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Shalimar held Emma securely as she ran her hands up and down her back, every once in a while she'd place a small kiss on her neck. When Emma was finished crying the red head pulled away.

"Wanna tell me what's wrong baby?" Shalimar kept her arms wrapped around Emma's waist. Emma shook her head and Shalimar smiled assuringly at her. "You can tell me anything sweetheart." Emma remained silent. "Please?"

The team had been worried about Shalimar. Everyone could tell how much she was suffering even if she had an excellent poker face.

She'd been in the dojo a lot more, beating the programs savagely. Eating less, sleeping more, getting snippy with everyone who made any mention of Emma in any way, shape, or form.

Brennan had called a mini -meeting when Shalimar was off training a few days ago. Jesse, Adam, and Lexa had gathered around the computer counsole anxiously, arguing for a long time before finally deciding a night on the town would do the blonde some good.

So now here they were: Shalimar and Lexa were laughing loudly when they left the club, Brennan and Jesse walking behind them. The boys were tense and ready to catch either of them if their drunk asses leaned over too far and fell.

Lexa was dolled up despite her drunkeness and Jesse felt uneasy about it for some reason. Suddenly he couldn't help but think she may have had an ulterior motive when they had all decided on clubbing.

He wasn't blind. He could tell Lexa had a thing for Shalimar. He just didn't figure she'd ever do something so low as to wait until Shalimar was in heart-wrenching pain before making any kind of move.

Shaking the thoughts away he and Brennan helped the girls into the car.

Lexa and Shalimar were still leaning all over each other when the entered Sanctuary. Shalimar knew she'd have a pounding headache in the morning but was thankful she'd at least get a few hours of not thinking about her Emma being gone forever.

Shalimar swallowed the lump in her throat and Lexa pulled them into the living room.

Emma gave one final tug and the first of the restraints was yanked loose. She smiled widely at her success before realizing she'd either need a key to get the rest of them undone or she'd have to just start yanking like she did on the first one which was time consuming. She sighed in frustration before a the soft sound of feet coming towards her made her freeze.

In the hallway three figures clad in black approached the lab door. Emma thought briefly of calling out for help but dismissed the thought. Somehow she knew these strangers were here for her but they'd get her loose.

And then she'd find Lexa.

In Jesse's room, same time...
Jesse watched Brennan hunt through his drawers for a t-shirt intently. The concentration written on Bren's face made the molecular smile softly to himself before he got up and stood behind him. Reaching around Brennan Jesse snatched up a black t-shirt and pressed it against his chest.

Brennan grinned widely before tossing the shirt onto the bed. Brennan suddenly put his hands on Jesse's hips, drawing him closer and into a passionate kiss.

Whatever thoughts and concerns were floating through Jesse's head about Lexa's intentions with the woman he considered a sister vanished in an instant and he pressed himself fully against Brennan's bare chest.

Living room...
Lexa laughed loudly at something Shalimar said that wasn't even remotely funny but neither seemed to care at the moment. Lexa suddenly stopped laughing, raking her eyes up and down Shalimar slowly in a seductive -yet very drunk -manner.

Shalimar noticed the attention after a bit and blushed. "Lexa... I don't-" She paused, looking for the words. She knew the dark haired woman hadn't suspected that Shalimar knew about her attraction to the feral, but Shalimar was all to aware. "Look Lex, I know you like me and all but I don't..." Shalimar paused to take a deep breath. "I love Emma." She shut her eyes tightly to block out what she knew would be the sight of a most likely broken -hearted woman. "I'm sor-" Shalimar was silenced by Lexa's lips crashing into hers in an intense kiss.

Emma smiled in satisfaction as the last of the restraints were removed. The three men who had helped her motioned for her to leave with them quietly but she shook her head. She needed to find Lexa and fast.

They sighed but when she left to search for the molecular they trailed behind her in the shadows. They hadn't had to search long before Shalimar's voice -somewhat slurred -could be heard in the living room. Emma picked up her pace and paused outside the door.

"Look Lex, I know you like me and all but I don't..." Emma felt relief consume her. "I love Emma." Her heart froze before it began to pound in her ears. At that moment Emma realized she had somehow let herself fall for the feral, the blondes words making it easier for her to admit for some reason. 'But how? I've been brought back to kill her...'

