Chapter One: Found You! Uh…So….

The exile ran through the streets of Nar Shadaa, ignoring the pouring rain and the complaints from her two friends she had chosen to come with her, Atton and Mira. She was using her arms to help her run, and her pretty blonde short hair was now in pieces and stuck down to her head. Her Makutai robes were enduring the rain quite well, since she had worn them through worse things.

"Eh, Reese? Why are we running so fast through the pounding rain?" Atton asked, covering his eyes so they wouldn't get blurry.

"Can't explain that right now, I just know something's out there, though." The exile answered. She grabbed a hold of a light pole and used it to make a sharp turn into the Refugee Sector.

Ever since Reese and the others had gotten through with Nar Shadaa and found the Jedi Master they needed, the Exchange had totally laid off of the Refugees. Instead, the walking squid had left everything to Goto and left the Exchange.

"How much longer do we have to run?" Mira asked. "We're going to get sick!"

"No we won't; trust me on this! We're almost there!" Reese ran passed all of the refugees who were getting soaked in the rain as well and bolted into the building.

She didn't stop running once she was in the building, she went faster. There was something on this planet, something she knew well, but she couldn't place her finger on it. But she knew it well enough to know it was in trouble. And she cared about it enough to run for her life.

She ran into the Serrocco area of the sector and stopped running.

"Ah! Thank you!" Atton laid his hands on his knees and began breathing.

"Wait, don't you hear that, Atton?" Mira asked. "Listen past the rain."

"She's right, Atton. Listen. That's it!" Reese began running again.

"It's just lightsaber sounds. Wait—another Jedi?" Atton took off after Reese.

Reese pulled out her two lightsabers and ran towards the battle of six on one. Six people with vibroblades against a hooded someone with two lightsabers, and the lightsabers were greatly succeeding.

"Hey!" Reese shouted. "That's not nice." She jumped into the battle and began fighting off the people too.

"We'll help!" Atton turned on his double-bladed lightsaber and joined the fight, slashing at anything. Mira didn't say anything, she just came in.

Finally the six people were beaten down to the ground and vandalized.

"Thanks a lot for your help—" The woman's voice stopped as she took off her hood and shook out her long brown hair. "G-General?"

Reese went pale at the woman's face. She stWillowred the next words.

"R-Revan? I-Is that you?" The woman nodded. She added, "By Becca's Blade!"

The two hugged and began talking.

"How have you been after the Wars? I was so worried after you left!"

"I'd have thought you'd've been worried about my power more than my welfare."

"Well you can't fight with a dead Jedi, that's what I always say. But I did worry about you."

"I wandered around for the longest time!"

"I know, I heard. I even saw you once. You weren't in a condition to talk, though."

"Hey!" Atton screamed. "I'd hate to stop the little love-fest, but it's raining."

"No problem." Revan said, smiling. She pressed a button on her wrist watch and said, "Transit back."

The four people disappeared in a blink of an eye. They appeared back in front of the Ebon Hawk.

"There we are." Revan turned around and faced the ship. "By Becca's Blade," She stuttered. "Where did you get this ship, General?"

"We stole it to get off of the Peragus Mining Field." Reese answered. "Along with a little T3 unit that—"

"T! He's alive!" Revan ran into the ship.

"Hey! That's our ship!" Atton screamed, following. Reese and Mira followed too.

"T?" Revan's voice rang through the ship. "T3-M4? Where are you?"

"Excuse me, who are you?" The Disciple asked, standing her way.

"My name is Willow, now move aside." She said.

"I thought you name was—" Atton tried to say.

"It depends on when they knew me, really." Revan said.

"I like that name too, though." Reese placed a hand on her chin and rubbed it.

"Yeah, me too." Revan smiled again.

A blaster dropped as Mondalore came out of the main hold.

"No way…." He said. "I thought I'd never see you again!"

"Candorous?" Revan squealed. "You're alright! I haven't seen you in years!"

"Mandalore, you know her?" Atton, Mira, and Disciple asked.

"Of course I do!" Mandalore sounded insulted. "She used to own this ship! I helped her steal it from Davik. What a time that was…."

Beeping came from behind Mandalore as T3-M4 pushed through the crowd.

"I knew it!" Revan knelt down and hugged the machine. "I knew you'd be here! I knew it! Are you ok? Had the General treated you well?"

The machine beeps its answer, making Revan smile.

"I knew she would. She's a good person like that."

"Query: Is there some reason as to why everyone is crowded around the entrance?"

Revan pushed past Disciple and followed the voice to HK-47.

"Excited Exclamatory: Master! Where have you been all this time? Do you know why I was shut down all of a sudden back then?" The droid asked.

"You were shut down? By who? Did any data get destroyed?" Revan asked.

"Bemused Answer: My assassination protocols were shut down, but that's nothing you can't fix, master." HK said.

"Revan, you were HK-47's master? Why didn't he tell me that?" Reese asked.

"You're Revan?" Disciple and Bao-Dur, who had just arrived, asked at the same time.

"The one and only." Revan bowed. She stood up and thought about something. "Well, I shouldn't keep you waiting. I've got to get to Corousant."

"That's where we were heading when Reese made us stop and go back to Nar Shadaa because she felt something." Atton sulked.

"So you're staying with us!" Reese grabbed a hold of her superior's arm. "If we're going to the same place, then there's no need to split up!"

"I won't be much of a burden?" Revan asked.

"No, not at all! And you can explain that navi-computer to us; it's been giving us trouble since we got the thing started." Bao-Dur insisted.

"Alright then," Revan said. "I'll stay."


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