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Yes, um you readers might need this information to understand a few things in this chapter. I actually did some research about Egyptian calendars to be as accurate as possible…

The Egyptian year was divided into 12 months of 30 days; at the end of the year 5 additional days (the "epagomenal days") were added so one year had 365 days.

The year was further divided into three seasons:

- Akhet "inundation (of the Nile)"
- Peret "winter"
- Shemu "summer"

Each season consisted of four months that were numbered from one to four. These 12 months later received names derived from certain religious feasts:

Akhet (Season of the Inundation)
Month 1: Djewhty (June 21 to July 20)
Month 2: Paopi (July 21 to Aug 19)
Month 3: Athyr (Aug 20 to Sept 18)
Month 4: Khoiak (Sept 19 to Oct 20)

Peret (Season of Planting)
Month 1: Tybi (Oct 21 to Nov 19)
Month 2: Mekhir (Nov 20 to Dec 19)
Month 3: Phamenoth (Dec 20 to Jan 18)
Month 4: Pharmuthi (Jan 19 to Feb 17)

Shemu (Season of the Harvest)
Month 1: Pakhons (Feb 18 to Mar 19 (18))
Month 2: Paoni (Mar 20 (19) to April 18 (17))
Month 3: Epep (April 19 (18) to May 18 (17))
Month 4: Mesore (May 19 (18) to June 15 (14))

Date on leap years.

The ancient Egyptians dated their documents by the years of the king's reigns and not by a continuous era like nowadays Gregorian calendar, for example:

"Year 12 of Pharaoh Psametik, 2nd month of Shemu, day 23"

Yeah, I spent quite some time researching this. Thank you Internet!

Oh, and while I'm typing this ridiculously long Authoress Note, I decided to answer some question that some of my reviewers asked.

One of the questions was if Seth and Yami Malik will be in this story at all. Well, yes they both will be since they have a very important role in the story, though that will be a bit later on.

As for another one, some people asked why I turned Bakura into a woman and not Malik. Well, I… really don't know. I just wanted to turn one into a woman, and one into a chibi. I thought it was cute! Some people found Bakura to be turned into a woman a bit disturbing… well of course it is! That was the whole point.

Also, we have a few new characters introduced in this chapter. One OC and Ryou's dad: Professor Bakura. I decided to name him Koji Bakura, since well… he doesn't really have a name in the series, so from now on, he's a Koji!

I must say, I'm trying my best to make this story different from other YGOXHP crossovers. The same plot over and over gets tiring, I know. Although, in this story it might seem that Voldemort is after the Millennium Items, he is not. Of course, he's looking for information about them, how they were made, and what powers they contain.

I guess that that's all I have to say for now… so onto the story!

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(Ryou to Bakura)

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(Yugi to Yami)


Chapter Nine

The Wand Maker

"Property of Mahado, Priest Apprentice, Magician in Training."

Professor Bakura read of a book that he had opened on top of his desk. The book was really ancient looking, with some sort of leather-material cover. It had the Eye of Osiris in the front and under that eye, there was a sentence written in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. "Cursed shall be the one to place their eyes in the pages in this book with bad intention in their hearts." Professor Bakura grinned. Up until now, he has never believed in silly mummy curses, and he wasn't going to start now. He took a sip of coffee out of his worn out, trusty mug and smacked his lips a bit.

"A bit cold," he complained quietly as he placed the mug down. He examined the contents of that book which he had found just recently, during the dig he was currently in, inside a tomb. He still couldn't forget that strange, large tablet that he saw there, that had the picture of a man in strange robes, holding a large staff. He hasn't ever seen a drawing like that in any other of his digs. I better consult Professor Hopkins about that, the archeologist thought as he ran his fingers through the page of the book that was written with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. He was currently trying to translate it.

"Year 24 of Pharaoh Akunamkanon, 3rd month of Peret, day 15," Professor Bakura translated. "Pharaoh Akunamkanon… isn't that the pharaoh of the legend…? The one that sealed some monsters in some tablets…" He rubbed his chin in wonder. First he encounters that strange tablet with the man holding the staff, wearing weird robes, and now this. Maybe Professor Hopkins' theory about the Ancient Egyptians summoning monsters to do their bidding wasn't too far away from the truth as he thought it was. He must admit, that theory of his was very strange and far-fetched, but recently he has been encountering many strange things, like that tablet. Damn it… maybe I could think straight if it wasn't so cold inside this tent… he thought to himself, as he rubbed his hands together, to get some warmth. He thought it was rather silly that during the days, deserts were unbearably hot and excruciatingly cold during the nights. He was in the middle of the desert in an archeological dig, completely supervised by the Ishtars. He was hired by Isis Ishtar herself to form part of this expedition to expand her museum collection, and with the sum of money they offered, he couldn't say no. It was apparently really important, because even the retired archeologist Arthur Hopkins was part of this, along with his sweet, yet bossy granddaughter, Rebbecca.

"The third month of Peret…that would be Phamenoth… and Peret is the second season, season of planting… a.k.a. winter…" Professor Bakura scratched his head. "Hm… Phamenoth, day fifteen… it must've been around January 4th or so… and if it was the 24th year of Pharaoh Akunamkanon's reign… this book was written at least in the year 900 or something B.C. …" he muttered. "That means that this book is at least three-thousand years old," he concluded as he examined the papyrus pages of the book. "Magician in training huh…? Sounds rather interesting… Priest Apprentice… this Mahado person was part of some sort of noble family." He grabbed a pen and a paper and began to translate more profoundly, as he got more interested in the secrets that this book held.

