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Just Give Me Some Affection

Chapter V

Tea time was over, and whilst Chichi scrubbed up the remainder of the dishes, Gohan took his little brother upstairs to get ready for bed.

"Gohan?" Goten asked as they reached the landing.


"Are mommy and daddy friends now?" he asked with a sad frown. Gohan laughed awkwardly.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I don't really know Goten. I know they had a talk, but I don't know yet"

"I hope they are Gohan. I don't like them not being friends" he said sadly as he walked into their bedroom.

"Yeah me to Goten" Gohan agreed, following his brother in.

Goku sat back against the large oak tree and let out a tired sigh. Boy, today was probably the busiest day of his life. With yelling, reasoning, crying…what more could there be? He leant his chin in his palms as he sat in thought. He still couldn't believe what Chichi had told him. How traumatic it must be for her, how scary and upsetting. He wasn't expecting that kind of "excuse" to come from her. Rape and sexual assault was something quite common these days. Poor women, he thought, kind of glad he was male.

He soon shot his head up at an approaching Ki and found his wife inches away with a small unsure smile on her face. He stood up instantly in wonder, approaching her as he did.

"What's wrong?" he asked gently. There couldn't possibly be more to the story could there? He bit his lip.

"I've been thinking…about us…about you" she slowly spoke, seeming as though she was finding it hard to find the words.

"Thinking what?" he asked her in a desperate manner.

"Well…you were right Goku. You were right that, that your nothing like him. You could never be anything like him. You'd never hurt me, use me or rape me" she said, that funny croak in her voice coming back, "I trust you and…and I love you. And I know you feel the same way"

"What are you saying?" he asked hopefully.

"I'm saying that…I'm willing…to give it a try" she told him.

"To…give it a try? You mean public affection!" he asked.

"Yes" you told him with a small smile. Goku's eyes widened and slowly a smile curved up on his lips. After a few seconds of shock he pounced on her, his arms wrapping around her gently, yet as tightly as he would allow. She couldn't help but giggle at his antics as she to wrapped her arms around him.

"I never thought I'd hear that come from you…not ever" he whispered into her hair.

"Well, you have. Are you happy?" he pulled away from her with a smile.

"Happy? I'm ecstatic!" he cheered! She laughed at him before becoming quiet looking down at the floor.

"Your not just doing this for me are you?" he suddenly asked seriously. She looked up at him.

"Well no, I want to get over this and I should have long ago. I'm sorry I never told you about it. I was quite scared"

"Well, maybe you should have told me about it, but it's not your fault if you were too scared I guess. But you've told me now and it's over with" he said taking her small hands in his.

"You have nothing to worry about with me. I love you…in fact I adore you, and I could never hurt you like that…I could never break you like that. I'm gonna show you that I'm so much better than him and that public affection is wonderful Chi. I'll show you!" he said confidently with a warm smile.

"I know you will" she said in return.

There was a small silence, but not an uncomfortable one as they stared into each other's eyes. She suddenly broke it, planting a small affectionate kiss upon his lips. When she pulled away she beamed warmly.

"Come on, lets go inside" she said. He nodded and wrapped his one arm around her small shoulders as they walked to their house.

Once they had entered, Goku closed the front door and turned off the hall light before following his wife up the stairs. He stopped, as usual to check on the kids, who were soundly asleep. He smiled at them before walking into his room and closing the door.

Chichi was taking off her shoes as he came in, and so he decided to do the same and kicked them off to one side. He stood up and watched as she pulled her hair out from its bun, and admired the way her beautiful dark silky hair spilt over her shoulders and around her gorgeous face.

"You look like an Angel" he complemented. She laughed lightly, placing her hair bobble on the side.

"And so did you" she whispered back. He smiled and walked over to her, kissing her lips gently as soon as he reached her. She kissed back, her hands cupping his strong cheeks as she pushed her tongue into his hot mouth. He met her tongue with his, battling for control in and out of her heated mouth.

They soon found themselves upon their bed, his body on top of hers, their mouths still attatched powerfully. Her hands roamed through his hair, massaging his scalp, soon snaking down to his back where she smoothed and caressed him. His hands were cupping her thighs, crushing her bottom half to his, the pleasure unbearably nice as he moaned into her mouth. And as she removed his t-shirt and began to kiss his flesh, he knew tonight was going to be a long one...

The sun's rays of light squeezed through the gaps in the trees as it rose to begin a new day. The birds chirped and the dinosaurs roared as the morning time had come.

"YAY!" Goten cheered, running out of the kitchen and outside where he found his father doing push-ups.

"Daddy guess what?" he screamed happily. Goku laughed and stood up.


"We're going to Capsule Corp for Trunks' party!" he exclaimed. Goku suddenly dropped the smile. It was Trunks' birthday? Already? But what haunted him was the fact that they were going on another outing, where everyone would be. Chichi soon walked outside with a smile just for him. His thoughts of doubt soon vanished. It would be just fine this time. Besides, she said she was willing to give it a go. He smiled back at her before picking up their youngest and walking inside.

Driving to Capsule Corp proved himself right. Chichi was happy and so was he. Well who wouldn't be after the night they had last night! He sworeit was the best they ever had!He placed his hand hesitantly on her bare leg, which was something she rarely let him do, but instead of a clobbering she placed her hand on top of his and squeezed gently to reassure him. He let out a small breath and his confident smile returned. He guessed maybe today was going to be alright after all. Maybe she will just give him some affection. Now, he had to admit, he was the happiest man on Earth, and that…was something amazing…

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