Red Horizon


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RATING: PG-13 (T) to R (M) - violence, language, angst, horror, mild sexual interactions, etc. If you can watch BTVS/AtS and read HP, I doubt you'll have any problem with this story.

TIMELINE: Takes place after season two in BTVS, and after the marauders last year at Hogwarts. Sequel to "Out of the Blue."

SUMMARY: BTVS/HP crossover. After Graduation, Buffy's life takes another turn once again. She finds herself being thrown into war against Voldemort along with her friends, and not everyone will make it out alive...and not everyone is loyal to the light. But who is a friend and who is an enemy? Who can you trust in a time of darkness?


OTHER PAIRINGS: James/Lily, Sirius/Eliza

Special Thanks to: My Beta - CharmedChick

Sunnydale, August 30, 2014.

Buffy's POV

When Remus showed up at my doorstep, that day in early February, the only thing I needed to do was to look into his eyes...and I knew. But even though I was prepared for it, a part of my heart was still ripped away from me when he said those words- the words I feared - Lily and James were...gone. Dead. Buried. But nothing could prepare me for what came next. Eliza was missing, probably dead - which we today know as the painful truth - and Sirius had betrayed us all. I always thought that if anyone of us would join Voldemort, it would be Peter. I can't believe how wrong I was. I really feel bad about how I treated him, and lashed out at him at times. He didn't deserve it. And now he's dead, and I can't ever tell him how sorry I am...

I didn't want to believe Sirius was the traitor at first. I kept denying it for weeks to come. But the longer time went on, the more I learned to accept the truth. Sirius, one of the most loyal, brave, honorable men I ever got to know, really did betray us all. I guess a part of me always will deny it, but I never say anything about it to Remus...we never talk about them nowaday...none of them. If we ignore it, if we pretend it never happened, maybe the pain will go away. But I know it won't. And I've learnt to live with it- pain, loss and's all a part of my life. I sigh deeply, and my thoughts drifts back to the past...Lily and James...and their son - Harry. Harry had survived the killing curse, and Voldemort was- well, defeated, I guess. But I know he's still out there somewhere, biding his time. And when he returns, I'm going to be there...and I'm going to kill him.

"Buffy!" Remus, who sticks in his head through the open door, before walking up to me, interrupts me in my thoughts.


"I'm taking the kids to the park for awhile. Do you want to come?"

I smile at him, and shake my head.

"Nah, I'll just stay for awhile. I'm going out patrolling tonight."

Remus nodded.

"Just take it easy- you know what I think about it..."

I roll my eyes- this 'argument' is growing old. Ever since we became parents, he's been so overprotective. I guess I can't blame him- I mean, I'm a mother now (never thought I'd see the day), and have a certain responsibility. I know I should quit- I've tried more than once, especially since we got Phoebe too, but I just can't. It's in my blood. Just like the werewolf is in Remus' blood.

"I know."

"Mommy!" A girl with chocolate brown hair (which she inherited fromme – blonde is not my original hair colour, believe it or not), comes bouncing in (not literally, of course), her eyes, a crystal blue, are shining with happiness.

"Look what I can do!" She holds up a stake high in the air, and...STAKE!

"SARAH LUPIN, PUT THAT DOWN IN THIS INSTANT!" I hear myself shriek. "THAT IS NOT A TOY! YOU COULD POKE SOMEONE'S EYE OUT! YOUR SISTER'S FOR EXAMPLE!" I start to catch my breath. Oh, man, I never thought being a mother would be such a hard job...and Sarah is the worst example of troublemaker queen I've ever seen. (Myself not being in the running considering that I was handing off the crown.)

"Where did you get that?" I ask, a little calmer now.

Sarah looks at me with big innocent eyes.

"It was just laying there."

I roll my eyes, and I hear Remus snort. Yeah, right. More likely, she's been finding my trunk with Slayer stuff - again. I have no idea how many times I've had to change hiding places.

"Give it to me," I say, and reach out my hand to take the (dangerously pointy) stake.

"But mommy..." Sarah says, and gives me that look...I swear she's learned that one from Remus. He is an expert on those puppy-dog eyes- and it always works. But not this time.

"No," I say, "give it to me, or I won't let you go to the park with daddy and Phoebe."

Sarah's eyes widen.

"You wouldn't!" She says.

"Oh, I would!" I say, and give her THAT look. (The look which says 'don't mess with me or else'- I'm really good at it.)

"But mommy..." Sarah whines, "I was just going to show you how to stake a vampire!"

"You don't know how to stake a vampire," Remus says (very hesitantly- Sarah might be good at many things, but lying isn't one of them), and I just stare. Where the hell did that little brat learn that!

"Do too!" Sarah says now, and I sigh. Here we go again...

"Do not!" Remus says, and I hit myself in the forehead with my hand. I knew it!

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do stop!" I say, finally tired of their little 'daily' argument. (I swear, those two are worse than James and Si - ) I must have taken a sharp breath as I stopped my thought, because Remus looks strangely at me.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good."

Remus looks at me for a moment, eyes searching my eyes, but finally he nods. We turn around, just to see Sarah jump up, stake in hand and hit the 'heart' of a stuffed doll sitting on the couch. We blink.

"All right, you do know how to stake a - " Remus starts, and Sarah lights up.

" - doll," Remus finishes, and Sarah pouts. I laugh.

"All right, enough you two," I say, and look at my daughter. She's nine now. Turns ten in the end of March next year.

"How did you learn how to use a stake?"