Year 24 of Pharaoh Akunamkanon, 3rd month of Peret, day 15

Today, it has been a magnificent day. The gods smiled upon us, like Siamun says, or rather upon my mortal self, because today the Royal Mage has decided to give me lessons in the Art of the Magicks. With myself being a Priest Apprentice, it would become rather beneficial. That way, the day that I finally become a High Priest, I can protect the future Pharaoh even better.

Talking about future Pharaoh's, today the Prince, little Mana and me decided to walk around the palace grounds. I took this opportunity to tell them the good news. The Prince was really happy about the good news, and Mana was overjoyed. The congratulated me and wished me well. The Prince even gave me his blessing! I feel rather saddened by the fact that now that I have a lot more to study, I will barely have time to spend with Mana and the Prince. I am positive that they will understand though. The Prince is of kind and pure heart, and Mana is… well Mana.

I decided to write my experience as a Magician in Training and a Priest Apprentice in this book. That way, I can keep record of how well I am doing, what I need to correct, what I need to get better at, and other things. This also gives me a chance to practice my writing, since I heard that Magicians write a lot. Maybe I'll even write some spells I'll make, tips and tricks, and even the occasional prank ideas we might pull on Seth.

I hope that everything turns to the best. I place my faith in the judgment of the gods. They will judge and decide if I am to become a good magician… or a bad one. I will try my best to succeed in every way, so I can be a good Priest, Magician, Guardian and most importantly, a good friend of the Prince.

Professor Bakura placed his pen down and read carefully what he had translated. With the knowledge he had gathered, this Mahado person couldn't have been older than eleven years-old when he wrote this book. Eleven years-old… that was around the age that his son had when he last spent some good quality time with him. Truth to be told, he hasn't seen his son in at least two years… or was it three? Professor Bakura really couldn't remember. He was always busy with his digs, so he really didn't have time for his son. Though, he always made sure he sent him enough money for him to live a comfortable life.

Thinking about Ryou, he remembered that someone had sent him a letter at least a week ago, about his son. He skimmed through it, and it was something about him being accepted into some school… he really didn't remember since he didn't read it thoroughly and he was in a hurry when he opened it. Also, he hadn't bothered to read it again because if Ryou had accepted to go or not, Ryou would've wrote to him… of course he forgot to tell him that he was now in Egypt, not Guatemala. He cursed his bad memory as he looked for that letter. He rummaged around his belongings, until he found said letter under some papers in his desk. He took a good look at the envelope and saw the address it was written to.

Mr. Koji Bakura

Large Tent in the Middle of the Desert

Valley Of the Kings, Egypt.

Professor Bakura read the address three times to make sure he was reading it right. He scratched his head, feeling confused. "Since when are written in such a… peculiar way…?" he asked himself as he opened the envelope and read the letter.

Dear Mr. Bakura:

We are pleased to inform you that your son, Ryou Bakura has been accepted into Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in England. A letter has been sent to your son as well, inviting him to study in our prestigious school. Since he's older than our first year students, he will be starting in 6th year as a Late Starter. His magic has recently been discovered, so this is why he is starting so late. Normally, students start in Hogwarts at the age of eleven or twelve, but the magic that your son possesses is so strong, that we must give him proper training. Uncontrolled magic can cause grave problems to those who surround you.

Also, I as Headmaster must be completely honest with you, Mr. Bakura. These are dangerous times. A Dark and powerful wizard has risen and is threatening to harm and kill those who stand in his way. Potential wizards like your son could be in grave danger if no action toward the matter is taken. I assure you that Hogwarts is the safest place for your son.

If you have any questions, or reasons why your son shouldn't join our school, please do not hesitate to write back or you could ask all of your doubts to one of your co-workers, Bill Weasley. He is a very strong and trusty wizard, and he'll be happy to answer any question you have about this situation. We fervently await for your owl.


Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Koji Bakura raised an eyebrow, studying the letter he just read. How could've that letter not caught his attention earlier? This seemed like a really well elaborated prank, but who would prank him in the middle of the desert? He scratched his head in disbelief. Bill Weasley, huh… that kid from England. I guess I could ask him a few questions… he thought as he read the letter again.

"This is… quite hard to believe. Really now… wizards? Magic…? Please…" he muttered as he threw the letter aside. Though he thought the whole idea of wizards was silly, he still thought it wouldn't be harmful in anyway to talk to the afore mentioned wizard. I wonder what they mean about waiting for an owl…


After the complete and utter mayhem of Diagon Alley, the Late-Starters and the rest could actually finish their school shopping, even if most of the stores were in poor state. After giving Malik and Bakura the longest lecture of their lives—to which they didn't even pay attention since they were too happy that their bodies had returned to normal—Mr. and Mrs. Weasley began to gather the groups to return to the Burrow.

Even with the incident, everything had turn out alright. No one was hurt, except for a few people who got scratched and bitten by some of the animals who were running amok, like Kaiba, but Mrs. Weasley assured that he'll be fine. Yugi was pretty mad though. With all the commotion, he hadn't had the chance to buy a pet. Malik got a cat, and Ryou got an owl, but he didn't get the chance to get a pet. Oh well, at least I got a nice birthday present for Ryou Yugi thought, smiling a bit.

The group was right now inside the Leaky Cauldron, waiting for the cabs to arrive so they can drive back to the Burrow. Everyone was really quiet; no one wanted to talk about what just had happened in the alley, especially if they were going to receive another lecture.

Rishid was really mad as well. He had trusted Malik, as he had promised that he would stay out of trouble. He glanced over to Malik, who felt slightly bad for abusing his big brother's trust, and crossed his arms.

"Look Rishid… how many more times do I have to say that I'm sorry?" Malik said, really feeling the guilt now.

