it has to be the cold...' Achilles thought sarcastically with an amused look.

The Thessaly king approaches Achilles "Who are you, soldier?"

Achilles eyed the king "Achilles, Son of Peleus." He answered.

"Achilles...I'll remember the name. The ruler of Thessaly carries this scepter. Give it to your king."

Achilles looks the man in the eyes and nearly snorted, "He is not my king" turning Achilles walked off the field to return to his camp...and his Lady.


Arriving at his camp, Achilles called for Eudorus his second in command.

"My lord?" Eudorus asked.

"Pack up the camp...we're going home." Achilles ordered.

"Yes my lord." Was Eudorus' answer.

Achilles entered his tent, and smiled. Briseis his lady love had not moved from her spot on the furs, stripping off his armor and putting on a blue toga and shirt he filled a cup with wine, took a sip and walked to the bed, sitting down he leaned over his love and placed a gentle kiss on her lips which caused her to moan and kiss him in return.

When they separated Briseis opened her eyes and pouted. Achilles laughed, "Don't do that, it only makes me want you more."

She smiled sweetly "Then I should continue to do so don't you think?"

He kissed her again and rested his forehead to hers as she played with his hair. "Get dressed, we're going home."

"Already...I wonder why?" she retorted sarcastically knowing very well why they were leaving so soon.

Leaning back he let her stand and watched as she dressed, feeling his eyes on her she chuckled and took her time. Finishing his wine he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him and kissed her shoulder. "You take any longer and we'll never leave this tent woman." He turned her around and gave her a passionate kiss. When they heard someone clear their throat.

Achilles opened his eyes turned his head and looked at a smirking Eudorus at the door trying very hard to hide a smile.

"Good morning Eudorus." Briseis laughed and kissed Achilles on the cheek, leaving Achilles standing alone in the middle of the tent, she picked up a few clothes and threw them in a chest.

"Good morning my Lady," he answered bowing his head he turned to Achilles. "The men are almost ready all we need is to pack up your tent my lord." Achilles nodded.

"You know Eudorus you have very bad timing." Achilles crossed his arms. They could hear Briseis chuckling in the back of the tent.

"Forgive me my lord, I just thought that your Lady would want to return home as soon as possible." Eudorus smiled.

"That she does." Achilles answered as he watched her pack, then smirked and grabbed Briseis by the waist and threw her over his shoulder.

"Achilles...put me down." She laughed, "I haven't finished packing yet."

Achilles sighed "Very well..." and placed her on her feet but did not let go of her. "What is there left to pack, we've been here two days."

She looked around the tent. "Eh well then, I guess I'm done."

Eudorus laughed. As he stepped aside and watched as Achilles led Briseis outside. "The ship will be leaving within the hour sir." Achilles heard one of the men say as he watched them take apart his tent. He helped Briseis get on his horse after that he mounted as well and sat behind her taking hold of the reins with one hand and encircling her waist with the other. He led the horse out of the camp and on to the beach where the ships lay getting ready to sail back home to Phtia.

As Achilles and Briseis arrived at their home in Phtia, Thesis looked up from her seat in the garden hearing the servants running around. Knowing that they only did that when her son arrived home from war, Thetis stood up to greet her son and this sweet woman that had managed to capture his heart. She had to admit, she had captured hers as well Thetis had grown to love this woman as a daughter, she smiled as she remembered the day he'd brought her home and the tale of how they'd met.

"Come my lord I have something to show you..." As they approached Achilles' tent, Eudorus continued. "We found her in the woods my lord, she was covered in blood she claims that she does not remember who she is sir." Achilles nodded as Eudorus left. The girl tried to hide herself which was very difficult when you where tied to a pole.

"What is your name?" Achilles asked glancing in her direction while taking off his armor. "Did you not hear me?" He straitened up from the basin running his hands through his hair. He grabbed a black toga nearby and wrapped it around his waist. When he didn't get an immediate response he looked at her.

She jumped slightly as she felt her wrists being freed; he tilted her head to look at her. Looking into his eyes she answered "Briseis..."

"Briseis," he repeated softly, he took a few steps back, so he wouldn't startle her and looked her over noticing the many injuries to her face, arms and legs. "Did the men do this to you?" he asked softly.

She looked away "What do you think?" she spat, She looked back to him eyes wide 'Is he actually laughing at me?' she thought to herself.

"My what spirit." He reached and took a curl between his fingers then leaned forward and inhaled her scent deeply. "You've spent your whole life talking down to men haven't sound like royalty."

"How would I know, I don't remember anything about my life." She said looking at him angrily.

Achilles tilted his head at her. "Are you afraid?" he asked curiously.

"Should I be?" she tried to keep her voice strait as she spoke.

