by: yugioh-fan88

Summary: A greater evil has appeared, postponing the Shaman Tournament. Now Hao and Yoh must form an unlikely alliance to save the victim of this evil... the Iron Maiden. R&R!

Rating: T

Genre: Action/Adventure

Disclaimer: Shaman King isn't mine.

Author's Note: This idea so won't work but I'm willing to try. No clue where this idea came from. Read & Review!

Chapter 1: Uneasy feelings

"Jeanne-sama?" Marco asked as she looked up and looked around.

"There is something wrong here..." she said slowly.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. But there is something evil approaching."

All the X-Laws became ready for anything at any moment. As they split up and looked around a shadow came closer and closer to the Iron Maiden's turned back. Whatever it was performed spirit unity with her from behind as she released a scream of pain.

The X-Laws returned to find their holy leader floating a few feet above the ground, an eerie black glow around her. Her eyes shone redder then they were and she spoke in an eerie voice.

"This tournament is over... my time is now... This world... is mine." with those words spoken she released a cascade of power. This flow of power was so evil that all plant life in the vicinity was killed.


"And I thought I was evil." said Hao as he felt a surge of evil be released. "Something's gonna be different." he said to no one in particular as he looked up to the stars.

-In another area-

"Weird... did anyone other than me feel that?" asked Yoh looking around.

Ren, Horo, Lyserg, Ryu and Faust all nodded at once. (A/N: Lyserg is still with them.)

"Think it was Hao?" Lyserg asked.

"Not a chance. Even he's not that evil." said Yoh.

Ren nodded. "I think Yoh's right. There's something more."

All went quiet as the evil feeling died down. Whatever it was, it wasn't friendly.

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