Oceans of the Unforeseen

Kyuseisha no Hikari

Chapter 1


A calm breeze calm breeze fluttered lightly over the foaming waves, lifting spray into the face of the golden haired captain of the famed 'Archaic Light'; into the face of Krad Hikari, head of the most powerful naval fleet in the all of the known world.

His hair, tightly bound in a high ponytail blew, intertwined with the wind behind him as he leaned against his elegant ship's railing.

His eyes scanning the rich, azure sea, he was soon lost in thought, and almost didn't hear the irritated voice behind him calling his name.


Cocking his head slightly to the side, he nodded to signal that he heard the boy, not caring in the slightest that all formalities had been dropped at this point in time.

"Have you gone deaf? I've been calling you for quite some time now," The blue haired boy said as he walked next to the older male.

"My mistake. I wasn't paying attention."

"Oh, you weren't? Go figure," the other huffed as he crossed his arms and glared at the open sea.

Turning to face the pouting teenager, Krad raised an eyebrow. "Satoshi, what's wrong with you today. You seem in an awfully foul mood."

"What gave you that idea?" he replied, raising his gaze to meet golden hues.

Krad frowned. Satoshi had never been one to openly show such emotions, and it came as quite a surprise to him that the boy would choose to express such negative ones so fluently. "Well, then. What's the problem?"

"That bastard you call second in command keeps bothering me about things I couldn't care less about. No offense meant," Satoshi added as Krad's eyes narrowed a bit.

"None taken at all," the blonde said as he laid a hand his cabin boy's shoulder and gently began to lead him to the captain's quarters. Saying nothing during the walk, when they reached his quarters he gestured for the boy to go in front of him, and closed the door behind himself.

"Sorry. You know I can't say anything out there or someone is bound to hear me. Tell me, what has he said this time. Would you like something to eat?" Krad said, gesturing towards an ornately designed cabinet.

Shaking his head, Satoshi sank down into a handcrafted chair and sighed deeply. "Suit yourself," was all Krad managed to murmur before he too lowered himself warily into a similarly crafted chair. Positioning himself in front of the boy, he made another small gesture. "Now, though…what were you saying?"

"Alright, alright," Satoshi grumbled as he leaned foreword in his seat. "He keeps saying how he would make such a better captain—how he would keep everyone in line where you were slacking off and he would serve the king more loyally, and things of the sort. It's driving me crazy—I don't know how much longer I can stand for this before I throw myself overboard!"

"Calm down, Satoshi—I know he's a pain, but I can't just let him go. He's the only qualified man anywhere around here—except you, and the whole point is that you won't come of age to take that role for almost two more years. Until then, you'll have to deal with it…or…"

Satoshi looked at Krad, his brows raised at the unfinished sentence. "Or…?"

Shrugging, Krad said with an emotionless mask, "We could always drop you off in town the next time we dock. When you come of age, I'll strip him of his title and hand it over to you. Of course, we wouldn't see each other for some time, but at least you wouldn't have to deal with him. How does that sound?"

Satoshi scoffed and rolled his eyes. "I can tell you're just playing games with me. I know you couldn't leave me—you'd go crazy yourself. But…If you don't start taking this seriously, something bad is going to happen. And I know it's going to have something to do with Kei Hiwatari."

Grumbling and furrowing his brows, Krad ran a delicate hand through his fine hair and closed his eyes. "I am taking this seriously, I was just making a suggestion ... And you aren't helping me. Either way, though, I've noticed something in that man, and I don't like it. I know he's trouble, but I just can't do anything about that right now."

Satoshi shook his head. "Well maybe you should try. He's planning something with some of the crew, and I don't think they're making plans for a party, Krad. He's got them wrapped around his little finger—If he says the word, they'll obey!"

"Keep your voice down…you never know who might be listening," Krad said as he drew his face nearer to Satoshi's. "You think they'd follow him before me?"

Satoshi nodded, and opened his mouth to speak before the cabin door creaked open and a certain brown haired male walked in. "Oh. Am I disturbing something?" He asked, a grin plastered on his wily features.

Krad inwardly growled, and Satoshi looked no happier the he had when he first came to the blonde. Masking the anger, Krad forced a smile and said, "Not at all, Mister Hiwatari, please come in. What can I help you with?"

Kei Hiwatari stepped into the ornate quarters and looked around with a greedy eye—this both Satoshi and Krad noted. "We've seen a ship. Upon closer inspection it appears to be the one we've been after."

Krad stood and raised an eyebrow. "The KokuYoku?"

Kei lazily turned his head to regard the captain with prying eyes, and nodded after a long moment. "Yes, that would be the one."

