Chapter Eleven: I'm Your Enemy Now

"Masa?" Atton repeated. "Mical, she's fourteen!"

"I'm aware of that, be sure." Mical shook his head, leaning against the main hold wall.

"Revan's going to have a field day." Atton held his head in his hands.

"Don't think that didn't cross my mind, either." Mical snapped.

He's serious. Atton gawked. You don't lie about liking someone in high stature and sound that anxious about it. This is… this is huge!


Visas wasn't in her regular meditation position, cross-legged in the middle of the floor. She sat up against the steel wall, staring at the floor.

That child kept running through her mind. She seemed so calm about the whole situation. Too calm. She didn't know the casualties of war. She didn't know what she was getting into. Everyone else on the ship was a little nervous, though Atton and Mical were both a little too tense about another matter concerning Masa Tekka.

Maybe Visas should show her the map of Nar Shadaa, a vision or two of what was there, and Visas's strategy for winning against the Quarrens of the Exchange. That in itself would put the fear of war into the child.

But would Revan approve of that? Scaring a child into not going into a battle may be wise, but Masa was important to Revan in ways Visas would never understand. The two had a connection, that was for sure.

"I can at least show her the map of Nar Shadaa. If she's anything like Revan, she could have a few good ideas in her head." Visas thought out loud. She stood and made her way to the medical room, deliberately avoiding Atton and Mical, who were in a hot conversation over infatuations. Feh. The thought of love in Visas's mind was as ridiculous as a gizka with a broken leg.

"Masa?" Visas met the child's eyes. She was sitting on the medical table, swinging her legs back and forth timidly. She paled as Visas watched her. "You are going to be thrown into a full-blown war in a few weeks, and I would like to help in preparing you for the shock. May I show you a few maps of Nar Shadaa?" She bowed lightly at Masa.

Masa's eyes bulged as her mind raced. What should she do? Obviously the woman meant no harm. And she did want to know more about the refugee's planet. She shrugged.

"Sure." She jumped off of the table and followed Visas into the main hold. She watched Mical as he turned quickly to her, not making eye-contact. Behind him was Atton, who was shaking his head and smirking. The two were getting along! Masa smiled at Atton, who finally caught her eye.

In the cockpit, Visas pulled up the large map of Nar Shadaa, including the Serrocco and the Exchange grounds.

"This right here is where all the refugees are locked up." Visas circled a part of the map with her finger. Masa nodded. "Those are the people who we're trying to protect."

"So who are we fighting?" Masa asked. Visas moved her hand to another part of the map; above the Refugee Sector and to the left slightly.

"This is where the head Quarren, Quarta, is. He's the Quarren who tried to capture you. He's planning to use all of his Gammoreans and other members of the Exchange—" She paused here to circle the whole upper-left section, watching Masa's eyes bulge once more. "To make the refugees down here join their side of the battle."

"So who controls the planet? Aren't we helping them also?" Masa raised an eyebrow. Visas nodded, pulling her finger out of the Refugee Sector and placing it below and just off to the left a bit.

"This is the Bounty Hunter's territory. They control the planet. They let the refugees do what they need to do and make their money off of Outer Rim and Republic bounties who come to Nar Shadaa to hide."

There was shouting coming their way. Visas stood in front of Masa, who shrunk onto the computer behind her. Two people ran into the room, shouting in a different dialect that Masa had ever heard.

And she understood every word of it.


When Masa left the room Mical sighed.

"This is ridiculous, I know." He moaned, hiding his face. "And I don't want to, I just do!"

"But little Mashie, Mical. Oh, Revan's going to—"


"Oh, it's nothing." Atton paled, trying to look like it was an honest nickname he'd just come up with.

"It's something, Atton. What is it?" Mical crossed his arms.

"Let's just say this isn't the first time I've seen the girl, okay?" Atton shrugged.

The shouting came abruptly through their path, as if the two arguers didn't even notice them there. Mical and Atton glanced at each other and bolted for the cockpit.


Carth was more than a little relieved that Revan had allowed him the choice of following her to the Outer Rim. Of course he was going to go with her. He was also going to gather up troops and in the time it takes them to get organized and to Nar Shadaa, the battle will have started.

What had miffed him slightly was the way Reese was so eager to talk to him away from Revan.

The ex-Sith Lord boarded the Ebon Hawk shortly before Carth, who was stopped by Reese. She grabbed his elbow and tugged roughly at him. He turned and stared at her, a little surprised.

