AN: Again, another I found from January, 2006. Hope you enjoy!


It was like a symphony, the way they worked. She would distract any major enemies with a flurry of ninja stars and he would dispose of the creature with one swipe of his Gunblade. Or she would take care of the smaller Heartless and he would destroy the larger ones. And it had nothing to do with her being smaller and he being larger. Nor did he imply that she was weaker than him in any way. It was just the way they worked. It was more efficient this way. Her weapons were smaller than his sword and it would take many of them to take down what he could take down with one swipe. It made sense to her.

So, Yuffie and Squall, together, worked like a symphony. They each had their different styles of fighting and had a different part to play, but it came together and made beautiful music.

It was harmony.

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