"Then I'm needed on deck if we are to apprehend—"

Kei interrupted Krad as the blonde spoke, already on his way to the door, "That won't be necessary. I'm sure I can handle this."

Krad stopped mid-step and turned to the man. "What did you say?"

Satoshi watched, not making a move.

"I said," the brunette repeated, "That I can handle this. We don't need your help, captain."

Krad turned to coldly regard his second-mate, and frowned. "You don't need my help, you need my commanding. None aboard but me have the skills to take down Dark Mousy—not even you."

"I disagree. Now, captain, I'm not asking nicely anymore. We don't need your help—we expect you to stay in your quarters like a good little boy and let us do the work." Kei said, stepping closer to Krad.

"How dare you?" Krad hissed, as he stood his ground. "I may be younger then you," He said to the ever-nearing man, "but I am your superior commander! What right have you to command me?" Before Kei could answer, Krad spoke again, "Satoshi—come here, now."

The boy did so, sensing the tension between the two in the room, and walked to Krad's side.

Gripping the boy's shoulder, Krad led him to the door and walked him out, ignoring Kei for the time being. The blonde paused in the doorway, blocking from Satoshi, he cocked his head backwards over his shoulder and said, "Mister Hiwatari, I apologize for any inconveniences you may have, but you've crossed the line. I am absolutely furious with this little stunt, and after all the other incidents that have occurred recently, this is the last straw. You are hereby relieved of all duties you have aboard this ship, and at the next docking, I expect you to leave this vessel. If you refuse to comply, I will deal with you myself," And before Kei could make any sort of retort, Krad closed the door tightly behind him.

"You shouldn't have done that…" Satoshi hissed.

Krad said nothing, and strode down the hallway towards the stairs that led to the deck. "It doesn't matter, now," He said, at last as he turned to find Satoshi right behind him. "What's done is done and I can't change anything."

"That's true, I suppose, but still…" Satoshi shook his head warily.

"No, no, don't worry about anything. We have more important matters to consider. The necklace…?"

Krad's eyes left the pallid boy's face and settled on a small lump concealed beneath his flaxen shirt. Satoshi's hand immediately flew to said article of jewelry, clutching it gently. "It's safe. Why?"

"With all that's been going on…just make sure nothing happens to it. If something should occur, now would be the opportune time. Don't let your guard down…am I clear?"

Satoshi's eyes lingered on Krad's concerned face for a long moment before his hand dropped back down to his side. He nodded, then, releasing a sign. "Right, I'll remember that. So…Dark's ship has been sighted?"

Krad nodded. "I suppose so." He shook his head and paused, as if considering something. A long moment later, he knelt down in front of Satoshi, placing both hands on the boy's shoulders. "Listen to me," he said as his golden eyes met blue, "Just remember this: If anything does happen to me, I want you to pretend like you were against me the whole time, okay?"

Satoshi was silent for a moment before his lips curved into a frown. "You expect me to lie?"

Krad bit his lip, and nodded, his gaze lingering to the wooden floor below him. If anything, this boy wouldn't lie to save his own life, so what were the chances—

"I'll do it."

Krad blinked and looked back up. "You will?"

Satoshi nodded. "I have to. If I don't, they'll kill me on the spot, and if they do that, there will be no one to testify against them when I take the case to the judges."

Krad nodded, and smiled slightly as he stood to his feet. Patting his shoulder slightly before walking on deck, Krad murmured, "There's a good boy, just remember not to do anything stupid, either. Nothing like what you pulled last month, all right?"

Satoshi nodded and bit back a dry chuckle as Krad chanced a quick glance to the upper deck. "Just remember," the blonde said, turning towards the stairs, "Keep yourself safe, and that necklace, too. Don't mess this up…"

The blonde didn't turn around before stalking up onto deck. Satoshi watched him, and stood, frozen in place for a few long seconds. He shook himself out of his dazed state a moment later, and sighed deeply before making his way above deck.


Krad blinked at the bright sunlight, focusing his view across the ocean and onto a not-too-faraway ship. The vessel, drawing closer with each passing moment, even from this distance, was obviously quite a treasure.

Looming on the horizon, it's massive shape was a wonder in itself to behold, and the size—a complete other attribute to be worshipped. Krad almost felt a twinge of jealously, but shook it off. His own ship was fine, he concluded, allowing his fingers to trace the railing as he walked toward his vessel's wheel.

Subconsciously, as he neared it and drifted away from the railing, his hand traced its way down to his belt, and he now lightly ran his fingers over an ornate pair of guns, and then over to the sword that hung next to them. He sighed heavily, and raised his vision to the man at the wheel. "How long have they been in vision?"