"When you get to three hundred times, maybe I'll consider forgiving you," Rishid said, with a tone so cold, that even Kaiba felt like shuddering.

"Rishid…" Malik said with an apologetic tone. He sighed as Rishid kept his arms crossed, looking at him with a stern gaze.

"We'll talk later." Rishid said in a stern and commanding voice that surprised Malik slightly. He didn't say a word after that. He didn't think that Rishid would be this mad at him.

"You know…" Yugi said, breaking the tenseness in the room by changing the subject. "We are supposed to get our wands tonight…" Ryou looked up to Yugi and nodded.

"Yeah… that's true. Tonight or tomorrow in the morning…" Ryou said. "If they don't expel us first…" Ryou added bitterly, glancing over to Malik, who just smiled sheepishly. He held the ring tightly with his hands, to let Bakura know that he was talking to him too.

((What?)) Bakura asked his lighter half with a sort of annoyed tone in his voice.

(Why can't you go a day without causing me trouble?) Ryou said. He had found out everything. About how his yami and Malik had released all the animals from the Magical Menagerie, how they sneaked into Knockturn Alley, and got cursed. The fact that they sneaked into Knockturn Alley didn't make him mad, since he already knew that they were going too, what made him mad was the chaos that they caused just so they could have some 'fun'.

((I'm a thief. Trouble goes where I go… It's my nature)) Bakura replied. Ryou just sighed. He knew that everyone was angry at him, except for those who knew who about the sadistic, psychotic thief inhabiting his Millennium Ring.

(You know that I'm the one getting blamed for all of this…?)

((So? Deal with it like a man.)) Once again, Ryou sighed.

Yugi looked over to Ryou, who seemed to have an internal battle with his yami. Yugi really felt bad for Ryou, since he knew that now the others who didn't know about Yami Bakura will hold a grudge against him, and will be always keeping a close watch of his actions since they labeled him as a 'trouble-maker.'

((I feel bad for Ryou)) Yami said truthfully through the mind-link. ((Having to take the blame for something he didn't do…))

(Yeah, it must be hard for him) Yugi said.

((Though, the Tomb Robber promised me that he would keep Ryou out of trouble…))

(What tells you he will keep that promise?) Yugi asked the ancient spirit of the Puzzle.

((Yugi, try to imagine this… as a game.)) Yami said.

(Um… ok… it's a game then. What about it?) Yugi asked feeling rather confused.

((Well… I never lose a game, Aibou.)Yami added, with a hint of smugness in his voice. Yugi just sighed.

(Your overconfidence will one day be your downfall…) Yugi said, and Yami just chuckled.

Moody looked over to the Late-Starters, especially over to Malik and Ryou. Those two are nothing but trouble… Moody thought. Accepting them into Hogwarts is nowhere short of a terrible idea. He looked over to Lupin who looked almost as stressed as he did. Mrs. Weasley also seemed very much stressed out, for the simple reason that the four Late Starters were staying under her care, in the Burrow.

"As if Fred and George aren't enough…" Mrs. Weasley muttered, only high enough for Arthur to hear. He placed a hand on her shoulder, to let her known that he was there for her.

"Don't worry Molly… everything will be alright…" Arthur smiled at her but Molly simply sighed. "Besides, school starts soon so they won't stay for too long." These words made Mrs. Weasley light up a bit.

After only a few minutes of waiting, the cabs arrived outside. The groups exited the old pub, in a calm and quiet manner. They placed their belongings in the trunks of the cabs, making sure they didn't left anything behind. They all got into their respective cabs and the journey home began.

Everyone was completely silent during the ride back home.


The rest of the day went by quietly. Everyone just began to pack their things, since they were leaving to Hogwarts the next morning. Kaiba decided that if he was going to skip five years, with no knowledge of them, he would start reading ahead; so he asked Mrs. Weasley is she had some books of the previous years, so he could catch up. Both Ryou and Yugi thought it was a good idea, so they joined him. Malik was reluctant to study, but since he saw everyone doing it, and he was bored, he joined the study group. Hermione, Ron and Harry decided that they would help them, since they didn't have anything better to do for the rest of the day.

"So um… Wingardium Leviosa… is a levitating spell… might come in handy," Yugi said, breaking the silence in the room.

"Trust me… it will," Ron said, thinking about their encounter in first year with a troll inside the girls' bathroom. "That and the Alohomora spell… those two are probably the best two charms that I learned in first year. This spell can open any locked door."

"Alohomora, eh? Sounds… useful…" Malik said, grinning a bit. Yugi looked at him and sweatdropped, knowing what Malik must've been thinking.

"Malik, please… we've already gotten into enough trouble, and school hasn't even started!" Ryou said, with a worried tone. Malik just rolled his eyes.

"Relax, will you?" he said, waving his hand in a care-free way. Ryou bit his lip. Relax? How can I relax when I already made enemies with people I barely know! Ryou thought to himself, sighing a bit. He knew that this was going to be one long school year.

((Sheesh, will you calm down? It's not that big of a deal… I haven't killed anybody.)) Bakura said through the mind-link, crossing his arms inside his soul room.

(Well, you haven't, but thanks to you all my moves will be watched since you made me get a bad reputation!)

((It's not a bad reputation at all. Ryou, they fear you! The fear what you might do next!)) Bakura replied, grinning. Ryou shook his head slightly.

(I don't see anything good in that…) Ryou replied.

"OI! Ryou!!" Ryou suddenly snapped back into reality, eyes wide as plates as Ron called out his name. "Finally! You spaced out," Ron said, arching an eyebrow. Ryou blushed slightly.

"Sorry… I… um… tend to daydream a lot…" Ryou said, bowing in an apologetic manner. Ron shrugged it off.

