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Shalimar sighed heavily as she sank into the mattress. Emma was sleeping peacefully beside her and for once she was glad she was allowed a chance to think. She listened intently to Emma for a while, then expanded her hearing to find Jesse and Brennan sleeping in front of the TV, Jesse's head on Brennan's shoulder. Adam was in the lab, though that wasn't much of a surprise. He was always in there.

Finally satisfied she wouldn't be interrupted for a while, Shalimar closed her eyes and began to remember.

Emma struggled against the restraints that kept her attached to the bed violently. Adam had put some sort of forcefield around her, keeping her psionic attacks from hitting them. Shalimar wasn't paying attention to him at the time, too busy trying to keep Emma still so Adam could run yet another test on her.

To be honest, at that point she was losing hope that Emma could even get back to normal. That she'd just be a violent puppet for the rest of her life.

'No. Don't think like that Shal..' She scolded herself. She shook her head before pushing Emma's shoulders down into the cot, trying to keep her from hurting herself with her thrashing.

"Emma calm down."

Adam walked up with a syringe in hand and Shalimar felt uneasy. He'd been taking blood, injecting formulas, doing anything that popped into his head to try to battle the governor and nothing so far had worked.

"Emma settle down already."

"No!" As he lowered the needle to her elbow she suddenly tensed and he sighed.

"Emma, please cooperate. This is for your own good."

Emma just glared at him and Shal felt guilt close around her heart as she continued to hold her down. Finally Adam just pushed the needle into her and Emma winced at the intrusion. After a few seconds Adam took the needle out and put a cap over it, sealing the blood inside. He left quickly knowing Shalimar would want to be alone with Emma for a while, to try to calm her down some. Emma glared at Shalimar, her eyes never leaving her as she gathered some rubbing alcohol, a cotton ball and bandage before sitting next to her again.

Emma watched Shalimar closely, trying to get inside her mind despite the forcefield preventing her from doing so. She couldn't figure out why the feral would put up with her, why she didn't just kill her while she had the chance. It didn't make sense that she'd take care of her as well as she was, but-Emma was surprised to discover-part of her was thankful for it. Glad even.

She mentally shook her head and continued to study the other woman. The blonde sat down on the same stool she'd been in for a while now, putting the items she'd gathered on the table next to her. She took Emma's hand in hers and pulled it closer to her, exposing the inside of her elbow in the process. Shalimar set Emma's hand down in her lap and opened the bottle of alcohol. Pressing the cotton ball against it tightly, she tilted the bottle until the cotton was soaked through and set it upright on the table.

"This is gonna sting a little..." Shalimar gently said to her like she always did. That was another thing Emma couldn't figure out. The other woman was always gentle with her-her words, her touch, she even apologized when she had to hurt her for something. It was totally confusing Emma even though she always dismissed the thoughts before she could voice them.

Emma let out a small hiss as the place the needle had been put in was wiped with the cotton ball. She glared at Shalimar, who once again was looking sorry for hurting her before she blew cool air on the spot, easing the pain slightly. She then got the bandage and carefully placed it over the wound before she smiled, radiating comforting feelings to Emma.

Emma just glared at her angrily before turning her head away. She could hear Shalimar sigh sadly but convinced herself she could care less at that point.

Shalimar put the cap back on the alcohol, throwing away the wrapper from the bandage and the cotton ball while she was at it. Jesse popped his head in then, smiling good naturedly at Shalimar before entering all the way. He nodded happily at Emma who only glared at him before he reached Shal.

"Hey, Bren and I are going to the movies. Wanted to know if you'd want to tag along." He smiled hopefully at her, wishing she'd say yes.

The whole team had tried to get her to leave the lab once in a while, Adam to get her to go to missions, Brennan to train, Jesse-well Jesse was always trying different things but nothing seemed to work. Shalimar would always decline, saying she didn't want to leave Emma alone despite the fact that Em hated her with a passion.