"Yes?" He asked. "Is something wrong?"

"Uh, could I talk to you?" She answered his question with a question. She glanced around to try and see anyone watching. "Away from people?"

Carth nodded, following Reese off of the boarding ramp of the Hawk and into a nearby building.

"What can I do for you?" He asked, crossing his arms.

"Well, could you give me a list of people who have access to the recent historical records? Everyone who was on this planet during the Sith attack." Reese clarified. She kept her gaze to the ground.

"Sure," Carth sighed. He was glad it wasn't anything serious. He slapped his thigh. "I'll have it to you before we take off for Nar Shadaa."

Reese nodded, ushering Carth out of the building and back toward the ship.

"Thank you." Reese entered the ship.

Her lightsabers flew to her hands at the sound of shouting. She glanced around, trying to find the cause. It wasn't in the garage, maybe it was in the main hold.

The shouting definitely wasn't in Galactic Basic. She ran into the main hold. Nothing. But it sounded closer. It was in the cockpit.

"What's that?" Carth asked, following Reese. "It sounds like someone shouting in Mandalorian."

Mandalorian? Could Mandalore have gotten into a fight with someone? No, it couldn't be. Reese didn't sense the man on the ship. Reese ran to the front of the ship, where a crowd had gathered. Atton and Mical stood to the right of the door, trying to get as far from them as possible, while Masa and Visas stood in utter shock at the front.

There stood Revan and Mira, yelling at each other in Mandalorian.


Revan had just gotten onto the ship when Mira stormed up to her. She had a look of complete rage. Her fists were clenched together.

"What's wrong with you?" Revan asked, backing up slightly. Mira took a deep breath.

"You told that child about Mandalorian enslavement?" She shouted. Revan gasped. "What is your problem? Are you trying to get me mad? Because guess what? It worked!"

Revan gawked, her mouth dropping and her eyes widening.

"Who are you to tell me what I tell Masa?" She asked.

"That's personal and you know it!" Mira cried.

"Not just to you. Everyone on this ship has something to do with Mandalorians. Isn't that odd?" Revan placed a finger on her chin. "I should check into that…."

"Don't change the subject, Revan." Mira spat. Revan glowered at her.

"I told her nothing that she couldn't have found out herself, Mira." She managed, controlling to keep her calm.

"You're full of it, you know that?" Mira sneered. "You're just so full of yourself and Carth that you don't care about anyone else."

"Like you are now?" Revan instantly regretted speaking.

"You make me sick!" Mira started shaking. She turned from the garage and walked off.

"Now hold on a minute, Mira!" Revan called, following her into the cockpit. Masa and Visas were looking over a map of Nar Shadaa when the pair stormed in. Visas protectively stood in front of Masa and pressed the child against the wall. "I've been trying to both keep my distance and be as polite as possible to you, so what the hell are you doing? Masa wanted to know about the Mandalorian War, and I told her."

"You didn't have to!" Mira switched languages. Obviously, she didn't want anyone to know what they were screaming about.

Child, be careful. You're speaking Mandalorian now.

I will be.

"Just because you don't trust the world with your life doesn't mean I can't tell anything about you!" Revan shouted in the same language. Atton and Mical ran into the room, staying against the wall.

"Who said I didn't trust the world?" Mira shouted back.

"Who said? Who didn't say?" Revan retaliated. "You haven't trusted anyone since the fall of Ordon V, Mira!"

"The fall of Ordon V was your fault, if I remember correctly!" Mira called back. "I of all people should remember! You used me to get into the palace!"

"I did not do that, for the last time! At least, I wouldn't have had to if you were like every other slave and left well enough alone." Revan countered.

"I was following orders. You lead the other slaves to their doom. I was the only one who saw the danger in what you did."

"Did I involve any slaves in my mission? No! I asked them to not get in the way and they complied! In return, I set them free." Revan crossed her arms.

"They were traitors."

"They were slaves, Mira. Not every Mandalorian slave liked the Mandalorians. I was just one of the ones who had the courage to escape."

"Right, and I'm the new Sith Lord." Mira rolled her eyes. "You didn't even stop at escaping; you went and blew up the capital!"

"And it eventually stopped them from taking over more worlds in the Outer Rim, Mira! Force, listen to me! What I did was for the good of everyone there! Had I let Ordon V prosper, Dxun would have been attacked long before I became an actual Jedi and we would have lost the war!" Revan ran her fingers through her hair in frustration. "I didn't have to do it, anyway. It was Kreia's job!"