"Don't worry about it," Ron said. "It happens to the best of us I suppose." Ron smiled at him. "Anyway, Hermione suggested for us to lend you guys our wands for you to practice some of the spells."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow. "Isn't underage magic illegal?"

"Well… we're in a house filled with wizards and witches, a little magic won't hurt anybody. Besides, we're practicing first year charms. Things like those are sometimes overlooked by the Ministry," Hermione replied. "And if anything were to happen, we could talk to Professor Dumbledore… I'm sure that he would agree that you guys need as much help as you can get so you can catch up."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow a bit, but nodded nonetheless. "I see," Seto said. "But didn't you say that the Ministry was taking more… precautions with that… Voldemort person on the loose?" Ron cringed at the name.

"Well… yes…" Hermione said a bit uncertain. "But we'll just be doing simple first year charms."

"Hmm… well, if you're sure about it, I guess that it wouldn't hurt to practice." Kaiba said.

"Hold on a sec," Harry said, "I went to trial last year for underage magic. I don't wanna go to trial again…"

"Don't worry Harry, I'm sure Dumbledore will sort things out. Besides, they have no experience with magic what-so-ever. They should practice. Heck, they skipped O.W.L year…" Hermione replied. Harry couldn't argue with that.

"It's settled then!" Ginny said, giving her wand to Ryou. Ryou took it a bit reluctantly.

"Um… what should I do?" Ryou said, holding Ginny's wand.

"Well, let's practice the levitating spell, Wingardium Leviosa," Hermione said as she handed her wand to Seto. "Just point at these quills," Hermione takes out exactly four quills and gives one to each late starter, "do the wand movement and say the magic words."

"Right… just do the wand movement and say the magic words…" Yugi repeated, holding Harry's wand.

(Ah… this sounds easy…) Yugi said through his mind-link, while he pointed at the quill using Harry's wand.

((Yes, give it a try aibou)) Yami replied.

(Right, Wingardium Leviosa…) Yugi repeated in his mind.

"Wingar—" Yugi began to say, but for his and his companions' astonishment, the feather was already floating in mid-air, in front of his face.

"What…?" Hermione's eyes were wide. "Yugi, how did you…?" she began to ask, but Yugi just shook his head, looking as confused as she was. "You didn't say the magic words… you didn't even make the wand movement…" she said, still very surprised.

"Um… I take it that wasn't supposed to happen?" Malik asked. Harry shook his head.

"No… you always have to do the wand movement and say the magic words for the spell to work…" Harry said, staring at the quill that just now descended back to the floor.

"Well, not necessarily… now for our NEWT's we will learn how to cast Silent Spells… you know, do the spell without saying the magic words out loud," Hermione replied. "But… you need to have extensive training for that, since it's not easy at all… trust me, I've tried."

"Ah… um…" Yugi didn't know what to say. He had said the spell to Yami through his mind link, maybe that was what affected it, but he was not sure.

"That is weird… try it again!" Hermione said, her curious nature kicking in. Yugi nodded as he pointed Harry's wand to the quill. Without even thinking about the magic words, the quill shot up to float in mid-air once again.

(Yami, what's going on?) Yugi asked his darker side.

((I believe that Shadow Magic is more powerful that regular wizard magic…)) Yami answered.


((So, it means that you don't need to say the magic words, just thinking about what you want to do makes the Shadows work their magic—no pun intended—and make it happen,)) Yami explained, putting everything as simple as he could magic.

(But… it wasn't like this before…) Yugi said.

((That is true… maybe the wand helps you channel the magic better… but since Shadow Magic is so powerful, you don't have to say the words for the magic to work. Shadow Magic is mostly controlled by the mind anyway.)) Yami said.

"Wow… Yugi that's amazing! Maybe you have really powerful magic!" Hermione said, getting all excited. "And to think the wand isn't even yours! Imagine how powerful you'll magic get when you get your own wand!"

"Um yeah… maybe…" Yugi muttered, looking at Ryou and Malik, who were looking at him skeptically.

Ryou decided to try it out as well. Yugi made it look easy, so he wanted to see for himself. He pointed the wand at the quill. Um… I just… want the quill to float right? To levitate it… he thought to himself.

((Why just levitate it? I think that you should turn it into something useful, like a knife)) Bakura said through the mind link, making Ryou lose concentration.

(Because that's what I have to do… besides, you're dangerous if you're near anything pointy.) Ryou said, mentally rolling his eyes.

((Sheesh, you're no fun. What's the point of levitating a quill? It's not that heavy. Turning it into something as helpful as a knife is more practical and less trivial)) Bakura said.

(I'm not going to turn it into a knife because I don't know how too--)

"Ryou! You transformed your quill into a knife!" Ryou's thoughts got interrupted once more by a amazed red-headed boy. "A bloody knife!"

Ryou blinked twice. "I… I did?" he stared at the floor, where the quill was supposed to be. He was quite surprised when he saw a perfect knife replica. "…Wow…"

(Yami… how did I do that?) Ryou asked, not hiding the surprise in his voice.

((I'm guessing that it has something to do with our Shadow Magic,)) Bakura said in a sudden serious tone. Ryou knew that every time that Bakura talked in a serious tone, it was probably something important. ((I'm pretty sure that that wand your holding is making it easier for you to control your Shadow--)) Bakura's sentence got interrupted by the sudden explosion that was heard in the room. Bakura quickly took over Ryou's body without thinking. He looked around, until he saw Mokuba, wide awake clinging onto Seto who was glaring at Malik menacingly, Yugi with wide eyes, backed off to a wall, Hermione holding onto a very startled Ron, Ginny holding a pillow to her face, Harry holding his wand again, pointing it at Malik, and Malik, his face covered with some ashes, with a wicked grin. Ryou looked to where Malik's quill was supposed to be, only to find a hole, surrounded with some ashes as if the quill had exploded. The room was completely silent, and everyone was just staring at Malik.

