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After a few hours, the irkens got back to work, leaving Dib to wander the corridors of the restaurant's back. The cuts on his chest and stomach were healing rapidly, with the help of the gel Zim put on him.

He stopped at the back door and looked out it for a moment with a sigh. It would be so easy for him to leave; all he would have to do is walk out. But he couldn't, not without Zim. And besides, he didn't have the energy to get to far, and he wouldn't know where he would go once he left the planet.

He sucked in a deep breath and headed back to his destroyed room. He looked around at it and groaned a little. He was in such a rage, he didn't think about the fact that he was still living in the room.

Moving over to the turned couch, he sat down and leaned up against it, thinking back to everything that has been happening to him. He almost regretted leaving the Earth and coming here. He went from being a somewhat normal teenager to being someone's abused exotic pet. It was a little sad.

Although, he couldn't really say he regretted everything. If he had just left the irken to get taken odds are he would've never seen him again. He also would've never met Gashloog and learned that not all irkens were arrogant bastards. Nope, it seems like that was just the invaders.

To add to that, he also wouldn't have known what it felt like to be taken care of like Zim had done. He really didn't know the invader had a soft side, at least for Dib. Sure, he did get soft when GIR would cry, but GIR was ...GIR.

The human yawned and leaned in closer to the couch, tired after tearing apart the room and being beaten nearly to death. Closing his eyes, he drifted to sleep, curling against the piece of the furniture as if it could offer any comfort or safety for the moment.

A few minutes after he started to drift into sleep, Sizz-lorr walked by the room. Pausing before the door and looking in, an idea popped into his head. The perfect punishment for Zim, and he didn't even have to touch the invader. Walking in quietly, he stood over Dib and nudged him slightly to see if he'd wake up.

The human didn't. Instead, he rolled over a bit and fell back into his deep sleep.

Smirking, the frylord knelt down and lifted the boy off the floor, carrying him out of the room. Dib still didn't wake up. Instead, he grunted softly and nuzzled closer to the small amount of warmth Sizz-lorr offered, murmuring slightly before settling back with a sigh.

Sizz-lorr chuckled slightly and carried the human into his room. This was going to be interesting.

Zim stared at Eric flatly as he stood there, trying to decide what he wanted to order.

The giant blob stared up at the menu, a small bit of drool running out of his mouth and down his jaw, dripping into his nonexistent neck. "Uuuuhhhhhhh..."

"While we're young!" the irken glared at Eric and balled his hands into fists, ready to kill the large alien.

It was around this time that Sizz-lorr stuck his head out from the back. "Zim."

The invader's head snapped to the side to stare at the frylord, a little suspicious. "What!"

"Let Gashloog take register, I have something to show you."

Zim narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "What is it?"

Sizz-lorr smirked. "You have to see it. I'm sure this is something you'll just love!"

This caught Zim's attention; he knew the fry cook didn't mean that. This was making him a little nervous.

He took off the hat and goggles and glanced over at Gashloog. Yhe little irken worker walked up to the counter to take control, a nervous look on his face as well. It was obvious he also knew something was going on.

With a tight jaw, Zim walked to the door in order to follow the frylord into the back.

The smaller irken shuddered as they paused in front of a very familiar room. A room Zim didn't want to know as well as he did. Right next to the door, sat a simple looking chair.

Sizz-lorr gestured toward the chair with a smirk. "Have a seat."

Zim crossed his arms and sneered. "I'd much rather stand."

"And I really don't care what you'd rather do." the fry cook grabbed a hold of Zim and looked into the crimson eyes, looking for weakness or fear.

All he saw was hatred; it seems any fear in Zim has died.

Well, he'll just need to fix that.

The frycook growled and tossed Zim into the chair, forcing him to sit down. The smaller irken let out a grunt as he hit the chair. He glared darkly up at Sizz-lorr and moved to stand up only to have the arms of the chair unfold slightly and wrap around him in a tight bear hug. His eyes widened and he looked down at the binds. "What the–!"

"You're gonna want to be sitting for this, Zim, so you might as well make yourself comfortable." the larger irken grabbed a hold of the chair, turned it around, and pushed it through the door.

At first, Zim didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. The same old room; simple yet efficient. This was all until he looked over at the bed.

There, in the restraints Sizz-lorr used on him, was a blindfolded Dib. The boy laid still, his breath uneven as if he was ready to dive into a state of panic.

"DIB!" Zim screamed and struggled with his metal binds, trying to get free.

The human's head turned toward where he heard Zim's voice. He shook slightly. "Zim?"

Sizz-lorr leaned against the chair with a chuckle. "I told you that you'd like this." he knelt down a little with a smirk to Zim.

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