Shalimar's words from the first night she had visited her came back to Emma now, loud and clear. 'I miss you Emma...' Emma had passed it off then as just something Shalimar was rambling about, but now wasn't so sure.

'Did we know each other? Before all this?' Emma closed her eyes tightly as if in pain. 'Yes. Yes we did...Of course we did...'

Images began passing before her closed eyes-Shalimar smiling at her in the darkness, the moon lighting her face intensifying her beauty wonderfully; Jesse catching them together when Emma was supposed to be working; Shalimar and Emma snuggling in their room watching one of the many romantic comedies Emma had that Shalimar hated but had agreed to watch for Emma; Her final mission with Mutant X when she had been killed... Hundreds of images and memories flashed in her mind and Emma felt the hot prickling return with a vengeance before fading away.

Suddenly she felt nothing but shock. Shock that she was alive, shocked with how she had acted to her feral -she just couldn't believe her luck Shal had put up with her. Now that she remembered she was just apalled with herself.

"I'm sor-" Emma frowned as she tuned back into the conversation and stuck her head around the corner. Her eyes widened as she saw Lexa pinning a very shocked Shalimar to the couch in an intense kiss. Emma's fists clenched and she marched right into the room.

Shalimar was left paralyzed with shock as Lexa continued to kiss her. She willed herself to move away and began to push feebly at her with the urgency increasing on every push, not wanting to hurt her but wanting Lexa to get away from her.

"Get your hands off my girlfriend!" Lexa finally got off of her, snapping her attention to Emma standing in the doorway. Three men dressed in black clothes -and confused expressions -flanked her.

Lexa's eyes narrowed before she sent a beam of light straight at Emma. The psionic dodged to the left and sent a psionic attack at the molecular forcing her to back off. The two regained their footing and stood in a standoff situation, each waiting for the other to make the first move.

Shalimar was still in shock over the kiss before she realized what Emma had said. She smiled weakly with hope -and tears -shining in her eyes.

"Emma?" Emma nodded and Shalimar moved toward her but was stopped by Lexa's voice.

"Wait! You don't know if she's really Emma again. What if she's just faking it? She'll kill you." Shalimar stopped completely and tossed a curious look to Lexa over her shoulder. Turning back she saw Emma's eyes pleading with her but knew the molecular had a point.

Cocking her head to the side and crossing her arms, Shalimar thought for a few moments. "She's got a point Em." Emma's jaw nearly dropped at the statement.

"Oh come on Shal! It's me, really!"

"Prove it. I'll ask you something. Answer wrong and you're going right back into the lab -whether you like it or not." Emma nodded eagerly at her and Shalimar paused again to think while Lexa sighed in annoyance.

"Even if she does give the right answer who to say she isn't just guessing?" Shalimar's jaw clenched in irritation -and in an effort to delay the onset of a migraine.

"Lexa -just quit it for a minute, all right?" Emma raised her eyebrows at Lexa in a taunting manner and Shalimar nearly laughed aloud. The black clad minions shifted anxiously while Shalimar thought.

"Emma?" Shalimar asked, making Emma stare straight into her eyes. Shalimar grinned mischeivously. "When we were interrupted-"

"Whoa! Don't ask something like that!" Lexa shouted, seething at the reminder that Emma and Shalimar had been together long before Lexa had met them.

Shalimar rounded on her, flashing her eyes to silence her. Lexa visibly shrank. Glaring at her for another few moments Shalimar turned back to Emma. "Who interrupted us the most often?"

Instantly Emma responded with, "Adam." Shalimar smiled hopefully and took a few steps forward.

"And who knew about us?"

"Jesse of course." Emma smirked at Shalimar and spoke the next part loud enough for Lexa to hear. "You just couldn't wait until later and he walked in on us." Emma frowned at the ground as she remembered, not noticing Shalimar creeping up to her. "Broke my favorite mug too..." She looked up and was startled to see Shalimar standing right in front of her. Before she could get a word in Shalimar had closed the distance between them.

Shalimar kissed Emma urgently, not caring who else was there. Shalimar couldn't be bothered with the evil minions behind Emma or the crushed Lexa behind herself. All that mattered was that Emma was back and herself once again.