"This… is… so… cool!" Malik said, breaking the silent.

"You… made… your… quill… explode?" a very astonished Ginny asked. Malik's grin just got wider as he nodded.


"But… don't you have to know the spell, even if you're not going to say it, to make it work?" Ginny asked Hermione. Hermione had a slight dumbfounded look on her face.

"Yes… you have to know the spell…" Hermione answered. Wow, Lupim wasn't kidding when he said that these transfers possessed great magical abilities Hermione thought.

Seto raised an eyebrow. He shook his head and returned Ron's wand to him. "I don't think I want to try this right now…" he said as he saw how Malik made his quill explode. He kept holding onto Mokuba, who had gotten a rude awakening. Ron took his wand back.

The awkward moment was interrupted by a sudden knock at the door. "Yugi, Seto, Malik and Ryou please come downstairs," the voice that they identified as Mrs. Weasley's came from behind the door. "The Wand Maker is here." With these words Yugi, Malik and Ryou quickly stood up and basically stampeded towards the door. Seto followed in a more casual manner.

When they finally got downstairs they saw a man that seemed to be on is 30's, with shoulder length brown hair, tied up in a pony tail, with midnight blue eyes. He wore simple robes, which had many different shades of blue and purple. The robes looked pretty old fashioned, giving him the look of a very antiquated salesman. He had a kind, yet goofy expression. As soon as he saw them coming down the stairs, the Wand Maker smiled brightly and bowed in a curtly way.

"Konbanwa, o genki desu ka? (Good evening, how are you?)" the man said, with an almost perfect pronunciation. Yugi and Ryou were quite surprised, since they were not expecting for him to talk in their native language. Malik just rolled his eyes and Seto looked pretty emotionless.

"Hai genki desu, (I'm good)" Yugi replied in Japanese.

"Watashi wa no namae Dimitri Von Habsburg desu, (My name is Dimitri Von Habsburg)" he replied, using his German name. "Hashimemashite, mina-san. (Nice to meet everyone)."

"Alright, will you all stop talking in gibberish?" Ron said, crossing his arms.

"Ron!" Hermione replied, nudging him. Ron just rolled his eyes.

"No, no, the lad is right," Dimitri replied, "It's not polite to talk in a language that not everyone understand, so forgive me. I was just trying to speak in their language, seeing how rusty I was," Dimitri added, while laughing heartily. "I'm sorry. Anyway, for those who didn't catch my name, I'm Dimitri Von Habsburg," he said, bowing politely once more.

"Mr. Von Habsburg is the Wand Maker that Dumbledore promised," Lupin said, smiling. "He's one of the best traveling Wand Makers in the world."

"Oh now, Remus I'm not that good," Dimitri said, laughing a bit.

"Oh, come of it. You know it's true," Lupin said, with a smirk.

"Well… I guess that working under the tutelage of Ollivander for twelve years made me learn a thing or two," Dimitri said, smiling sheepishly.

"I'm still amazed that you manage to still be working, with the Dark Lord on the loose and all," Mr. Weasley said.

"Oh, that blasted group… I'm not afraid of them. Besides, they rarely leave England… I travel a lot so I doubt that they'll ever find me," he said, laughing a bit.

"Let's hope not," Mrs. Weasley said, handing him a cup of hot, green tea which he took gladly.

"Thank you," he said.

"Wow, to think that Dumbledore actually got you Von Habsburg. His wands are like legendary," Hermione said, her eyes practically sparkling

"Wait, you know this guy?" Harry said, even though he knew it was an obvious question.

"Of course I do! I've read all about him at Hogwart's library!" Hermione said. "He's a traveling Wand Maker, which means that he goes around the world, looking for ways to make wands more efficient and powerful. He makes great quality wands that could even rival Ollivander's," Hermione explained. "Of course, his wands are different and considered special because he uses magical creatures that no one really uses for Wand Making; like Elf hair, Hippogriff claws, and other magical creatures like those."

"Elf hair?" Ron said, staring at Hermione as if she had grown a second head. She just nodded.

"There are many types of elves Ron, not just House Elves you know…" Hermione said. Ron just shrugged. "The only bad thing about his wands is that they cost twice as much as Ollivander's."

"Wow… then they must be really good," Harry said.

"You bet. He reads people's auras to find the most suitable wands for them," Hermione said.

"Read their auras? That's cool," Ginny replied. "By the way… how come he knows Japanese?"

"Oh, he knows over fifteen different languages," Hermione replied, "he travels a lot."

Dimitri walked over to Yugi and company, smiling kindly. "Alright, so I supposed you're eager to get your wands, right? But first, I would like to know who's who." He said kindly.

Yugi smiled a bit and nodded. "I'm Yugi Mouto." Yugi replied.

"Yugi, Japanese word for 'game,'" Dimitri said, scratching his chin in thought. "You must be a very competitive person."

(Well, not as much as my Yami is...) Yugi said through his mind-link, making Yami chuckle.

"You have an ancient aura that surrounds you. Hmm… very ancient and commanding indeed. It's slightly dark as well… " Dimitri said, "Ancient, which can also mean wisdom and commanding, which can also mean leadership. You can grow up to be quite the leader, Mouto-san." Yugi just smiled sheepishly. "Although… your aura is quite strange… is like a mix of two auras." Yugi opened his eyes wide, but Dimitri just walked over to Ryou and looked at him. "And what is your name?"

