Disclaimer: Supes and the JL doesn't belong to me, nor will they ever, for I am poor and they cost far too much.

Description: A (short) tale of the common people.

It came to me in a flash, and I wrote it in about an hour. Or less, considering I was reading two other stories at the same time... All the same, please enjoy!

I'm a policeman.

I've always wanted t' be a policeman, ever since I was a little kid, playin' cops and robbers with my buddies. I was always a cop.

Right after I finished high school, I enrolled in the academy. I didn't have anything else really goin' for me, so I figured I may as well do something that I liked doing.

I just wanted to make the world a better place, y'know? I mean, livin' in the inner city you're bound t' see stuff that would make any normal person cringe, and some stuff you can stop, some y' can't.

Even in Metropolis, the city of Superman.

The big guy can't be in every place at once. It would be stupid t' put that kinda' burden on one man's shoulders. He takes care of the big things, like that Brainiac dude, who seems t' try t' destroy the world every couple 'a years or so. And us little guys, the common police officers with our small guns and bulletproof vests take care of the littler things.

Mostly paperwork, nowadays. Cause he's called 'Superman' for a reason. He may not be at every robbery, every mugging… but he's there, just the same.

It kills me when I think about it sometimes. Ever since Supes showed up, since the JL was formed, us policemen were pushed to the side. Expendable. Never good enough, because eventually the next spandex-wearing super-fool will just come an' knock some of us around until Big Blue comes to save our asses.


I'm grateful t' the Big Guy, make no mistake. There's no way that we coulda' survived with all these superhuman bastards runnin' around, destroying buildings and hurtin' people left an' right. Sometimes, I just wish that it could be like the old days, when police were the last line of defense between the good people and the bad. When we were appreciated for putting our lives on the line, day after day after day.

Now the most action we get is watching as Supes or some other superhero swoops in and saves the day for us, like we were helpless.

Hell, maybe we ARE helpless, but we don't wanna know it. Don't wanna live it. And yet… we have to.

I'm the forgotten.

I'm a policeman.

I've always wanted to be a policeman, and now I wish I was something more...

Something super.