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Eragon looked over at Murtagh, and judging by his slow breathing, he was already asleep. Eragon groaned and rolled over on the hard ground. He hated this desert, he really did. He closed his eyes for a moment, wishing sleep would come to him, even though he knew it wouldn't. Sitting up, Eragon looked around and saw that he was not the only one who was awake. Kiaku was sitting a good six feet away from Eragon, gazing into the fire.

Eragon shuddered. Kiaku always found a way to creep him out. The boy did not move at all, nor did he blink. He only sat with his knees pulled up to his chest.

"Can't sleep." Asked Kiaku. He did not turn around.

"No." Eragon got up and walked over to the fire, sitting across from him.

"You?" he asked.

"I don't like to go to sleep." Said Kiaku, with out taking his eyes off the fire.

Eragon looked at Kiaku with a puzzled expression, and Kiaku chuckled.

"I see horrible things when I close my eyes." He said in a soft voice.

"What kind of horrible things?" asked Eragon, although he wasn't sure he wanted to know. Eragon always felt that this boy, Kiaku, was different. His eyes were blank and endless, he acted more like an adult that a seven-year-old boy going on eight.

"Everything." Kiaku's voice was softer, barley above a whisper.

"W-what do you mean?" Eragon craned his neck foreword so that he could get a better look at Kiaku's eyes, to make sure the boy was not having a fever.

Kiaku, to Eragon's relief, blinked and looked up, eyes locking with his own.

"Blood." He said simply, "Memories that I'd rather forget. Tell me Eragon, have you ever felt guilt?"

Eragon blinked. Guilt? What kind of question was that?

"Yes, I have."

Kiaku smiled slightly. The smile looked vicious, scary even.

"I haven't. I have never felt guilt. My conscious, or lack there of, had never seemed to work. Maybe that's why they haunt me…because I don't feel enough pain."

Eragon blinked again. He looked over at Saphira, hoping, wishing she were awake; this conversation was getting too creepy.

"W-who's 'they'."

"You think I'm crazy don't' you?" asked Kiaku.

"I don't." assured Eragon.

"Don't lie, it doesn't suit you."

"May I ask you another question? Have you ever killed someone?"

Eragon laughed. He had killed many Urgals, and the shade, but he stopped laughing, when he realized that he had never killed a human, ever.

"Not a human." He said finally. "Murtagh is probably the only one here who has."

Eragon hoped this was true.


"What!" Eragon stared at the smaller boy.

Kiaku looked up, the fire made Kiaku's eyes look almost red, his pale face appearing even paler.

"My father, he used to drink a lot. He was almost never home, and when he came home, he used to hit my mother. He hit her a lot, and she would use dust and clay to cover up the bruises. One day he came home really drunk and threatened to kill her. I had been in bed, I heard the fight through the wall. A remember getting up, and the rest is a blur. I remember seeing blood everywhere. It was the first time I had ever tasted it. Blood tastes like copper you know. And the blood was not mine. We had a funeral for my father the following day. My mother did not cry. I promised that I would take care of her-" Kiaku's voiced cracked, so he stopped.

Eragon saw his eyes brimmed with unshed tears.

"You…you killed your father."

"Yes." Came the immediate answer. "He deserved it."

"How old were you?" Eragon was in shock.

"This was eight months ago. Then my mother was captured, and I came out here."


"Yes. Who's the person you love most in the world?" Kiaku seemed eager to change the subject.

Eragon thought for a moment. "My cousin Roran…" he said finally.


It was Eragon's turn to ask the questions. "Your only eight you know. Why do you act like such an adult? You have the rest of your life ahead of you, enjoy your child hood."

"What would you say," began Kiaku, "If I told you that I will be dead by the end of this week."

Eragon smiled. "I would laugh, because with Murtagh and I here, nothing will happen to you."

Kiaku raised an eyebrow. "What if there was nothing you could do about it? What if you were the one that was going to kill me?"

Eragon stared wide-eyed at Kiaku. Okay, he didn't exactly like him as much as Murtagh did, but he certainly wouldn't kill him. "Neither of us would ever hurt you."

"Under the circumstances, you might find that you would have to." Said Kiaku softly. "It looks like we are all in the same situation." He continued. "None of us have fathers, neither you or Murtagh have mothers, all of us are wanted by Galbatorix." Kiaku laughed. "How did we all find each other."

Eragon blinked in confusion. "Wait…how did you know that my father was dead. And how did you know about Murtagh's father?"

"Everyone knows that Morzan was killed by Brom years ago."

Eragon gaped at the younger boy. "Y-you weren't supposed to know about that."

"About what? That Murtagh is Morzan's son?" Kiaku sighed, "You do not give me enough credit Eragon-shadeslayer. Now I think you should go to sleep, if you want to be awake when we arrive in Lithgow tomorrow. Kiaku's eyes flashed, it was a command not a recommendation.

"And Eragon, don't think about it to much. The truth always has it's ways of unfolding right before your eyes. Just be patient."

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