Sarah reddens slightly (that she definitely got from her father - I've never seen anyone blush so easily...even if he has gotten better with the years), and scrapes with her naked toe at the floor, making invisible patterns.

"Well...?" I ask, and smirk slightly.

"Ikindafollowedyouonpatrolonenight," she says quickly. I stare. Did she just say what I think she did? It takes three more seconds, and then...

"YOU DID WHAT!" Remus screams. He took the words out of my mouth.

Sarah shrinks together.


Sarah is still staring at the floor. Not that I can blame her- Remus IS scary when he's angry.

"Sarah, do what your father says," I hear myself say, and Sarah looks up. Her bright blue eyes are filled with tears, and her lower lip is trembling. Remus opens his mouth to answer, but no sounds come out. (He can't stand seeing his daughters cry, and I can see how he fights to remain angry...he isn't doing a very god job...)

"Sarah, I - " The door creeks open, and another girl stands in the doorway, thumb in her mouth. Her blue-grey eyes are widened and teary. Phoebe.

"Why is everyone screaming?" She asks, and I sigh. Phoebe - Phoebs. She hates it when we get angry, or even raise our voices a little bit. She and Sarah are like night and day - where Sarah is dark-haired, wild and always talking, Phoebe is blonde, shy and quiet. Still they get along amazingly. Sarah adores Phoebe. She was so happy when we told her she was going to get a little excited. She swore she would protect Phoebe with her life when she first got to hold her, and I believe her. She's honest in that way.

"Oh, Phoebs, we're not fighting," I say. "Your sister was just a bit stupid..."

"A bit?" Remus growls, but I can hear that heis already less angry. As I said, he hates crying daughters, and two of them at the same time are a bit too much for him to handle.

"I thought we were going to go to the park..." Phoebe mumbles, thumb still in mouth. I sigh, and pull it out. One...two...and it's back. She's never going to stop sucking her tummy. I know she's only five, but still... (I'm pretty sure I did not suck my tummy at that age...okay, I had Mr. Gordo with me everywhere instead, but that doesn't count.)

"We are, honey," Remus says, and takes her hand. Her left, as her right is still in her mouth.

He looks over to Sarah, probably expecting her to still be standing in shame, but...all tears - gone. The trembling lips- smiling like the sun itself. No traces that she was ever sad in the first place. I sigh again. Sarah knows us too well...she always knows when to pull out the crocodile tears. I swear - that girl is the best actress ever - nine years or not.

Remus looks like he's going to say something, but closes his mouth, and just shakes his head in defeat.

"Alright. The park. Let's go," he says, and gives me a kiss on the cheek, before leaving. Phoebe walks at his right, holding his hand hard, and Sarah at his left; jumping around, almost out in the hallway already.

"Be careful. No broken bones or scratched knees," I say, and Remus smiles.

"Never. Safe as a werewolf." I raise my eyebrows, and Remus blushes.

"All right, maybe not the best comparison..." he mumbles, and I push him out the door.

"Get out. Get to the park before it gets dark."

The hours are ticking. The sun is starting to fade, but I'm not worried. Remus can take care of the kids... (After all, he's a wizard. What's the worst that could happen? Okay, since we're in Sunnydale, a lot, but...okay, now I'm starting to get worried.) ...Right? Maybe I should have gone with them after all...oh, well, too late now. I sigh and start to make myself comfortable at the couch, moving away the 'staked' doll, and start to flick through the TV-channels.









...Sound of Music (I can't believe channels are still showing that one)...


...Ah! Cartoons!

I start to look at the cartoons - it's something about a mouse being chased by a tiger...or well, eaten. Isn't this supposed to be for children? I mean, no violence, no blood...and definitely NOT intestines. Eew. Maybe cartoons weren't such of a good idea after all... (I swear, the TV-shows are getting more violent every year...not even the children's programs are safe anymore) ...I start to get flashes of all bad things that can happen to the kids and Remus in night...oh Hell.


I jump up from my place at the sound after hearing the familiar sound of someone apparating.

"Remus! Did something happen!" I panic, and run into he hall, where the crack came from, and get a shock.

"D-D-Dumbledore?" I ask dumbly.

Dumbledore smiles kindly at me.

"Yes, Miss Summers. Or maybe it is Mrs. Lupin, now?" He asks when he looks at me over his half-moon glasses, and sees the ring on my left ring finger. I just nod stupidly.

"Alright, Mrs. Lupin. I'm sure you wonder what I am doing here..."

I nod again.

"Well, what is the year in this time? I could count it out myself, of course, but it would be a complete waste, when I have someone who knows right in front of me," he says kindly, with that twinkle in his eyes. Some things never change.

"2014," I say, in a daze.

Dumbledore nods slowly.

"I our world, it is only 1993, and it is because of recent events I have come."

I raise my eyebrows a bit.


Dumbledore smiles.

"Well, Mrs. Remus in? I have a matter I would like to discuss with both of you."

"Oh. Well, no, he's - " As I was about to answer, the door to the hall flew open, and three figures walks in, laughing.

"Buffy!" Remus says. "You wouldn't believe what Sarah did to poor Mrs. Davies! She - " He stops in the middle of the sentence as he spots Dumbledore. Dumbledore in his turn looks very surprised over the two small children behind his back. He blinks, and if the situation weren't so serious, I probably would've laughed.

Phoebe pulls at Remus' coat.

"Daddy," she says shyly with big eyes. "Is that Father Christmas?"

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