It happened on a night like this,

In Sunnydale fair,

A night without a cloud above,

A kind of night quite rare.

I thought upon a night so crisp,

That it would be good to walk,

I felt that nothing was amiss,

So at the thought I did not balk.

And so 'twas then my feet took me,

Straight out of the door,

After about an hour or three,

Walking the streets became a bore.

So I went to the alleyways deep,

To try and find something to do,

Aside from the occasional hobo in sleep,

Activities seemed to be few.

But then before I could so much as twitch,

I was grabbed by a figure quite fierce,

I found that death can be a bitch,

From the fangs my neck did pierce.

But I did not die, not for long,

The next night I did rise,

I felt not weakened, but in fact quite strong,

Like a God, powerful and wise.

But before I could learn to gloat,

At my newfound life, and my newfound spark,

Past me a flash of blond did float,

Belonging to a young femme, whose bite was worse than her bark.

The next few moments are hard to tell,

But I will try and manage,

They certainly hurt like hell,

Though I should have had the advantage…

Though I was one with great power,

She beat me up and down,

I tried to give a fierce glower,

She answered with a frown.

Then she stabbed me with a pointed stick,

Straight through my beaten torso,

For a moment I felt quite sick,

I didn't live to see tomorrow.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,

Done in by a blond with a rather nice bust.