After a few minutes one of the minions cleared his throat uncomfortably. Shalimar broke the kiss long enough to shoot him an annoyed glance, never once letting go of Emma.

"DeLauro, we have to get back. Eckhart is waiting." He shifted from foot to foot as he said this. Emma was about to speak when Lexa rudely shoved them apart and belted Emma across the face. Shalimar's eyes widened and the minions took the silent cue. Soon a full fledged brawl had started between them.

Brennan smiled into the kiss, loving the feel of Jesse's fingernails scratching into his back. He traced patterns down Jesse's spine before pulling back and taking Jesse's shirt off. Their lips found each other like magnets as soon as the shirt was tossed to the floor. Brennan pulled Jesse down and laid half on top of him on the bed, never breaking contact.

Soon pants were being removed and Brennan paused with one of his legs still in the jeans. Jesse made an impatient noise and Brennan shushed him.

"Do you hear that?" They both listened intently for a few moments and could make out sounds of fighting. They looked at each other before scrambling sloppily to get back into their clothes.

Shalimar ducked a punch easily from one of them and caught the fist of another as it came flying at her head. She kicked the first guy -who somehow reminded her of Moe from the three stooges -in the ribs and he grunted before falling back to the floor.

Turning to the guy who's hand she had caught -clearly the Curly of the operation -she back handed him across the face and he stumbled away. Shalimar looked around to see Emma and Lexa duking it out a short distance away but the third stooge was nowhere in sight.

Shalimar frowned but stumbled forward as stooge number three -Larry -kicked her in the back. All three were back up and ready to fight and her eyes flashed dangerously at them.

They faltered and it was all she needed. She jumped up and kicked the outside ones before landing in front of Moe and punching him in the stomach. He doubled over her fist and she lifted him before throwing him into Curly. The two of them fell to the ground and stayed there before getting up to their feet slowly with a groan.


Emma slammed her fist into Lexa's stomach, knocking the wind out of the other woman. Lexa fell to the ground as Emma's foot kicked her square in the chest. Emma turned to see Shalimar backhand one of the minions and smiled.

The soft glow of a light made her frown and turn to see Lexa was up and sporting a dangerously murderous look on her face. She dove to the side and narrowly missed the beam of light that had been shot at her.

"She would have been mine you know." Lexa said as she stepped closer to the psionic. "If you hadn't decided to go and remember she would have fallen for me. Eventually."

Emma stood up and shot a psi attack at her, making the dark haired woman stumble backwards. "She never would have been yours. Not entirely. She loves me. I know it."

"Do you?" was all Lexa said before she disappeared from sight. Emma blinked and turned around trying to find her. "She didn't exactly shove me away when I kissed her, did she?" Lexa punched the Emma in the jaw when she paused to think on that and sent her stumbling away. Emma shot a psi -attack where she was punched from but Lexa had already moved.

"Face it hun, she'd have gotten over you eventually." Lexa lifted her leg to kick Emma in the stomach as she whirled around. "Hell, she still might get over you." She struck her leg out and emphasized the blow with the words, "And I'll be right here when she does."

Emma caught her leg just as hit connected with her and brought Lexa down with her. Startled, Lexa became visible again and Emma shot a powerful psi -attack at her to keep her visible. They both got up moments later and Emma shot Lexa an angry look.

"You're wrong." Emma punched her across the face viciously. "She'll never want you." Emma stretched her hand out before glancing over to see how Shalimar was doing.

Back to Shal...

Larry was up and watching Shalimar warily before deciding he'd be better off running. Curly and Moe at this point had just gotten up and were running wildly for the door in full retreat mode.

Shalimar almost laughed but had just caught sight of Emma punching Lexa's lights out with a well placed right hook. Shal winced in sympathy for the dark haired woman -having been on the receiving end of that punch she couldn't help but feel sorry for her even though she had pounced her only minutes earlier.

Shalimar smiled and walked over to Emma, wrapping her arms around her once again and leaning their foreheads together.

Moments later running footsteps came from the hall and Jesse and Brennan were in the doorway panting.

"What happened? Are you guys ok? We heard fighting." Jesse said between breaths.

"What is she doing lose?" Brennan asked nervously with a nod towards Emma.

