Woah, I'm back again!This is the fifth installment of a continuing fan fiction based around Cammy. Being this is the fifth story, there are a few original characters, both mine and fellow authors, and the SF cannon is not so much present as is the world created from the cannon that has developed over so many stories. With that said, not to toot my own horn, but it might be hard to understand the basis of this story if you don't know the past stories. I would suggest reading them first if you haven't already. But whatever floats your boat as long as you enjoy it. Happy reading!


Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...

-W.B. Yeats- Portion of "The Second Coming"


Cammy White looked at her hardened face in the mirror. The same scars were there but now she saw past them. She saw herself; able, strong and tough as hell . Time hadn't done it's damage on her. Sure there were a few wrinkles around her eyes and the sides of her mouth, but those were signs of her character and definitely weren't bad for being nearly thirty. Twenty-eight to be exact. She'd watched Shadowlaw fall years ago and it was has if a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. They couldn't haunt her or her family and loved ones anymore. She thought about leaving Delta Red after that, she'd given them a lot. But they had given her a lot too, and she had to face it…what else was she good for? She could scarcely remember her schooling, only having the required amount to graduate with a high school diploma. Everything other bit of her knowledge was MI-6 experience and training. And she was good at it. Her latest mission had been successful and there had been no casualties. Nothing more than a little motion sickness on the plane ride back. Not much else you could ask for when it came to her business. Anti-terrorism was not safe or easy, but here she was, fighting the good fight. Bettering the world for future generations wasn't a bad job. Yet her one goal was her one regret.

What about her future generations? Her life had been a series of rocky relationships, the most recent, and current, one was the worse. Actually she didn't know if she could even call it current. She didn't know where to place her and Cranky on the relationship scale. It was an on-again-off-again total and utter infatuation. Craig Doyle Crankurt was perhaps the only human being on the planet as messed up as she was, and she loved him for it. The things they'd done to each other in the name of love, in the name of revenge were innumerable. It was as if they were destined to either love each other or hate each other…just never the same one at the same time.

Cammy smiled to herself thinking about his last visit. The man was irresistible to her, though they didn't look the perfect pair. His red, usually short cut hair topped off his large frame at 6 foot easy. If it weren't for her genetically engineered strength she'd be no match for him, but as it was Cammy stood at 5'4, with blonde hair and could bench press the same amount of weight as Cranky. He'd recently opened an Irish pub in the heart of London. Go figure, but it was doing very well. Apparently getting drunk was getting drunk no matter how you dressed it up. Their relationship had not been doing so well. They just couldn't keep anything constant. He couldn't be trusted and neither could she. Lies, other lovers,…name it and it had come between them. It was mostly him in the beginning. While her fuck ups were all still deep inside, his were out in the open. He wanted everything, and everyone. They lied to keep each other.

His last visit though, it was about love. Her upcoming mission was rumored to be long and dangerous and Cranky found out. He came to her apartment door the night before she was leaving, nearly in tears. He did this every time she had a big mission. She didn't understand why he wasn't this loving and caring all the time. Only when he knew she had to deny him what he was going to ask of her. It was the times like this that kept them both in their see-saw of a relationship. The times that were so good, emotionally and physically, that she nearly blushed in remembering them. But like always she had to leave him, angry and hurt, promising a safe return and to pick things up.

The rumors were true. Three months had passed since that night and she was just now arriving at home in London. She missed what she'd come to call home, she missed easy access to contacting her family and she missed Cranky. Rest was what she needed, her body was tiring out. Thankfully a long free period usually followed missions like the one she'd just returned from. She quickly changed from the military fatigues she'd been wearing for the past two months and into jeans and a t-shirt. The t-shirt felt like heaven, the jeans would have if they weren't so hard to get on. She couldn't remember the last time she'd not been able to fit into something. Her body hadn't changed since she was sixteen. Cammy held her breath and buttoned them. She was getting old. Nevertheless, she couldn't wait to get home and take a long bath and soak her increasing back pains away. But first…

"Colonel, I need your contact."

Colonel Wolfman turned to face Cammy. His shoulder length brown hair now held a few gray strands that he usually covered with a handkerchief of some sort. He looked like a former Hell's Angel or something. He was eccentric, but he also knew his stuff and was a great leader. He'd helped her through many personal hells and was the reason she was here today. He sighed at her and answered.

"No you don't. You need to rest, don't worry about work. You've done your part for a while. I never expected to get so much done. Spain now has their own anti-terrorism unit well underway."

She nodded.

"It's a good thing, and you're right. I am really tired. A break will do me good. But do contact me if something comes up."

Wolfman smiled playfully at her as he tapped her stomach.

"Sure. But, you might want to do a little working out while you're on hiatus. I swear I've never seen you with a gut, or eat so much food for that matter."

Wolfman laughed and left, clearly entertained by his jest. Cammy did not find it so humorous as she stood motionless in horror. There was no reason for her body to be changing. It hadn't for twelve years it shouldn't be now. Unless…only one thing crossed her mind; back pain, eating more, weight gain, she thought just the altitude on the plane had made her vomit…but…she'd seen this before with disastrous results. Five years ago actually. It couldn't be. Could it?