The man shrugged, and then replied gruffly, "Several moments or so. Don't know—I wasn't paying attention."

Krad nodded. "Alright," he said as he walked over to another man. "Tell the crew to prepare for confrontation. Tell them to pick up the pace, if they can."

The black eyes of the other man flashed as he watched his captain, and had Krad been any lesser man he might have flinched. But…he wasn't, and he had other duties to attend to, so he let the action slip. Perhaps, he pondered, as he walked around this ship dishing out orders, this man would join Kei when they docked. Satoshi's words of caution rang through his mind, and the blonde caption began to wonder if he should just get a new crew entirely…

For the next few moments, there was only the sound of orders being shouted, and that of the ship being worked—of men organizing weapons and pushing harder to meet their captain's desires.

And then…the two ships, each ornately different in nearly every aspect, came in boarding distance. Silently ordering his crew to draw out the ladder, Krad waited and watched the other ship's crew with a deadly gaze. Satoshi had risen to deck by now, as had Kei Hiwatari, and each regarded Krad with a look that was more or less as different as each of the ships.

Krad cocked his head over his shoulder, and as much as he didn't like it, gestured for his second in command to come towards him. The man did so, and stood before the plank that connected both ships as Krad stepped across it and onto The 'Kokuyoku'.

"Where is Dark Mousy?" He called out, very clearly across the silent ship, aware of every eye that scanned over his form.

There was pause, and Krad had momentarily feared there would be no answer, when he heard, although muffled, a voice call, "Right here!" and soon after a purple haired figure emerged from a crowd of people. "Who are you?"

Krad kept his face emotionless, and said, as he traced his finger over his choice weapon—his saber, and replied, "I am Krad Hikari. To make things short, I have been ordered by my king to take you for judgment. Will you come peacefully, or will I have to drag you with me?"

Dark was silent for a long moment before a grin cracked on his features. "You're here to take me in? I was hoping they'd send someone else, soon—someone that wasn't half as ugly as that last twit that came after me!" Dark said, his grin widening slightly. The blonde rolled his eyes. "It doesn't matter. I'm here to apprehend you either way, so can we just get this over with? I have more important things to do then deal with the likes of you, anyway."

Dark frowned, then. "More important then me? I hope your joking. In fact, you must be joking. You expect to be the one who captures me? You look like you'll break if I come at you!"

Krad's eyes flashed at the slight insult, and he made a slight jerk of his arm as he reached to grip his weapon, and then…a shot rang through the air.

No one moved, but all eyes were on one of two people. The first person was the flaxen haired captain who stood in shock, as blood began to stain his white top—a bullet having cut through his entire frame, and the other, was his second in command—the man who held a gun still aimed at the figure.

Krad let out a light whimper, audible only to the man that stood closest to him, his eyes rolling into the back of his head soon after. He crumpled to the deck like a child's quickly disregarded toy.

Kei Hiwatari smirked in triumph, as he gloated over his action. Facing his crew, he said, "It appears that the previous captain will no longer be with us. As his second in command, I will now resign his duty. As your new captain," he said with an evil grin, "I say we take off as soon as possible. We can deal with this vermin another day."

There was a loud roar, and the crew of the 'Archaic Light' set immediately to work—all but one boy having completely abandoned the dying man that had once been their captain.

Kei caught Satoshi's vacant stare on the bloody figure and wandered over to the cabin boy. "You," he called. "Do you disagree with what I have done?"

The boat shifted as it began to pull away from the other vessel, and Satoshi fought to stand his ground. He looked up into the eyes of the man towering over him, and said sternly, "I do not, sir."

Kei's smile widened. "There's a good boy," and Satoshi inwardly winced at those familiar words, "Now, let's get to work, my second mate."

Satoshi shook his head. "Second mate?"

"You deserve that title, so yes. You are my second mate—if you accept, of course."

Satoshi frowned. "I'm not of age, though…"

"That doesn't matter," Kei said as he walked past Satoshi; as his ship sailed further away.

Meanwhile, Dark watched the ship sail away, and cursed in anger as it began to disappear. "Filthy," he muttered as it grew smaller on the horizon.

How could any man be so disgusting as to fire upon his captain and then so gleefully announce his promotion in ranking? The violet haired male fought down the urge to chase after the ship and blow it to smithereens.

Breaking away from his moment of rage as his amethyst eyes fell on the still bleeding blonde before him, Dark turned to his crew and yelled, "Someone get the doctor—and you—Daisuke! Help me carry him downstairs!"


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