Author: Kristen

Title: Clash of the Titans

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Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Buffy and the rest of the characters on BtVS or Daniel and the other characters on Stargate SG-1. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Rating: PG-13, Teen, Mature, and whatever other rating passes for PG-13 these days.

Pairings: Buffy/Daniel so far.

Spoilers: Mainly Season 7 spoilers for Buffy and Season 9 spoilers for Stargate.

Summary: There's a confrontation coming with the Ori, and guess who's been Chosen to lead the fight?

Feedback: I would be delighted if you should choose to leave any.

AN: Watching the first few eps of Season 9 of Stargate gave me such pleasant tingles in the Muse region. I've been wanting to write a Buffy/Stargate crossover for a long time now and this present Ori situation should serve my purposes nicely. As a bribe to keep you reading I promise appearances of Tara, mini-Jack, possibly Graham too, and a Buffy skewing of the Stargate episode The Ties That Bind in this fic.


She was in her mother's old bedroom. Tara stood in front of her, bathed in a warm light highlighting the familiar gentle features of Buffy's lost friend. "You think you know; who you are, what's to come," She said. "You haven't even begun."

"Yeah, you said that before," Buffy remarked. "That was a few Slayer dreams ago. And here we are in a new one but I'm getting deja-vu."

Tara disappeared and Buffy was back in the desert where the First Slayer had appeared the first time. "Chosen One," The First Slayer's voice rasped behind her.

Buffy turned around to face the first of her line. "See, now that's where you're wrong. Willow did a little bibbity boppity boo and now there's a Chosen Slew."

The First Slayer shook her head. "No." She pointed her hand at Buffy and said vehemently "Chosen One. Only one of you."

"Well of course there's only one of me," Buffy said exasperatedly.

The desert disappeared and Buffy found herself face to face with Faith in the new Council's training room. "Only one of what, not who, that's the question you should be asking, B."

"But, I'm just the Slayer. Aren't I?"

Faith and the training room disappeared and Buffy was back with Tara in the bedroom. "Are you? Are you just the Slayer? You think you know; who you are, what's to come. You're about to begin."

"Not again."

Suddenly Tara smiled, and it was as if she really was with Tara and not just a figure the PTB were using to get a message across. "Don't worry, Buffy. That's the last time I'll repeat myself. Now remember and know what you must do."

Tara's figure began to glow, a glow that grew brighter and brighter so that it swept the room and engulfed Buffy in a blaze of warmth and light that seemed to know no end.

Minutes later, Buffy sat up in bed. "I remember."

Her eyes glowed with a white light.

End Prologue