Mira blanched, her eyes widening.

"Kreia?" She repeated. "You know Kreia?"

"Know her? She was my Master." Revan shrugged. "When she helped me escape, she promised me a way off the planet if I helped her."

"Well now I can see why you fell." Mira chided. Revan started.

"What?" She growled.

Calm down, Child.

"You heard me! Kreia was an evil hag who manipulated everyone on this ship for a year and a half! She was the reason we had to go to Malachor!" Mira began shouting again.

Well, I love you too, Mira.

That's not funny, Kreia.

"You're blind if you think that's what she was. Kreia did the same thing that I did. Don't you dare talk about her like that until you know the whole story!" Revan snarled. Carth and Reese ran into the room now. Carth stood in raw shock at the sight of Revan in a full-blown argument in Mandalorian. He stayed a few steps out of reach from her lightsaber, yet in a position to block any threatening blows.

"You're still siding with that woman? You're just an evil as the day you blew up Ordon V." Mira glowered.

"Would you rather I had not blown up Ordon V and have the Mandalorian clan there take over the Republic? Do you love the Mandalorians that much?" Revan asked. "I left you there because you didn't want to leave. I had to get into the palace, and you're just lucky that the Mandalorians don't like losing any slaves. I am sorry, Mi, for what I did, I truly am."

"Don't call me 'Mi' anymore, Revan. I'm not your friend." Mira shut her eyes, chocking back tears. "You put a vibrodagger to my throat, Revan. How can I forgive that?"

"You didn't want to be set free, and you had already reported my presence. They would have caught me if I didn't. I am sorry that I did it, Mira. I did not want to, and Kreia was certainly against it."

"Do you still look up to the old hag? She tried to kill Reese, you know. She blackmailed Atton, she brainwashed Mical, and she set Hanharr back on me. She's an evil woman. And now she's dead."

"She may be dead, Mira. But she's not evil. She never was. Had she not done what she did, many more would have died before Reese could have found me on Nar Shadaa." Revan clarified. "I would tell you the whole story, 'Mi', but you wouldn't listen."

"It's hard to listen to a murderer." Mira spat again. Revan's temper flared once more.

"You honestly believe that I'm evil?" She asked.

"Revan, I knew you were evil the moment the dagger touched my throat." Mira countered. Revan groaned loudly.

"You're such a hypocrite." She growled.


"You heard me. You accuse me of killing, of being a menace to the world. But what have you been doing these last few years? Picking flowers?"

"Do not try to compare the two of us, Revan."

"Trust me, I'm not. You couldn't hold a candle to me."

"You tried to destroy the Republic! How can that be good? You said that destroying Ordon V was a good thing, was killing the Republic another thing on the 'noble list'?" Mira circled Revan accusingly.

"I didn't try to destroy the Republic, Mira. That was Malak."

"You fell to the Dark Side! You're a traitor to the Mandalorians, you're a traitor to the Republic, you're a traitor to the Jedi a million times over, and now you're a traitor to the Sith."

"Do not say that again." Revan backed up. "I did not fall. I lied."

"That makes a world of difference." Mira crossed her arms. "You're evil, okay? You were born evil, you'll die evil." A cunning smirk flew across Mira's face as Revan paled slightly. "What was it that the Mandalorians on Ordon V called you during your rampage?"

"What are you talking about?" Revan raised an eyebrow, straightening.

"Oh, you know, that name the Mandalorians gave you when you set the bomb in the palace."

"Not that word." Revan tightened her fists. Mira simply smirked, enjoying the woman's fear.

"Why not? It's a great word."

"Mira, don't say it." Revan switched back to Basic. She stepped backward.

"Oh, I think the name still remains, Revan."

"Don't say it, Mira!" Revan pointed a crooked finger at Mira. "I'm warning you!"

"Peryedeateel." Mira sneered. Revan fought to control her anger. She pushed Mira up to the wall with the two men, separating Mical from Atton. She ignited one of her lightsabers and held it up to Mira's throat. The purple lightsaber hummed excitedly as Mira planted herself firmly against the wall.

"Just like old times, eh?" Mira glowered.

"No." Revan countered. "Last time I did not have such a desire to kill you."

Take a deep breath, Revan. You do not want to do this.

I know I don't.

Then why are you?

I… don't know….

Remove your hand, Revan.

I can't. It won't let go….

Revan's hand began shaking as she tried to let the lightsaber go.