He regarded her for a moment. He found the woman interesting which was a first for him. She wouldn't meet his gaze she just kept looking at the ground. He smirked and stood. "You have nothing to fear from me."

A long silence passed between them, as she thought of his words, 'Like I should believe anything he says, he'll probably grow tired of me and give me to his men and never give me a second thought...'

She started laughing "Heh, I've heard those words before..." Achilles looked at her questioningly, seeing this she continued, "In a few hours I'll be raped or beaten, just do what you must and kill me, I care not." She said as she hugged her knees trying desperately not to cry.

Achilles kneeled in front of her. Waiting patiently until she looked in his eyes, as she did he promised. "You have my word I will not harm you."

That night Briseis lay in her bed made of furs listening, 'You have my word I will not harm you.' She repeated in her mind, 'Heh of course until he get's tired of me and throws me to those soldiers, I can't trust him, He's a killer he probably kills others for pleasure. I have to get out of here. He's fast asleep I could sneak out...' She closed her eyes waiting until his breathing was even and he wasn't moving around anymore.

As quietly as she could she crawled towards the foot of his bed clutching the knife she had hidden in her robe when he wasn't looking, just in case he woke up all the while watching for any signs of life from him. With a shaky breath she slowly made her way to the entrance, then glanced back at his sleeping form 'You can do this Briseis...hurry before he wakes!' she scolded herself.

Looking back towards the doorway, she slowly stood and held her breath as she started to walk, then she suddenly found herself wrapped in a blanket and thrown on a bed, struggling to get the blanket off her, Briseis gasped when she saw Achilles sitting on the side of the bed looking at her, "You do know, that once you leave my tent, those animals out there will want a go at you..." he whispered gazing at her eyes, "It's better if you stayed here..." Achilles yawned as he laid back down on the bed and closed his eyes. Briseis pulled the blanket off her and threw it on the ground, sitting up on the bed she looked at the man and slowly took out her knife, as he seemed to be fast asleep again, lifting her hand she took shaky breaths as she positioned the blade above his heart, closing her eyes she held her breath as she lifted the blade above her head.

"Do it!" he spoke suddenly.

She gasped lightly, the knife shaking in her hand yet she kept it above her ready to strike.

He opened his eyes and turned to look at her, He met her gaze with no expression. "Nothing is easier," he continued. "If you wish to kill me then do so...keep your eyes open thought while you do it..."

"Aren't you afraid?" she whispered.

"Every man dies, whether it's now or fifty years from now it doesn't matter," he said plainly.

"If I don't kill you you'll make me your slave," she said trying to hide the fear in her voice.

"Perhaps although I don't much care for slaves, they don't interest me..." he confirmed plainly. And took a hold of her shoulders pulling her towards him he repeated. "You better kill me, now's your chance...Do it."

Looking deeply in her eyes they seemed to trap him somehow seeing that she kept hesitating he knew that she had never taken a life before. He roughly pushed her away and rolled on top of her trapping her beneath his body. She gasped still clutching the knife in her hands, as she cried out in fear. She stared up into his azure eyes and held her breath at the look of passion in them. He shifted on top of her and let his left hand run up the outside of her right thigh. As his hand traveled up, the fabric of her gown followed. He tilted his head and leaned towards her slowly. She still held the knife firmly in her grasp. Her breath quickened as his lips came closer, slowly and gently he kissed her, "I will not harm you..." he whispered, and kissed her again feeling her relax and hearing the knife fall to the floor he deepened the kiss and pushed her gown further up and moved himself between her legs.

Her arms started to caress his back, breaking the kiss for air, Achilles leaned his forehead against hers and gently ran his thumb on her cheek stopping at her jaw and tilted her head up a bit, when she opened her eyes he smiled and kissed her tenderly.

As he kissed his way down her neck, gasping for breath Briseis asked, "Will you kill me after your done with me?"

Kissing her forehead, then looking back at her. "I gave you my word, that I would not harm you. If you want me to stop I will." He breathed as he enveloped her into another heated kiss.

Briseis shivered with pleasure and moaned as he ran his hand on her stomach down to her thigh, before she realized it she had wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged him close to her body as she snaked her arms around his shoulders and kissed him with as much passion as he gave. Breaking the kiss Achilles reached up and ran his hand through her hair "Do you want me to stop" He asked and smiled as she pouted a bit because he had broken the kiss.

She gave him a quizzical look as if to say 'Don't be stupid.'

Taking the hint he kissed her lovingly, and was quite surprised when she deepened the kiss and slipped her tongue in his mouth. He grasped her hips positioning himself atop her.

"Briseis..." he whispered breathing heavily, She slowly opened her eyes and stared at his ice blue ones. She could feel his need against her thigh, he was asking her permission.