Ryou looked at him, feeling a bit unnerved as how those midnight blue eyes seem to penetrate his soul. "Ah, R-Ryou Bakura sir," he replied.

"Hm, you seem to be the quiet, shy type… but looks can be deceiving. You are quite dedicated to what you do though, great qualities for a hard worker," he said, looking more serious than before. "Hm… your aura also seems ancient… a bit dark. Are you into the Occult, Bakura-san?" Dimitri asked him with a grin. Ryou gulped slightly.

"Um… kinda sir…" Ryou replied. Harry raised an eyebrow. Out of all the people, he would've never guessed that Ryou liked things that were dark like that.

((This guy is different… slightly creepy.)) Bakura said through the mind-link.

"Your aura also looks rather mixed… that is a bit strange," Dimitri said with a grin. "Well, I guess that means that Mouto-san and you have something in common!"

((More than you can imagine.))

Dimitri turned to look at Seto. "I think that anybody who's anybody knows your name, Kaiba-san." Dimitri said, smiling. Seto just scoffed. "Well… your aura is one of a very demanding person, hard worker… well, more like workaholic—" Malik sniggered at this comment "—and yet a good person, hard to make friends with though." Dimitri added, laughing a bit. Seto simply olled his eyes, muttering "Whatever." Mokuba who was standing on his side just merely giggled.

Dimitri looked at Malik and smiled once more, "And lastly, your name?"

"Malik Ishar."

"Ah, so you are the Egyptian one… though I must say, that if I saw all of you without ever hearing about you, I'd say you're all from Egypt!" he laughed merrily at this. Yugi smiled a bit nervously and Ryou looked a bit uncomfortable. "Well anyway, Ishtar-san… you seem to have quite the inner struggle… your soul seems… tainted. Very tainted… you have done bad deeds, haven't you Ishtar-san?" he whispered to Malik, only loud enough for him to listen. Malik was starting to feel really uncomfortable with this fellow.

"That would be none of your business!" Malik replied, crossing his arms.

"A bit hot-tempered too." Dimitri added out loud, laughing. "Well, I think I got the perfect wands for you all. Please, follow me outside," with this, he headd toward the back exit of the Burrow.

At the Burrow's backyard, there was stationed a big, old, worn out white van. The windshield was cracked, and it was covered in what appeared to be bird poop; the tires were old and used up. The driver side door all banged up, while the passenger's side door was so bent, Yugi was sure that it didn't open anymore. In summery, that van looked as if it was taken out of the nearest car Junker. Dimitri proudly walked over to it, holding the keys, jingling them in his hands. Malik looked at the big old thing as if it was a joke.

"This is where you keep all your priceless wands?" Malik asked with a dumbfounded expression.

"Yes," Dimitri answered simply. "Beauty, isn't it?" the only person who seemed to agree with that statement was Mr. Weasley, who was staring at it as if it was the Eight World Wonder.

"This is the transportation I use to travel all around the world. It's very convenient really. It even has a computer integrated in it, with a special chip, enabled with magic, that manages to make the computer work on places protected by magical wards, like Hogwarts," he said, smiling proudly. Hermione gasped, surprised. "It has a cloaking system, which is why the van looks so run down like it does now… those Japanese wizards are really something," Dimitri added. "Anyway, please come in!" he said, opening the door to the van.

"All of us at the same time?" Ryou asked in disbelieve.

"Of course! The more the merrier!" Dimitri added, smiling. Ryou sweat dropped at Dimitri's answer, but shrugged and entered the van, followed by the other Late Starters and the rest of the group. When they got in there, they all—especially the Transfer Students—had their eyes opened in awe. The inside of a van looked like a very large store. It could be said that it was even larger than a Walgreens (A/N: do not own) Pharmacy store. There were columns and columns of shelves that had thousands of wands from all shapes, color and sizes. The place was really well decorated too. It looked very fancy and sophisticated, almost like a four-star hotel.

"Wow…" was all that Yugi could say.

"Well, since you seem to be the only one responding Yugi, I'll guess we'll start off with you," Dimitri said, smiling kindly. "Wand arm?" Dimitri asked.

Yugi blinked a bit confused. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Which is your wand arm? You know, which arm do you use for writing, wand waving…"

"Oh! I'm right handed!" Yugi said, smiling sheepishly. Dimitri nodded. He took a tape measure and it began to measure Yugi's arm length. After that, he stopped touching it, and the tape measure began to measure his arm girth, his waist, the space between his eyes, etc. In short, it began to measure everything by itself. After it was done, it dropped to the floor, motionless.

"Excuse me for a second then!" Dimitri said as he went to the back of the store. Everyone could here him muttering and rummaging in some of the shelves. It took a while before he came back with a wand box. "Here, try this. Elmwood with Hippogriff fur, ten inches, durable." Yugi took the wand in his hands.

"Wave it, Mouto-san."

Yugi did as told, but he suddenly wished that he didn't since Dimitri's robes caught on fire. "Oh my… I'm so sorry! I didn't mean too!" Yugi said, dropping the wand on the floor, while panicking. Malik couldn't help but to laugh. Dimitri didn't panic though, he waved his own wand and the fire got put off quickly. "I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry, Mouto-san, no permanent damage!" He smiled as he picked the wand from the ground. "But this is certainly not your wand." He left to the back of the room again and got yet another wand. "Here, Apple Wood and Snake's Fang, ten inches, flexible." Yugi took this one is his hand, and as soon as he did, a few shelves collapsed onto the floor. Yugi had an expression of panic in his face. "Don't worry… but not your wand." Yugi went through several more wands, causing some destruction to Dimitri's store.

"Hm… since you have a mix of aura's… maybe I should give you wands that have two cores… yes, that should do the trick!" Dimitri said as he ran toward the back of the store again.

