WARNING: Contains spoilers for Harry Potter 6 The Half Blood Prince.

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Chapter One:

What's an England?

It was mid summer at midnight. The streets in Spinner's End were all dark and isolated. Some of the streetlamps were broken, only a few were shinning dimly in the dark street. A man wearing a dark cloak over his shoulders, carrying a letter safely in his clutches, walked between a labyrinth of small brick houses, looking to his surroundings, full of paranoia, afraid that in any moment someone might jump out of someplace and devour his body. He kept walking until he reached the very last house, where a dim light glimmered through the curtains in a downside room.

He slowly approached the door, hearing that there were people inside talking; he knocked three times, breathing heavily. After a few moments, the chattering he had heard behind the door has stopped. The door opened slowly, revealing a man looking at him, with long black hair, pale skin and a hook nose.

"Ah, Wormtail, I'm glad you're finally here," said the man. "The Dark Lord said he had sent you, please come in."

Wormtail entered the small house, his glance lingering from one person to another. When he finally settled inside, he counted about five people in there. He sat down, and took off the cloak revealing his face. He had small, watery eyes, and a pointed nose.

"Yes Severus," he answered with a squeaky voice, "h-he told me to bring you t-this." He handed the letter to Severus, with trembling hands. Severus noticed that Wormtail's face looked more swallowed and worn since the last time he had encountered him. Severus took the letter and opened it, attracting the looks of the other people there present, his eyes moved from one edge of the letter to another, his eyes narrowing with curiosity as he read further. When he was done, he took out his wand, and pointed it toward the letter. He muttered some magic words, and the letter burned and turned into ashes. Snape then turned his face to the other Death Eaters.

"The Dark Lord has a new mission for us," he said, "and this time he will not tolerate any failure." The guests in the house looked at each other muttering confusedly.

"Apparently he has found out about a stronger source of magic, a source of ancient dark magic," Snape continued, "this magic comes from Egypt, from the Land of the Pharaohs. The only thing he described in that letter was that that magic is sealed inside seven mystical items called The Millennium Items. He wants us to find as much information as possible on those items, that's the reason why we're all here."

"But there are only six of use here, counting you and Wormtail," said a witch named Bellatrix, "how are we going to find out about some items that are probably more than 3 millennia old?" Just then, another Death Eater stood up,

"I saw something like that… a muggle museum…" said the man.

"Don't be a fool Amycus!" said another Death Eater, standing up to Amycus' level. "How can some simple muggle magic be of any interest to the Dark Lord?"

"Not quite, Alecto…" said Snape, pacing the room, "ancient muggle magic can be quite powerful and dangerous too, if not used wisely." Alecto looked at him confusedly but sat back down, muttering curses between gritted teeth. "Now… tell me more about this… museum, Amycus."

"Well, it was on a trip to Japan on January, after some of the Death Eaters escaped Azkaban. I had to live there for a few months in secrecy, hiding from the Ministry of Magic. One day I entered this museum, full of Ancient Egyptian history, hoping that I could find some interesting information to the Dark Lord when I was to return. While looking at the exhibit, I found out about those Millennium Items… though unfortunately the only information I could find is that that were created by the twin brother of a very powerful Pharaoh and that the are about 5,000 years-old. But they didn't posses any of the seven in the exhibit." He finished.

"Hmm… interesting… so I suppose that our best guess is to go to that museum and find out about those items as much as possible. Remember, the Dark Lord is counting on us, and we should not fail him," Snape said. With that, all the Death Eaters there present nodded and began exiting the house.


"Do you think it wants something from us…?"

"I'm not sure, aibou…"

"But then, why won't it go away?"

"Perhaps it likes it here."

"Well… I'm not sure that grandpa will allow me to have a pet owl…" said a 16 year-old boy, very short for his age, with tri-colored spiky hair, wearing some sky blue pajamas with yellow colored stars in them. He was sitting on his bed, staring at a brown-colored owl, which came through the window that morning, giving Yugi a rude awakening. It had been fifteen minutes, since it came, but the owl refuses to go away.

"C'mon! Shoo!" Yugi tried in vain one more time, but the owl just tilted his head, and stood there, holding a letter on its beak

"Maybe it wants to give that letter to us, aibou…" said the spirit that inhabits Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, Yami., who materialized next to Yugi.

"But why would someone deliver letters with an owl? That's just plain weird…" Yugi said, looking at his yami.

"Well, when has something ever seemed logical to you since you finished the puzzle and met me?" Yami said with a semi-evil grin forming in his lips.

"… Point taken," said Yugi, taking the envelope from the beak of the owl. As soon as he did so, the owl flew away, out the window. "Ok… awkward…" he said reading the address in the envelope, it was addressed to,

Mr. Y. Motou

First Dormitory up the Stairs to the Left

Kame Game Shop

Domino City


"… well that is accurate. Do you think that it might be a joke from Jounouchi or Honda?"

"I don't know… let's read it first…" Yugi answered.

Dear Mr. Motou:

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although, most of our students enter the first year at Hogwarts at the age of 11 or 12, we can make an exception with you. You are going to enter the sixth year, with three other Late-Starters. The list of school supplies is at the back of this letter, as well as the ticket to the train you are to take on King Cross Train Station in London, England. The term starts September 1st. Your owl is to be expected before July 31.

Sincerely yours,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

"Ok… I'm sure about one thing… it wasn't Jou's or Honda's work… neither of them can be THIS creative…"

"Maybe it was the work of the Tomb Robber…" Yami said, crossing his arms.