She smiled letting out a moan as he moved against her skin and whispered, "Don't stop..."

Achilles groaned as he started to slowly push himself in her and gasped as he hit a barrier. 'She's not been touched.' Achilles stopped and looked at Briseis. Clearly she was in pain yet she did not say a word. Pushing her hair away from her face a few tears rolled down her cheeks. He kissed them away, "You should have told me." He whispered. Not moving he asked, "Are you ready?"

Taking a few deep breaths to calm herself Briseis nodded, she cringed preparing herself for the pain that would come. Since she thought that he would just push his way through and get it over with, yet he didn't in fact he kissed her passionately instead as she was gasping for breath he trailed kisses down her neck, to her left breast were he nipped at the pale flesh, making her moan in pleasure, totally forgetting about the pain below.

Releasing her legs from his waist, Achilles slowly pushed his way through and bit down gently into the underside of one breast, as Briseis screamed from feeling both pains, Achilles started to move more fully within her. Pain was quickly turned to pleasure. Briseis moaning out his name as she dug her fingernails in his back.

As she moaned louder Achilles thrusts became faster and as Briseis approached her climax, so did Achilles, breathing heavily in her ear, he pushed into her faster, shifting his position Achilles rolled over bringing Briseis with him and sat up kissing her possessively. Hugging him close Briseis started to move up and down moaning in his mouth. "Oh gods, Briseis." Achilles groaned as he wrapped his arms around her waist quickening her movements. Feeling her clench him Briseis screamed out his name as she climaxed. Doing so made Achilles let himself go, holding her tightly against him Achilles laid down still within her.

Running one hand on her back, Achilles ran the other in her hair, and kissed her forehead. Briseis slowly opened her eyes when she felt his heated breath against her skin. "Did I hurt you?" he asked as he laced his fingers with hers.

"Not to much, the pain is gone now." She smiled as she heard him growl. "Besides you did ask me twice if I wanted you to stop, and I recall being very willing."

After a few moments of silence. Briseis tensed a bit, Achilles ran his hands down to her thighs and lifted her sliding himself out. Briseis protested a bit and pouted, Achilles chuckled as she laid her head on his chest and looked at his eyes, Briseis shyly asked "Am I still your captive?"

Achilles shifted her so that they were laying side to side and gazed in her eyes holding her closely "You're my I said Slaves don't interest me..." He answered caressing her face.

Briseis frowned. "Although now I'm pretty sure that I'll be branded a whore, and your soldiers will wait their turn to have at me..."

Achilles grasped her face in his hands and looked at her, "If any man dares call you such a thing I'll have their tongue's cut out...and if they lay a hand on you, I'll slit their throats..."

Briseis smiled shyly at his sudden protectiveness, "I'm your guest so you say...guests are usually allowed to leave when they want..." she said softly smiling

Achilles chuckled, "You should leave then"
"Would you leave all this behind?" she then asked.

"Would you leave with me?" Briseis didn't say anything as she laid her head closer to his chest and listened to his heart. She smiled and looked up; he stared at her chocolate brown eyes and kissed her lips. "If you stay with me, no harm shall ever cross your path." He whispered.

"Then I will stay." She promised brushing a lock of hair from his face, and kissed his lips then lay against his chest the rest of the night and fell asleep. He held her tightly caressing her back, and smiled. He couldn't believe how much he seemed to crave for this woman, to thirst for her. Yet he'd only known her for a day perhaps she was a siren sent to capture his heart by his mother, to get him to return home. Achilles smirked at the thought. He took a slow deep breath and turned his face into Briseis' hair inhaling her scent, then looked at her face as she slept. He actually felt content in being with Briseis, which was a first for him usually he thirsted for battle to watch the blood of an enemy stain the ground, but now after being with this beauty he felt as if he could actually rule the world with her by his side.

His eyes slid shut slightly and he gladly gave in to the much-needed slumber.

The next day Achilles called Eudorus he had asked him the day before to try and find out who she truly was, "Menelaus's men claim that when they went to Troy for the peace treaty a week ago they had taken a woman there as their slave. After the ship docked she struggled and they pushed her off the deck she fell and hit her head pretty hard, they brought her to a healer, after taking care of her injuries she disappeared, they've been looking for her ever since."

Ever since that day, Briseis stayed with Achilles, 'That was several months ago.'

Pulled from her thoughts, Thetis laughed as she saw Achilles pick up Briseis in his arms and lift her up so that her eyes met his and kissed her, he had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he twirled her around and put her down on her feet. She stood and straightened her robe as two strong arms encircled her waist. He reached down and started tickling her. Briseis was laughing hysterically. Thetis had grown to love Briseis as a daughter, she came forward and welcomed them home as she embraced them both.

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