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A loud hiss of pain flowed throughout the ship, the irken's antennae quivering at the ache. His hands bound and tied above his head, claws balled into little fists. His head laid to one side as he felt the sharp pain of a claw cutting the skin over his ribs.

His eyes closed, crimson orbs, although obviously angry, tearing slightly as they closed. He swallowed as large, rough hands latched to his hips mercilessly.

He knew what was coming, and he tried his best to relax. Being tense just makes it that much more painful.

He howled in pain as his entrance was penetrated, regretting it as soon as it came out.

His capture liked it when he screamed and would do anything to make him do so.

Purple eyes glinted sadistically, a smirked played on the taller irken's face followed by an amused chuckle.

His eyes opened again in order to meet them, hating the purple hues all the while.

The deep chuckle came back as the larger irken leaned in closer. "This is your fate, Zim. Deal with it."

((40 years later))

Sprinting, the long black coat flapping with the wind as he did so. A pink tongue stuck itself out of Dib's mouth as the eerie house came into view. He smiled and sped up a bit, his long legs carrying him as fast as they could.

Almost eight years Zim landed on the planet. Eight years of constant paranoia and obsessing over him. Eight years of life or death battles, some of which Dib was nearly positive he wouldn't be walking away from.

Eight years he wouldn't trade for the world.

But, of course, all things come to an end. The boy had been avoiding this moment, taking a year off before going to college in order to continue his fights with the little alien.

Although, Zim wasn't that little anymore. Yes, he didn't meet his own height, but then again, not many people did. It was a gene he was lucky enough to get from his father. But, still the irken did grow to be a pretty fine height, a little on the short side, but still good.

But that was not what he wanted to worry about today. Today, he was running to Zim to tell him the feelings that began to develop back in sophomore year of high school. Of course, he wasn't expecting Zim to jump for joy and cling to him, but Dib felt like he needed to know before leaving the irken alone for a few months.

He ran up to the door, ignoring the large car parked in the cul-de-sac, and just burst open as if he were a cop. Golden brown eyes scanned the room to find no one there.

So, he shrugged and headed down to the labs.

As soon as the human got into the right area of the lab, he dove behind some form of machinery. Zim had company, but not just any kind of company.

It was the uninvited kind.

Dib could tell by the glare set in the irken's brilliant scarlet eyes, fixed on the larger irken before him. The boy knew he'd seen this larger one before, he recognized the voice.

He just couldn't quite place it; it must have been a long time ago.

"You come back to Earth and expect me to go back to that planet willingly?" Zim snorted and crossed his arms.

"I never said you'd come willingly. I plan on forcing you."

"Hah! You force me, Zim, to go anywhere. That's a laugh." His eyes narrowed even further. "Leave this place, Sizz-lorr! Find yourself a new lackey."

The irken named Sizz-lorr sighed and shook his head before ejecting a claw from his PAK. The claw held a syringe with a soft blue liquid inside. Before Zim could react, the purple-eyed irken grabbed him by the throat and stabbed the needle right above his hand, ejecting the fluid into Zim.

The smaller alien struggled against the hand until the drug kicked in. Dib watched as Zim's eyes changed from enraged to weary, his eyes lulling closed before collapsing in Sizz-lorr's arms. Throwing the limp body over his large shoulder, he began to head out of the base, Dib following behind, hiding the whole time.

The human intended to sneak on to this Sizz-lorr's ship. The thought of seeing a part of space he'd never been was too tempting to pass up. But, more importantly, Zim was going that way, and being forced to nonetheless.

Getting up stairs and outside, he watched as the irkens got into the car. His eyes widened as he heard the engine hum in a very odd way. Without thinking, he ran to the car, and toward the trunk. Working quickly, with a paper clip he found in his pocket, he picked the lock to it and jumped in, closing the latch just in time for the car to blast upward into space.

It didn't take very long for the car to stop, the engine shutting off abruptly. Dib waited a moment before pulling the little emergency tab in the trunk. He blinked, eyes wide as he saw the Earth in full view, the blue planet shining into the large ship. He tripped out of the trunk and watched as the planet began to get smaller.

He suddenly found himself very excited. "We must be heading toward Irk! Maybe Zim's being recruited for a war on another planet!" he grinned and closed his eyes, imagining Zim's home world. His image of it was almost nothing like Earth. It was clean, but still a city.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a door open behind him. Jumping, he hid in a smaller room, which seemed to be some form of a janitor's closet. Maybe it would be best to stay hidden until they arrived.