"Um… what is he blabbing on about?" Malik asked.

"Don't you get it, Grave Keeper?" Bakura said as he took over Ryou's body—asking for his permission first—crossing his arms. "He needs two magical cores because there are two souls in one body." Bakura explained, in a whisper so the others couldn't hear, but Harry heard quite clearly.

"Ah… that makes sense…" Malik said. "I can't wait for my turn…"

'Two souls in one body?' Harry thought to himself. 'I better tell this to Dumbledore as soon as I get the chance...'

After a few moments, Dimitri returned, bringing with him one wand box. "Here, this one should do the trick! This is a combination of Oak and Holly, with a core of Phoenix Feather, together with a Fairy Wing, ten inches, rather durable." He saw the horror in Yugi's eyes as he mentioned that the wand contained a Fairy Wing, probably thinking how cruel that is, to rip a Fairy off it's wings. "Oh, don't worry! Fairy wings are hard to come by, but it's because we have to wait until they die… when they do, their wings are left behind… those are the wings we use." Yugi sighed a bit relieved and took the wand in his hand. As soon as his fingers made contact with it, the wand began to shine brightly, and the Sennen Eye appeared on Yugi's forehead. Yugi looked in some sort of trance as the wand began shooting out some bright, golden sparks that disappeared as soon as the touched the ground. Yami was also holding the wand beside Yugi in spirit form, his eyes wide. Shadows slowly began to emerge from the wall, but stopped suddenly as Yami let go of the wand.

"Well… um… that's your wand!" Dimitri said, breaking the silence. "Next in line then!"

Ryou shakily stood forward as Bakura let him regain control of his body. "M-Me sir…"

"Ah… I think I should try the same strategy with you… and I think I know which wand will suit you best!" Dimitri said happily. "Wand arm?"

"Um, right sir," Ryou replied. The tape measurer began to measure him too, by itself, as Dimitri ran off to look for the wand. Ryou looked over to Yugi that seemed a bit shaky.

"Are you alright?" Ryou asked him as the magical tape measurer kept measuring him. Yugi simply nodded.

"It was… a rather… nice feeling… but… frightening at the same time," Yugi said, looking at the wand that was in his hand.

"That is normal… that wand he gave you is made of materials that are slightly opposites," Lupin said. "For example, Phoenix Feather and Fairy Wing are opposites. Most wand wielders that have Phoenix Feather as a core tend to be mature, commanding people, leaders. The ones with Fairy Wing tend to be people who are young at heart and innocent, sometimes slightly competitive, but always looking for the fun and positive side of things. It's a very odd combination, since they tend to cancel each other. It's really amazing that it works for you." Lupin explained to Yugi.

((That seems to fit us)) Yami said through the mind link.

(Yeah it does, doesn't it?) Yugi replied, while eyeing his new wand.

Dimitri return with another wand in his hands. "Here Bakura-san, this one might fit you perfectly. It's a combination of Elm and White Pine, Vampire Fang laced with Unicorn hair, ten and a half inches, quite pliable." Ryou took the wand in his hand and in a second, it lighted up and began to shoot light silver sparks, like small fireworks. Ryou couldn't help but to chuckle at it. He saw Bakura by his side, holding the wand with him with a curious expression. Both of them felt a warm, comforting feeling. Though that feeling of comfort only lasted a few seconds since it was quickly replaced by one of dread when they both saw blood, oozing out of the walls as if a massacre had just happened. Bakura would've been happy to see this, if he was the cause, but the scene that stood before him was just freaking him out. He quickly let go of the wand and every single drop of blood disappeared.

"…" Dimitri looked at Ryou with a dumbfounded expression. "You… have a sick little mind, don't you…?" he muttered. Ryou blushed a lot.

"I… I'm sorry! I… um… it's… that… um…" Ryou stammered, trying to get himself out of such and awkward position.

"Ryou is a Seer!" Malik said in his defense. "He reads Tarot Cards a lot, and since we are in dangerous times, I bet that's why he's thinking like that. I bet that the Cards have been giving you bad and terrible readings, right Ryou?" Malik said, winking at him. Ryou just stared at Malik with a silly look on his face, but nodded slowly.

"Ah… a Seer, I see," Dimitri said, smiling softly. "That's a great talent, Bakura-san," he added. "That wand definitely suits you." Ryou smiled a bit weakly. "Next? Kaiba-san? How about you?" Dimitri said, smiling over to Seto.

"Fine… let's just get it over with," Seto muttered.

"Wand arm?"


"Good then! I'll be back in a sec!" Dimitri said as he let the magical tape measurer measure him as well. He ran toward one of the shelves again.

Seto felt a bit awkward as that 'thing' moved by itself and measured him all around. Mokuba thought it was hilarious though. The older Kaiba rolled his eyes as Mokuba giggled. Dimitri finally returned with his wand.

"Well, I don't think it will hurt to try…" Dimitri muttered to himself as he brought the wand. "I decided to go single wood and single core on you, Kaiba-san. You don't seem to have a mix of auras like your friends." Dimitri said as he showed Kaiba his wand. "It's Elmwood, with Dragon Heartstring, eleven inches, flexible," Dimitri said as he handed Kaiba the wand. Kaiba took it in his hands and opened his eyes widely when he sensed a warm, comforting feeling go throughout his whole body. The wand shot out blue and white sparks that twirled and danced as they went down, until they disappeared.

"Ah, I knew that wand would fit you, Kaiba-san," Dimitri said, rather proudly. Seto just nodded and thanked Dimitri. "Alright, I guess it's only you now, Ishtar-san. Another one of mixed auras!" Dimitri said, excitedly. "Wand arm?"

