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Just Give Me Some Affection

Chapter I

The calm breeze and the shading trees chilled and cooled Son Goku down in the hot heat of the summer as he lay amongst the grass. It sure was hot today, in fact, hot couldn't explain it. He sighed in content and closed his eyes, his hands comfortable behind his head. It was a glorious day today. The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the blue sky and the birds were singing in the thickets.

He smiled to himself, forgetting how much he enjoyed these moments. It had been seven years after all. It was his first proper day back since his death and what way to spend the morning hours relaxing in the luscious green garden of their home. But his moment of peace was over when little Goten came bounding outside screaming and leaping with joy. Curious Goku sat up, laughing at his ecstatic son.

"Hey kiddo, what's with all the excitement?" he asked his youngest. Goten beamed at his father and ran over to him, bouncing around when he reached his spot.

"You'll never guess what daddy!" he chirped. Goku smiled.

"What son?"

"Bulma said everyone's going over to Master Roshi's island for a BBQ! And mommy said we can go!" he cheered, still jumping. Goku laughed.

"Ha-ha, so that's why you're so happy" Goten stopped jumping.

"Well, I'm happy because you're here to daddy" he said, a little blush across his cheeks. Goku smiled lovingly and grasped his little boy and began tickling him. Goten shrieked and laughed instantaneously, wriggling about like a worm at his father's torments.

"I'm guessing you're ticklish huh?" Goten nodded as Goku stopped.

"I like you dad" he said after a few quiet seconds.

"I like you to son" Goku replied, a proud smile across his face. Goten liked the way he looked at him and embraced his father tightly like he was never going to see him again. Goku embraced him back warmly.

"Daddy?" Goten asked when he pulled back.


"Is it true that you were the firstest ever Super Saiyan!"

"Well, in a way I guess. The first in a very long time"

"Wow! That's really cool!"

"Yeah, I guess it is"

"Well, momma said I got to go and get dressed now" he said, remembering he was still in his Pyjamas. It was only morning after all.

"Alright Goten, I'm coming in now anyway" Goku said as he stood up. Goten smiled and followed his dad in the house.

By midday, the sun was even hotter and there was no breeze at all. Chichi was in the kitchen finishing packing the small bag with sun crème and lotion. She smiled satisfied, mentally noting she had everything she needed. That's when two large sinewy arms wrapped around her waist. She jumped a little, but relaxed slightly knowing who it was.

"Scare you?" he asked gently, kissing her feminine neck.

"Just a little" she said, squirming under his touch. He became confused, wondering why she wanted to escape.

"What's wrong hon?" Chichi pointed to the table where little Goten sat with a smile on his face, a colouring pencil in his hand.

"And?" Goku questioned, "Goten doesn't mind, do you son?" Goten shook his head.

"No daddy"

"See, it was only a hug anyway" Goku told her, kissing her cheek.

"Yes well he's only little and he shouldn't see such things, besides, you weren't just hugging me!" Goku suddenly remembered her silly little grudge about public affection. That was the one thing he disliked and couldn't understand about his wife. She hated public affection; she hated showing it in anyway, even to someone in the family. It wasn't like anyone was bothered. It wasn't like they stared…and they didn't. He had tried to prove to her on numerous occasions that there was nothing wrong with it, but she always argued back, dismissing the matter and not speaking to him for at least 24 hours after.

She had really useless excuses to. Like, 'I'm a princess and shall act like one', or another good one was 'It's a bad influence on the children' How could showing love and adoration be a bad thing for the children to see? Alright, he knew there were limitations when it came to public affection; even he wouldn't so some things in the public eye. But she wouldn't even hold his hand; commit a playful touch or even a kiss! It sliced his heart in two. When they went on walks he tried so many times to embrace her, hold her hand and touch her, but she'd flinch and move away saying someone could be watching. He felt so dejected and so lonely and unloved when she'd do that! It infuriated him.

He sighed and walked back out of the kitchen, miserable once again. In the past, he would have argued against such a subject, but he had given up now. Why argue when you'd loose? No matter how hard he had tried, he'd always end up backing out or loosing. He didn't like forcing his wife or making her do something she didn't want to do, but this was one thing he put his foot down on. But he just couldn't do it anymore. He hated their fights, he hated her cries and he really hated the amount of time it took for them to speak to each other again. It was the same all the time. And it hurt.

Not long after, little Goten came into the living room telling his father he had to get the car ready. Goku nodded as nicely as he could to his youngest before miserably grabbing the car keys and ambling outside. That's when Gohan arrived.

The trip to Roshi's was disturbing in Goku's mind. It was too quiet for his liking and Chichi hadn't so much as blinked at him. Gohan was keeping Goten happy by playing eye spy and the two giggled and laughed now and then as the car flew across the sea towards Roshi's island which was a mere dot in the distance. Goku licked his dry lips and swallowed. He had to speak to her. He had to break this unbearable silence between the two. He summoned up the courage and briefly looked at her.

"Hon, are you talking to me?" he asked, the kids suddenly quieting down. Chichi let out a frustrated sigh. She knew he'd ask sooner or later. She was actually quite shocked at how long it took.

"Yeah, I'm talking to you but I don't want to talk about this now" she said. He was hoping for a nicer answer, like 'of course I am Goku, I love you!' But it was better than no he guessed. He smiled slightly and resumed to watch the long strip of ocean ahead of him. He was not looking forward to this. Not one little bit.

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