"Willow, that's enough!" Carth called. He brought her back to her right mind. She blinked, stepping backward. Her lightsaber clicked off disappointedly and Revan, too shocked to do anything, dropped it. She turned and ran from the room.


Carth bolted after Revan, determined to keeping up with her. He was afraid she'd bolt out of the ship ramp and he'd never see her again. However, Revan turned to one of the dorm rooms and bolted the door shut, blocking out even Carth. He pounded on the door.

"Willow," He called. "Open the door, please."

No answer.

"Willow, please, open the door."


"At least let me know you're still alive." Carth begged. A sniff came out of the locked room. Revan was crying. "There's a start." Carth's feeble attempt to make Revan laugh failed. "Want to let me in?"

She won't, you know.

Carth had gotten used to the voice by now, and wasn't as startled at it anymore. He moaned.

And why not? He snarled.

There is no need to get testy at me about it; it was Mira who called her the peryedeateel.

"Willow, I'm not leaving until this door opens." He promised. She didn't reply. He shrugged, sitting against the wall.

Want to tell me what a peryedeateel is?

It is a Mandalorian word, you surely know. What you may not know is that this word has plagued Revan since her Padawan days.

That tells me everything I need to know.

There's that testy voice again, boy. Do not direct your anger at me, for it will gain you nothing.

Very well, who can I point it at?

The one who called her the name.


No reply.

Carth growled. What was it with people and not answering him? He tapped the dorm door lightly with his index finger.

"I'm still here, Willow. Open the door anytime you want to talk." He called.


Reese stared at Revan, wide eyed, as she ran out of the room. She'd held a lightsaber to Mira's throat! And what was that, "Just like old times," thing about? She shook the thought from her mind and focused on Mira, who was rubbing her throat and sitting in the co-pilot chair.

"You going to tell us what that was about?" Atton asked, sitting in the pilot seat.

"Not particularly." Mira shrugged. "Just setting the record straight for her."

"Why were you shouting in Mandalorian?" Reese asked. Mira smirked.

"You knew it was Mandalorian but couldn't understand it?" She shot back. Reese shrugged.

"I took out my translation implant yesterday for a while. I guess I'd better put it back in."

"Enough small talk." Atton growled. "I want to know what happened, why Revan pulled the knife on Mira, and what set off the Jedi."

Masa gasped. "The knife…." She murmured. "Vibrodagger. Visradriga. Ordon V, I've read that somewhere…." She glared at Mira. "What did you do to her?" She stood behind a miffed Visas. Visas side-stepped the child so she could get a clear view of Mira. "All those things you said…. Is it true? You were the hostage of the six year old who blew up the palace of Ordon V?"

"Are you saying you understood that?" Mira pointed behind her chair to where Revan had been standing.

"You called her a peryedeateel. What did she do to deserve that?" Masa was growing angry.

"What does that mean?" Mical asked. He was ignored.

"Just something that happened when we were younger than you." Mira waved off the child.

"What a load of garbage. I understood enough of that to know what was going on. Why would you still be angry with her when she stopped the Mandalorians?" Masa snapped. She clenched her fists together.

"It doesn't concern you." Mira pressed.

"Was it because she put a vibrodagger to your neck? All of this hate from a six year old's grudge?" Masa bristled up to the woman.

"Masa," Mical started, attempting to pull her away from the room. Masa jerked her arm away.

"Don't 'Masa' me. You didn't understand the conversation; you didn't hear what Mira called Revan." Masa growled at Mical, who flinched.

"This doesn't concern you, Masa." Mira snapped.

"Whatever." She passed a glare from Mical to Atton, then a nasty look when she reached Reese, saying, "Why didn't you help me? Help her; help someone! You just sat there." Angered, she stormed out of the cockpit.


Revan sat in the farthest corner from the door, her knees brought up to her chest and her arms around her head. Her elbows rested lightly on her knees. The taste of tears filled her mouth as she allowed the tears to cascade down. She ignored the pounding on the door, but stopped to listen whenever Carth spoke.

"Willow, please open the door."

No. I won't. I won't!

"I'm not leaving until you open this door."

Go ahead and sit there, then.

Now, dear one, that's not very nice.

I don't feel very nice right about now.

He's really concerned.


Revan! The biting tone scolded Revan as she flinched.

I'm sorry…. I'm just a little upset.

You shouldn't let you affect you.

I shouldn't, I know, but somehow I do.

Take a deep breath and calm down, dear one.

Revan took a deep breath and let it out, resting her head on the back of the wall.

