Chapter 10: Closure

Again, the Blue Planet was buzzing with excitement. It was sudden, but the handsome king of Eblan had found his queen. Anyone who was anyone would be attending the wedding ceremony.

Less than a week had passed since Rydia and Edge returned from Kaipo, but somehow Eblan's amazing staff pulled of the shotgun wedding of the century! Castle Eblan came alive that balmy summer evening. Though still damaged in many places from the Redwing's attack, strategically placed lights and streamers drew focus away from disaster and onto the happy event taking place in the courtyard. Guests, resplendent in their wedding attire, smiled honest relaxed smiles, laughed true laughs. The world, finally at peace, rejoiced together, celebrating the end of war and the beginning of a new love.

Edge and Rydia, too, could finally relax and enjoy true smiles and laughter. Both were exhausted…the castle staff, namely the chamberlain and Anya, handled the wedding decorations and food. Queen Asura enlisted the help of the underworld monsters to design and assemble wedding clothes. The poor spider-women were exhausted—in two days they had spun more silk for clothing than most of them would produce in a lifetime! But even with clothing, food, and facilities taken care of, there was still the problem of the guest list. So it was the wedding party and their friends who took care of the invitation process. Pigeon-mail would have been too slow, so the group traveled the world in an airship to hand deliver invitations. It was a grueling process—no one realized how many contacts they had actually made in the world and underworld during their travels! They only just made it home in time for the wedding—in fact both Edge's bachelor party and Rydia's bridal shower took place on board the airship!

By late evening all of the guests had left Eblan except for Cecil, Rosa, Cid, Yang, Yang's wife, Queen Asura, King Leviathan, the chamberlain, Anya, and Edward. They sat around the large banquet table in Eblan's dining hall with the newly married couple. Though slightly drunk and quite tired, the group wasn't ready to let the party die. In an effort to stay awake they settled for some random conversation.

"So Chamberlain," Asura asked, "Just what is your real name?"

Everyone looked up. This was actually an interesting question. "Yes," Edge piped up. "I have known you for my entire life, and I haven't the faintest idea what it is either!" Because just about everyone was rather inebriated, they found this funny. Rydia, a little younger than the rest of the group, and therefore having less exposure to alcohol, was quite beside herself. She laughed so hard that she fell out of her chair. Edge couldn't quite stand up straight and needed Edward's help to pick her up. By that point everyone was laughing so hard that Queen Asura's question was long forgotten, a mystery saved for another time...

Once the laughter quieted, Edge spoke up, "Thank you, my friends, for everything you did for us. Sure it was deceitful, underhanded, somewhat cruel…"

"Ah, shut up, and have some more wine!" shouted Cid. "We did nothing that you two kids didn't deserve. I mean, you got the girl didn't you?"

Everyone laughed. "I am just so happy," said Rydia, "Thank you. I love you all." She glanced at Edge. "Especially you!" She planted a wet, sloppy kiss on his cheek. It was such a touching moment, that all in the room moved a little closer to their loved ones. Yang and his wife reached for each other's hand. Edward gently rubbed the promise ring he still wore, a reminder of the love he shared with Ana. The chamberlain blushed as Anya reached for him under the table, instigating a daring game of "chicken." Rosa looked at Cecil, smiled, and stood up decisively.

"Well, since everyone is so happy, I have something important to share." It was Rosa.

Cecil looked up at her. What news could she have that he didn't already know about? He lived with her for goodness sake!

"Guess what?" Everyone looked up at her expectantly. "Cecil and I are going to have a baby!"

Cecil almost fell through the floor. "Guess the fun's over now man!" teased Yang. The men, except for a confused Chamberlain, roared with laughter. The women, like the chamberlain, having no idea why the men were laughing so hard could only share looks of wonder.

Regaining his composure, Cecil stood, leaned in toward Rosa, and asked softly, "Are we really going to have a child?"

"Yes, honey. We are." Cecil placed his arms around his wife, leaned his cheek against the top of her head, and smiled. Despite all of the jokes, he found he was truly happy at this news. He was to be a father, he would have an heir to Baron, and he was sharing life's most beautiful blessing with a very special woman.

His peaceful, reflective moment ended when Rosa turned abruptly to face him. "I am so excited Cecil, and I am so glad you are happy too. But what is so funny?" questioned Rosa. "Why is everyone laughing?"

She looked so innocent. How could he tell her what the laughter was all about? Besides, the happenings during a bachelor party were meant to stay between men! Sputtering, he responded, "I, uh, I will tell you when you are older." That set the men off again. Rosa rolled her eyes at Rydia. They, too, cracked up at their own private joke.

The party continued long into the night, and it just kept going. That night became morning, which led into night and then back into morning. It continued for the group of friends and lovers everyday of their lives, no matter where they were on the Blue Planet. They had all found happiness, friendship, and love. Who could ask for more?

The End