The only real thing that Shalimar left her to do was go on missions that were against Genomex. She was filled with hatred for them and took any opportunity to fight them because of it.
Shalimar shook her head and Jesse sighed, his hopeful look fading as he did. "I can't leave her Jesse. I'm all she really has. Adam is continually running tests on her but doesn't stick around to talk for a while, even if she just wants to threaten him, you and Bren are always off together. Playing basketball, going clubbing, making off to be alone in various rooms whenever you get a moment. I just can't ditch her. I'm sorry Jesse." He shook his head sadly.

"Yanno, if its possible, you're worse off now than you were after she died. I mean, its like you don't even have any passion left. The only times you seem to feel anything are when we're fighting GS agents or right after Emma yells at you and you run off to your room crying. Shalimar, you need to live a little." He could see she was looking guiltily back and forth between Emma and Jesse, undecided as to which she'd rather feel guilty for ditching. Jesse saw his opportunity and grabbed her hands in his, causing Emma to narrow her eyes slightly at the gesture. Shalimar noticed this and glanced at Emma apologetically before trying to take her hands out of Jesse's.

"Jesse really, I can't-"

"Shalimar. You can. Come on, we'll see a movie, hit a club or two." She still looked hesitant and he sighed. "If you want you can head home after the movie, ok?"

"Well... Ok then." Jesse smiled widely, unbelieving that he'd actually convinced her to go out. "Just let me get ready. When's it start and what movie is it?"

"Starts in about 2 hours, and its the Fantastic Four movie." Shalimar smiled in relief that they hadn't chosen something mushy-which they had been doing a lot of lately.

"Ok I'll be ready then." As soon as she was out of the room Jesse pumped his fist in the air and only stopped himself from doing a victory dance when he noticed Emma was still glaring at him. He cleared his throat and stood straight up, getting his composure back before nodding casually at Emma.

"Hey Em, hows it goin'?" She narrowed her eyes and glared at him hatefully. He sighed before sitting on the stool next to her and began to ramble about everything that had been happening in the sanctuary that she and Shalimar had missed out on.

"Brennan and I had our first date the other day." His smile widened and a dreamy look entered his eyes. "It was awesome. We went to this nice little Italian restaurant tucked away in the city. They make great Steak Pizzaiola you know." Her glare seemed to lessen a bit as he talked about him and Brennan and he continued on. "And they have this great wine list. When you're all normal again you'll have to remind me to give you the address. I'm pretty sure Shalimar would love the place."

"Jess, she comin'?" Brennan walked into the room and Jesse stood up.

"Yes she is." He smiled triumphantly and put his arm about Bren's waist.

"No way, you got her to go along?" Jesse nodded and chuckled at Brennan's amazed look. Brennan smirked at him before kissing him happily, silencing Jesse's laughter as he did so.

Brennan turned to nod at Emma, who wore a thoughtful look on her face before Jesse walked back over to sit next to her. Brennan wrapped his arms around Jesse's waist and rested his head on Jesse's shoulder. "So Emma, how are you?" Jesse smiled to himself before leaning into Brennan and closing his eyes.

"Hey guys." Shalimar greeted jauntily as she walked into the room. Shalimar had dressed herself in a midriff baring top with faded blue jeans and her favorite jacket thrown over it.

Jesse smiled at her, glad she was finally making an effort again. Brennan just looked her over appreciatively, letting out a low whistle which made Jesse swat him with a mock scowl. Even Emma was transfixed with Shalimar's appearance and for once wasn't glaring at anyone, just watching Shalimar intently.

Shalimar just smiled widely at the appreciation and gestured toward the door with her arm. "We going or what?" The guys seemed to snap out of it and they all left the room excited. Shalimar could feel Emma's eyes on her as she left the room and felt her stomach flutter at the attention.

Shalimar was woken from her reminiscing as Emma stirred next to her. Emma's eyes opened sleepily and she smiled at Shal, eyes glowing with content before snuggling into her shoulder and falling asleep again. Shalimar watched her sleep for a while before drifting off herself.

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