"I'm still here, Willow. Open the door anytime you want to talk." Carth called, tapping on the door gently. Revan held her hand in the air, as if debating whether to open the door or not.


You're in luck, boy. She's debating whether to open the door or not.

Carth jumped at the news, staring at the door. Nothing happened. He frowned.

How do you….

I know these things.

Why is she debating it?

She doesn't really want to talk about it.

Carth sighed.

I don't care if she talks or not, I just want to know if she's alright.

The door opened seconds later. Carth leapt up from the ground and walked in, finding Revan on one of the beds, sitting with her back against the wall. He closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned onto his chest and sighed. He rested his chin on her head.

"It's okay," He said soothingly. He started rocking her back and forth. "It's okay, it'll all be alright."

"No, it won't." Revan pulled back, growling at herself. "I keep getting upset over that stupid word."

"What is a peryedeateel, Willow?" Carth asked, using his thumb to wipe away the tears on her face. Revan took his hand off of her face and fondled it.

"A peryedeateel is a swear word in Mandalorian, a horrible name meaning 'whore who betrays'." She answered. "When I was about six years old, I met Kreia, my Jedi Master. She helped me escape from Mandalorian slavers, and in return asked for my help in bringing down Ordon V. She said if they weren't stopped, they would take over the Republic and everyone would be slaves. So, I helped. I infiltrated the palace, freeing all of the slaves as I went. It was great for a while. Then I ran across Mira.

"Apparently the girl liked the Mandalorians at that age, since she informed the guards that I was there. They surrounded me." She looked away, tightening her grip on Carth's fingers.

"What happened, Willow?" Carth whispered. She stared at him, her eyes glazed over.

"It was the only thing I could have done. I didn't want to do it. Mira had been my good friend for a while. I pinned her and put a vibrodagger to her throat. I threatened to cut her if they didn't let me go, and I would detonate the bomb right then and there.

"The Mandalorians all backed up. I let go of a crying Mira and naturally, they began shooting at me. I made a run for the throne room."

"And then you placed the bomb." Carth nodded.

"A few days before Kreia and I had drilled a hole into a certain spot in the throne room. All I had to do was slip out. I was almost to it when Mira tackled me. She fought me down, trying to stop me from leaving. I ended up dragging her along with me. We were the only two who made it out of the palace, aside from all the other slaves I'd freed.

"But the Mandalore on the throne saw me place the bomb. He simply stood and pointed at me. 'peryedeateel', he donned onto me. I gasped. 'You are forever branded a peryedeateel. As long as you live, you will always be a peryedeateel.'"

"Oh, Willow." Carth wrapped his arms around her. She sniffed.

"It's stupid, I know. I'm so pathetic." Carth placed a hand on her head, holding her to his chest.

"No you're not," He told her. "I've never thought of you as pathetic." Revan chuckled. "Mission has never thought of you as pathetic, and Bastila has never thought of you as pathetic. You are not a pathetic person."

Revan pulled away, wiping her face off with her sleeves. She smiled warmly at Carth.

"Thanks, Carth." She said. "What am I going to do with you?"

"How about this?" Carth kissed her on the lips softly. She giggled.

"We still have work to do, Carth. I'd like for Bastila, Jolee, and Mission to come with us on this trip, so we're going to have to somehow convince them to come to Nar Shadaa." Revan got serious, pushing the last few minutes out of her mind.

"I don't think they'll be that far from the idea. Everyone will want to come with you." Carth added.

"We don't have room for everyone. Juhani and Zaalbar will have to stay behind." Revan poked the information she shared with Carth onto a datapad and stuck it in her pocket. "Can you go tell everyone what's going on?" Carth nodded, pecking her on the cheek.

"I'll be back in a little bit; so try not to kill anything." He joked, leaving the room.

Right, like I'm going to kill anything.

He's just trying to make you happy.

I know. I am happy. I'm fine. Now, I have to talk with Masa.

As if on cue, Masa knocked on the door frame. She stalked into the room slowly, as if unsure that she was allowed in.

"Are you alright?" She asked. "That was a pretty heated conversation."

"Yes, it was," Revan chuckled. "But I'm fine. Mira just… can't let go of the past."

"I…I was wondering…." Masa rubbed her chin. "What does 'Ya t'eper' tvoy vrag, ya ne poproshu proshen'ya' mean?"

Revan sighed, translating the saying in her mind.

"It means, 'I am your enemy now, I won't ask for forgiveness.'"


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