"… You just don't like him do you?"

"What IS there to like about that Thief?" Yami asked. Yugi just sighed.

"Hmm… but Yami… can't there be a chance that it is actually real? I mean—we know that real magic exist… so perhaps, this school of magic is real!" Yugi said, his eyes flashing a hint of excitement.

"Well… I do sense some magic emitting from this letter…" Yami said, while glancing at the letter. "Perhaps, there's a small chance that it is real…or maybe just another trap to get a hold on our Millennium Puzzle,"

"…" Yugi stayed quiet. He knew that many people wanted to get their hands on the Millennium Puzzle, and for that same reason, he cannot trust anyone too easily; though he has always had an issue for being gullible… "But if it is real… then we might be missing the chance of our lifetime!"

"…" now it was Yami's turn to be quiet.

"C'mon Yami! Let's at least check it out! Pleeeeeaaaassseeeee!" Yugi said, clapping his hands together, and looking at Yami with big, watery, eyes.

'Oh no… he's giving me the puppy eyes…' Yami thought to himself as Yugi continued to look at him with big eyes., until Yami sighed in defeat. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms saying,

"Oh, all right aibou… but first let's ask what your grandfather has to say in this…"

Yugi leaped off the bed cheering with happiness. Quickly, he changed his pajamas and wore his favorite leather shirt, black leather pants with all his buckles and belts, and his Millennium Puzzle, and headed downstairs to tell everything to his grandfather.


"But Ishizu! I don't want to go to a magic school! I can already control my magic pretty well!" said a young boy, around 16 also, with lavender eyes, tanned skin, and san colored hair. He and his sister were currently discussing about the letter he had received this morning, indicating him something about a wizard school.

"Malik, I know you can. But don't you think it will be better if you learn even more? Perhaps it can even help us understand further the Millennium Items," said his sister, Ishizu, placing a hand on his left shoulder. Malik did not answer.

"Besides, it might be a fun experience!" she added with a warming smile. Ra, he hated that his sister knew that he would make anything for her…

"Fine, I'll go…" Malik said, chewing on a read apple that was on a fruit basket on the table. Ishizu smiled again as she picked up the letter once more.

"In here it says that someone named Remus J. Lupin will escort you to Diagon Alley, the place where you are going to buy your school supplies, in London, England," she said.

"Yeah, yeah…" Malik replied. "But what do they mean with, 'we expect your owl?'"

"I suppose that that's the way they deliver their mail," said a voice behind them. They both turned around to see Rishid, holding two plates with freshly made waffles. He approached them, placing the plates on the table, and sat next to Malik.

"How long have you been hearing all this?" Malik asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Long enough," Rishid replied simply, "and I also believe that you should go, Master Malik."

"Ah well… two against one.. guess there's no way out of this one huh?" Malik said, smirking, "and Rishid, you know that you don't have to call me 'Master' anymore."

"Ah yes… I apologize… it's quite a habit," Rishid replied, smiling slightly.

"Ha… it's ok," Malik said, returning the smile. "Well… I guess it's off to England then."

"That's the attitude I want from my younger brother," Ishizu said, hugging Malik slightly.

"Yeah… but one question…"

"Yes Malik?"

"Where are we going to get an owl…?" Ishizu and Rishid looked at each other with amused, yet worried expressions.


"C'mon yami, please?"


"Oh please?"


"Pretty, please?"


"Pretty, pretty please?"


"Pretty, pretty, please with sugar on—"

"I said No! And that's my final answer!" yelled the spirit of an Ancient Tomb Robber, better known as Bakura this days. Ryou, his partner, his other half, his host, or as he prefers to call him sometimes, his 'vessel' were currently having a small argument about this so-called wizard school. What if this 'Hogwarts' was a trap to steal the Millennium Items? He could not let ANYONE steal from the King of Thieves! What an embarrassment if something like that was to happen; but of course, with his cunning mind, strict I-always-get-what-I-want personality, there was no way Ryou was going to convince him to go to that so-called 'Hogwarts' School.

"If it is a trick, I'll let you send the guilty one to the Shadow Realm, no questions asked!" Ryou said, with the most Yugi-like puppy eyes he could manage. Bakura stared at him with wide eyes. Boy… he's desperate thought Bakura. Ryou offering him to send someone to the Shadow Realm… no questions asked. This was truly a first one. But no! He wasn't going to fall for this. Bakura shook his head.

"I won't stop you on your plans on stealing the Millennium Items!" Bakura's stare, if possible, widened more. He thought about it for a few seconds.

"… No."

"Oh please Bakura! At least you'll know something that Yami won't." Aha, magic words. Bakura realized this suggestion for a moment. Knowing something that the Pharaoh will not…

"… Fine… we'll go."

Ryou smiled widely as he leapt from the couch to run to his room, already packing some of the things he was going to take on their trip to England. Bakura stared in amazement at his speed.

"… You are aware that this might be a trick, are you now?" he asked, watching his Hikari run from one corner of the room to another.

"Yes, but it does give me a chance to visit my homeland!" Ryou said, folding some pants and packing them.

"Whoever told you we were going there?" Bakura asked, "We are going to Hogwarts, not your homeland."

"Hogwarts is in England! My homeland!" Ryou exclaimed. Bakura raised an eyebrow.

"Oh alright then, but I have one question…" Bakura said, scratching his chin.


"… What's an England?"


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