Dib woke up from his uncomfortable position in the closet he made his spot for the past few days. He guessed a few days past; it was hard to tell when he didn't have Earth's sun anywhere near him. He pushed the door open a crack and looked out, seeing a pinkish planet on the view screen.

He squealed to himself, excited to see the irken home world. Pushing out further, he moved from his position, rubbing his sore neck gingerly. He thought he heard what sounded like Zim's terror stricken scream, but he ignored it. He was still enjoying the view.

It was definitely a beautiful planet. Although, he didn't understand the giant floating "open" sign rotating around the pretty pink planet. He headed away from the window and started to look for an exit as the ship entered the planet's atmosphere.

The ship landed a few minutes before the human found the way out. He saw it and sprinted toward the oversized metal door. Beaming, he entered the threshold of the ships door and stopped, taking in his surroundings.

He stayed quiet for a full minute, until: "This is a giant food court! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?" never in his life had Dib seen so many fast food restaurants in one place. It was almost degusting.

But, unfortunately, his yell caught someone's attention. Suddenly, he felt a large shadow come over him from behind, warm breath on the back of his neck. He could feel the little hairs on his body standing straight up.

Despite his better instinct, he turned around to face small violet eyes. Then, he felt something hit him upside the head and his body gave out, the world fading to black.

The human awoke with a headache and in a room he never seen before. Sitting up and holding his head with a groan, he looked around. He wasn't on a bed by any means. He was just lying on the cold, hard floor, like he was simply tossed into the room carelessly. The room was a metallic color; bright unlike every other room he's ever seen. Glancing to the door, he saw it was open, but red lasers criss-crossing each other in the doorsill. Whoever put him in there obviously didn't want him to leave.

He blinked as an irken walked by it, dressed in a large hat and a stained white apron. He was short, but a little taller than Zim was when the human first met him. A pair of dark red goggles covered his eyes.

The alien stopped and looked into the room, seeing Dib staring at him. He walked up to the door slowly, his head cocked to one side. "So, you're the stow away alien."

The human blinked, but didn't respond to the statement. Instead, he asked one of his own. "Where am I?"

"You're in Foodcourtia. More specifically, the back room toShloogorgh."

Dib pushed himself off the floor and wandered around the room. The tiny irken continued to watch him like he was a cage lion.

Then the irken cleared his throat and hesitated slightly. "Why did you come here?"

Dib looked back over at him and stared blankly, as if he forgot the irken was there. "I was following someone." He paused. "What's you're name?"

The irken smiled a little before answering. "I'm Gashloog. It's nice to meet you, Dib."

The human's eyes narrowed. "How did you know my name?"

"Zim's transmissions and reports to the Tallest. They're very entertaining, and you're the subject of a little over half of his reports."

He cocked an eyebrow, not too sure whether to feel flattered or a little creeped out. He opened his mouth to speak, then clamped it shut as he heard a deep voice bellow.

"Gashloog, you're breaks over! The front is overcrowded and they need you out there."

Gashloog looked over in the direction of the voice and saluted. "Yes, my fry lord!" with that, he sped away from the door.

A second after he moved away, a much larger irken came and stopped in front of the door. His purple eyes stared dull and blank into the room where Dib was put.

They caught each other's eyes and simply stared.

No aggression, no hatred, no affection or love; just lukewarm stares.

The irken spoke. "Hello, human. I didn't expect you to be awake already."

Dib didn't break his gaze, but it did harden. "So you're--"

He smirked. "Yes, I'm the one that knocked you out, but what do you expect? You were on my ship!"

The human couldn't think of a valid argument for that.

"Anyway, I'm Sizz-lorr. Although you probably already knew that from when you were eavesdropping back at Zim's base."

Ah, so Siz-lorr knew he was there. So, not all irken's were complete morons! "Where's Zim?"

A very familiar scream rang through the building causing Dib to jump slightly.

Sizz-lorr sighed. "He's working." The irken went to walk away, then turned back, eyes narrowed. "You'll be staying in this room for a while, so you might as well make yourself comfortable."

Dib watched Sizz-lorr leave, then walked up to the doorway and touched one of the lasers. It hissed in response and burnt at the paranormalist's fingers. Dib gasped softly, then pulled back, studying the burns.

He thought for a second before turning away from the door. He couldn't think of anything else to do but wait.

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