"Go Into The Light"

by Richard Ryley

Pixie floated in darkness, curled into a ball. She was in agony, in excruciating pain, but she had long since ceased to feel it. It was all over, now. It was all over.

Genki would revive the Phoenix. She knew he would. She had bought him the time he needed, and he would stop Moo. It would all be over. She had done what little she could. It was inadequate, as usual, but Genki would do the rest. She knew it.

She had faith in him.

Now, it was over. Those last few hours, of suffering, of torment, of struggling for each breath knowing that it was her last -- it was just a few more moments of pain, in a lifetime of pain. She had seen it all, flashing before her eyes. She had seen the pain that she had caused, the evil, the destruction. She had seen the deaths, her victims, all of them, begging, pleading for their lives.

She had seen it all. And she had judged herself. Badly.

She huddled in the darkness, waiting. There was a dizzying, falling sensation, and a tiny light was approaching in the distance. It drew near to her, filling her field of vision, a blinding wall of radiance. And on the other side of it...

She drew up short. No. It couldn't be. She felt herself pulling back from it, turning her head away from the intensity of the light. She could see it, in there. The happiness, the bliss, all of the souls there, calling to her, to share in their paradise. It made her heart soar to hear it, but it also hurt, like a red hot knife.

So many souls were there only because she sent them there.

No, no. It wasn't right. There was only one place for her. A place of torment, of pain, of suffering. Like the suffering she had caused. Like the suffering she'd had to endure, her whole life.

I'm... not... worthy...

But as she prepared to fling herself back into the darkness, a figure formed from the light. It came towards her.

"Big Blue?" Somehow, he was not so toweringly tall any more, he could put his hands on her shoulders, and smile at her, staring into her eyes. "How... what are you doing here?"

But the answer was right there, staring her in the face. "NO!!! How could you! How COULD you! You... idiot!" She beat on his chest, sobbing.

Now she had HIS soul on her conscience, too...

But he just smiled at her. "Our daughter will carry on. She will remember you. And she will make sure that OTHERS remember you, too. Not with hate, but with love, and forgiveness..."

"Like I do..."

"She will be your redemption. She will be OUR redemption."

Pixie sobbed into his chest. He guided her into the light, his strong arms around her. And she was finally free.