Shaman King: Oh the insanity!
by: yugioh-fan88

Summary: Random stupidities to make you laugh. No flames plz. R&R!

Rating: K+

Genre: Humor

Disclaimer: Me no own. It not mine.

Author's Note: I think cutting my hair made me do this. Read & Review!

Chapter 1: Lithium and Yoh

Yoh sighed in content. He was happy. Here he was, no training with Anna, no being nagged, no nothing. Hao was good and Yoh was happy in the onsen (hot spring). Everything was perfect... until his mp3 player ran out of battery power.

"Aw dammit. These were new!" he groaned.

"Otouto!" yelled Hao running up to him and grabbing him around the neck. "May I molest you?" he asked sweetly.

(A/N: I have no clue where I got that! Lol. XD)

"No." Yoh twitched. "But you can get me new batteries." he said passing him the old ones.

Hao pouted. "Sure." he said walking off. He threw out the old ones and looked through the new ones. He grabbed a random pair of batteries and went back to Yoh.

"Here." he said as he gave them.

Yoh smiled and reloaded his mp3 player before noticing that Hao had not left. "What?"

"You owe me." said Hao. "I helped you."

Yoh sighed and nodded. Before he knew what had happened, Hao had pulled him into a tongue-filled kiss.

Hao pulled away and smirked. "Thanks Otouto." he said walking away.

Yoh blinked and got over that stunningly good kiss. He reached for his headphones... that were no longer there...

He dashed into the kitchen and looked at Hao who couldn't help but smirk... Yoh forgot his towel.

Yoh blushed and grabbed a towel. "Onii-chan, have you seen my mp3 player?" he asked.

"You mean that little box thing?" he asked as Yoh nodded. "Nope."

Yoh sighed. He went and got dressed before going to search outside. As he looked around he saw his headphones... running in direction of downtown.

(A/N: Insert corny Energizer Lithium battery music here. Lol.)

Yoh blinked before running after the little gizmo. He reached a busy intersection and stopped. He sighed loudly... his headphones had crossed the street.

His light changed and he ran after them, ducking under Horo and Ren who were making out. His headphones jumped a puddle and turned down an alley. Yoh swore to himself and slid into the alley, barely missing a wall.

He jumped and grabbed the mp3 player before it ran into a restaurant. He popped out the batteries and sighed.

"Damn Onii-chan."

Will Hao ever learn to read labels and wash his poncho? Will Yoh get his onsen dip? Will Horo and Ren ever get a room? All will Manta ever find the perfect curtains? All this and more, next time on Shaman King: Oh the insanity!... Chapter 2!

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