Shalimar smiled with authentic happiness -completely ignoring Jesse and Brennan's defensive stances -and tightened her grip on Emma. "She's back, that's what she's doing here." Shalimar led her and Emma from the living room only to pause at the doorway. "Make sure she understands, ok Jess?" He nodded and Shalimar gave Jesse a smirk and he narrowed his eyes in confusion. "Nice pants by the way Jess." He looked down at himself and was embarassed to find they were on backwards -and also not even his pants. Emma pulled Shalimar from the room with a laugh and Jesse blushed.

Brennan joined in on the laughter then moved to pick Lexa up to take her to the lab while Jesse called up Adam on the com-ring.

"It's just... I don't want you go hang around Lexa is all. I can feel what she feels Shalimar." Emma's eyes held a cold look as she spoke. "She still loves you Shal. And I don't know if..."

"If what baby?" Shalimar sat on her haunches before Emma, looking up into her eyes.

"I don't know if... If you might one day just decide to up and leave me..." Emma's tears came back full force and Shalimar laughed as she wiped them away. Emma glared at her with a hurt expression. "What's so damn funny?"

"Nothing it's just... that's all? That's what's been eating you up inside? You think I'll leave you?" Emma nodded weakly and Shalimar placed her hand under Emma's chin, making sure their eyes were locked. "I'll never leave you Emma. Never. You tried to kill me for a while there and I didn't leave you, did I?" Emma shook her head.

"But why do you always make a point of speaking to her whenever she stops in?" Shalimar looked away biting her lip as she thought about how to respond to that. Emma felt tears well up in her eyes as she expected the worst -that Shalimar was going to tell her she was lying and they had to split up.

"About that... Well. I was planning on doing this in a more romantic setting." Emma gave Shalimar a confused look. "I mean Jesse's room isn't exactly the worst place for this -some candles and red wine wouldn't hurt-"

"Shalimar, what is it?" A lop -sided grin made its way onto Shalimar's face.

"It's an alchoholic beverage that's red in color, but that's not important right now." Emma smacked her on the shoulder with a laughfor making such a lame joke but her laughter died in her throat as Shalimar fished around in her pocket for something. She cocked her head to the side with a curious look. "Emma... I love you. And I don't want to leave your side, ever. I want to stay with you forever. So I guess what I'm asking is... Will you marry me?"

Emma was speechless and Shalimar waited patiently before opening a little black box to reveal a silver ring with a beautiful diamond in it. Emma reached into the box, feeling like her heart was about to explode. Tears fell down her face and she started nodding. Shalimar smile was ear -to -ear and she grabbed Emma up in a tight hug before pulling back to kiss her.

Shalimar slipped the ring onto Emma's finger gently. Shalimar went to kiss her again but Emma evaded her with a mildly confused look."Wait, so what did this have to do with Lexa?" Shalimar pouted at Emma's dodging but answered her anyway.

"Lexa helped me pick out the ring. She came over a while ago and I figured you still be sore over the whole kiss incident so we used the opportunity to design and pick out a ring. I always went to 'Say hi' to see if it was in yet. And luckily today it was." Emma started laughing at her own jealousy as she now saw how foolish it really was.

"Why would she do that? Wouldn't she be 'sore' over you and me?" Shalimar shrugged.

"She wanted to make up for it, apologize. After a while of sending her away I figured I might as well get her help. I couldn't get one of the guys to go with me. Word would -eventually -get back to you and ruin the surprise. So when Lexa offered, I accepted."

"Sneaky..." Emma kissed Shalimar with a smile before pulling back with a small frown on her face. "I guess I owe her an apology then huh?" Shalimar nodded before grabbing Emma's hand in hers and leading her to the door.

"Come on, we'll go let everyone know first ok?" Emma smiled before pulling on Shalimar's hand and kissing her softly yet passionately on the lips.

"Ok. I'm ready now."

As Emma opened the door she couldn't help but feel like she was finally where she was meant to be, with the person who she was meant to be with and she suddenly knew that whatever happened in the future -good or bad -it would be ok as long as Shalimar was by her side.


End note: Soooo... What ya think? Also, I know this is most likely cut off sounding but I have no idea how to continue with this BUT, if someone wanted to write a sequel or something to make up for that it would be totally cool by me, just lemme know cuz I'd like to read it. :)