Malik smiled, feeling rather excited that he was finally going to get his wand. "Right," he said, stretching his arm to the side, so the tape measurer began to work its magic. Dimitri went back to one of the shelves and in less than a minute, returned with a wand in his hands. "Here we go: Elm and Cedar Wood, Hippogriff Fur and Dragon Whisker, ten and a half inches, pliable," Malik quickly took the wand off Dimitri's hand and it began to glow wildly. Malik grinned as he saw lavender sparks come out of the tip of the wand and began to spin around his arm until they disappeared.

"I like this—" He began to say but stayed quiet as he saw a spirit body come out of his shadow and take a hold of his wand as well. Malik looked around and he noticed that no one but him could see that shadow standing beside him. The shadow had the silhouette of Malik's worst nightmare: Yami no Malik, or Marik. He saw the Sennen Eye glow brightly on the shadows forehead, while it smiled toward Malik in a wickedly way. The shadow quickly disappeared, and Malik felt his knees shake.

Yugi noticed his friend's chance in state and reached towards him. "Malik? Are you ok?" Malik was shaking madly. "Malik! Snap out of it!" Yugi said, giving Malik a slight shake.

Ryou also noticed this and walk beside Yugi. "Malik? What's wrong? Say something!" Everyone in the store kept glancing over to Malik, with worry all over their faces.

Malik swallowed a bit and looked over to Yugi, who was very worried.

"No… it's nothing, don't worry," Malik said, standing up straight. "So yeah, how much for the wands?" he added, trying to change the topic.

"Ah… well, it's eighteen galleons for every double core and double wooden wands, and ten galleons for the normal wand," Dimitri said, smiling a bit. They all paid their respective amounts and left the van, returning to the inside of the Burrow.


Later that night, Malik was feeling uneasy. He couldn't sleep no matter how hard he tried. He softly stroked the head of his new cat, which he decided to name Leyla, which meant 'night' in Arabic. It suited it since it was completely black. Leyla was sleeping soundly on top of Malik chest as he kept thinking about what had happened inside Dimitri's store. 'He… he's back…' he thought to himself. 'Damn it! Why now? Now I'm freaking scared to go to Hogwarts without Rishid… he's the only one that can keep him under control…' Layla purred softly as he kept stroking the kitten's back. Malik looked toward the window, where Thoth slept on its cage. Thoth was Ryou's new owl, named after Thoth the Egyptian god of Wisdom. He sighed a bit.

"Can't sleep?" Malik sit up, and saw that Yugi or rather Yami, was sitting up on his bed, staring at Malik.

Malik shook his head. "No…"

"Well, do something about it, because some of us do want to sleep," the grouchy spirit of the Ring said, sitting on his bed, arms crossed. "What is wrong with you?" he asked, going straight to the point. Malik blinked a few times.

"Er… it was nothing," he lied.

"Don't lie to us, Malik. We saw the look on your face when you held onto your wand. You saw something, what was it?" Yami said, a bit of concern showing.

Malik sighed. "It… it was Marik. I saw him. He's back," He said, not daring to look into neither of his friend's faces.

Both Bakura and Yami were silent. They couldn't believe what they were hearing; that psycho Yami no Malik was back. If he ever got control of Malik's body again, it could be the end of Hogwarts.

"Well, we'll probably have to watch over you so you don't get too pissed," Bakura said, grinning a bit. Malik looked up to Bakura with an eyebrow raised.

"Wait… you still want to… you know, be with me… even if you know that… he's back?"

Yami laughed a bit. "Malik… you're taking to your partner in crime, and to a Pharaoh who can't stop talking about how important friends are… we don't really care of he's back. We'll just have to take some precautions is all." Malik couldn't help but to grin.

"You guys…" he said. If he was an overly sensitive person, he would've start crying and hugging them, but Malik wasn't like that so he contained himself.

"Yep, if things get too out of hands, I'll just curse you guys again," Yami said, crossing his arms.

"Yeah that would be a bum—wait… curse us… again?" Bakura said, raising an eyebrow.


"Wait… so… that means that… you… it was your fault that…. I mean…" Malik muttered.

"Oh, the ruby thing? Yes, that was me," Yami said, smiling a bit deviously. Bakura and Malik both began to glare at him.

"Oh you son of a--!" Bakura began to say as he suddenly threw himself toward the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, only to be hold back by Malik.

"Wait Tomb Robber! Calm down for a second!" Malik said, holding Bakura down.

"No! Let me at him! Let me rip his genitals off, to see how much he enjoys being a woman!" Bakura yelled, making both Malik and Yami wince slightly.

"Calm down!" Malik said. Bakura finally gave up and glared at Bakura. "Thank you!" Malik said and turned around to face the Pharaoh. "So… all this… evil curse… was your idea?" Yami nodded.

"So… that means that you prank us?" Malik said. Once again, Yami nodded.

"Well I'll be… our pharaoh is finally going dark!" Malik said, happily, almost too happy. Yami raised an eyebrow. "You're finally living up to your name!"

"Perhaps." Yami said, grinning. Bakura sat up, finally catching on to what they were saying.

"Ah… well if this is true, then this might work to our advantage Malik…" Bakura said, smirking evilly.

"Yes, I bet it would." Malik added. Yami just rolled his eyes.

"I'm going dark, not stupid," Yami said, crossing his arms. Both Malik and Bakura couldn't help but to laugh at that statement. After a few more minutes of arguing, exchanging insults and laughing, (and Yami stopping them from pranking Seto and Mokuba, who were sleeping) they all decided to go to bed, since next day was going to be a very important day.

It will be day that they will leave to Hogwarts.


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