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Beyond Good and Evil

Chapter One: No Rest For The Wicked

"Oh my gawsh, thanks so much Hales. I totally get it now," the teen squealed with the giddiness of someone much younger. Most people would be off-set by this, but not Haley James. Her perfect smile remained in place, kindness radiating from her warm brown eyes.

"It's no problem Peyton. I'm just glad that I could help."

"You're the most awesome tutor that I've ever had. I really owe you one," Peyton Sawyer said, bending her head of blonde curls to check that her backpack was zippered, and missing the flash of victory on her new tutor's face.

"Oh, no, it was my pleasure," Haley simpered. "Anything to help a friend."

"Friend?" Peyton instantly perked up. "You really consider me your friend?"

"Of course, silly!" the blonde said, waving her hand as if waving away the doubts.

"Oooh Hales! This is so awesome!" Peyton said, beginning to squeal again. Haley smiled, giving her friend a little hug. A beeper went off somewhere in the room.

"Oh shoot! That's my mom. I've gotta go. But I'll call you later, okay Haley?"

"Perfect," Haley said, waving goodbye. As the parlor door swung closed, her broad smile slowly slid off her face, leaving a sour expression on her pretty face.

"Fucking moron."

"Somebody had a good day," a deep, mocking voice called through from the other side. Doing nothing to hide her expression, Haley spun around to come face to face with her stepbrother of two years.

"Eat me, Lucas," she spat.

"Maybe later," he pretended to consider it, grinning at her and walking across the room.

When her mother announced her intentions to remarry, fifteen year old Haley had been less than pleased. It had been three years since her father's death, and as far as Haley was concerned, her mother could burn down in hell with him. That all changed when she first laid eyes on Lucas Scott. From the very first smirk, she could tell that within him, she had found more than just another rich pretty boy. She had found an equal. With their manipulations, lies, and overactive sex drives, they were two of a kind. That day, she decided that she would have a confidant. A one person that she didn't wear her Golden Girl face for. The person would be Lucas Scott. He took this as a gesture of closeness and loyalty. Haley didn't think so, but determined that Lucas was a smart boy. He would realize that if he opened his mouth, she would destroy him. And so their unholy alliance began. Two years later, it was still going strong.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Haley locked her light eyes, now lacking the warmth that had been there during Peyton's visit, onto her stepbrother. He currently had his head stuck in the piano, inspecting the strings. She had always wondered why he was so fascinated by their own house. Lucas could never sit still for long, but today Haley noticed that he paced with a slight frown on his face.

"What's wrong with you today?" she asked, managing to sound unconcerned. Truthfully, Haley adored Lucas. He was handsome, intelligent, interesting, and somehow managed to keep himself out of trouble, even with all the shit he's done. It was more than enough to earn even Haley's respect.

"Urgh… I don't know. Don't you ever get bored with all of this!" he exclaimed, gesturing wildly around the expensive sitting room. Haley raised her eyebrows slightly at her stepbrother's outburst. She should've known better than to think it was an actual problem.

"Actually, no," she responded with a pointed look. Lucas said nothing, just shrugged and returned to his aimless pacing.

"You never think that maybe there's more to life than ruining other people's?" he looked up and asked her. In that moment, he looked shockingly helpless and rather lost, leaving Haley very curious as to what triggered his sudden mood. She was used to this. Lucas had always been flaky, but there was always something she found amusing in his pain.

"Lucas Eugene Scott, you and I both know damn well that you wouldn't be happy doing anything but deflowering pathetic virgins," she fired back. Off his grin, realization dawned upon her. She walked right into that one. "You got Candace Baker, didn't you?"

Triumph shone on his handsome face. "Of course I did. Pay up, Hales."


Sunlight was falling delicately across the hardwood floors, its reflection making the crystal sparkle and the blonde hair of the duo shine. They were an interesting pair; they really were, standing there in their golden blonde perfection wearing matching smirks. Some might say they were just bored. Bad parenting, perhaps? Those poor, poor misguided souls. Some might know the truth, and say that it was a combination of any excuse you could toss in. Attractive and wealthy, the world was at their feet. When five-year-old Lucas Scott had performed a sort of accidental amputation on his maid, nothing was said. When eleven-year-old Lucas had been caught smoking pot in the bathroom at his exclusive private school, the principal had merely sighed and said "Just don't do it again, son." That's when he began to realize that rules were made to be followed—just not by people like him. Seven-year-old Haley James's epiphany took place on the day of her birthday party, when she walked in on her nanny in a very compromising position with her father. That day, he promised her anything she could ever want, in exchange for her silence.

Haley had had a sick fascination with the darkness and the shadows. The silence and the secrets that lurked in every corner of the museum-like mansion she called home sucked her in deeper and deeper until the only light about her was her luminous hair. The perfect life that had been handed to her on a silver platter had done nothing but shrivel her soul and blacken her heart.

And Haley James was just fine with that.

As she aged, the blonde had become more and more adept at finding the hidden truths among the pretentious bullshit of the upper-class. Like an animal, she could target fear, preyed upon the weak, and destroy anything in her path. By age seventeen, Haley had a virtual mental rolodex of anyone she'd ever need to know, and anything they'd die to keep people from finding out.

While Lucas worked with reckless abandon, Haley operated in secrets and lies. She would disillusion a person into believing she was their best friend before screwing them over as best she could. Peyton Sawyer was her new target.


"Luke, I think it's time for you to get a new challenge," she said decisively, leaning against the glossy maple doorframe. A tilt of the blonde head in front of her lead to the locking of blue eyes on brown. An amused look played across Lucas's face as he looked up at her from where he had been writing in his journal.

"You're absolutely right, Haley. After all, I've been sitting around the house for a whole two hours. There's definitely something wrong with that," he deadpanned, and Haley wasn't quite sure whether he was joking or not.

"You know Peyton Sawyer?" she asked, cutting to the chase. Haley really wasn't in the mood for any mind games or quick banter. She wasn't feeling well, and the only tried-and-true cure for her aches was to make someone else hurt worse.

"Blonde, curly hair, nice legs? Yeah, I've seen her," Lucas said nonchalantly, leaning back in his chair, loosening his tie and undoing the top buttons of his shirt. Slowly, his stepsister made her way around the desk, perching herself on his knee and leaning forward slightly.

"Well," she whispered, leaning closer and closer until her pouty lips were mere centimeters from his. "I'm going to need you to see more of her, if you get what I mean."

"And why is that, Hales?" he asked with mock curiosity, leaning his head to rest on the back of the chair. She slid a hand behind it, propping him up, leaving little space between their faces.

"You know why Lucas."

"Do you really need another minion?"

"Lucas, you've said it yourself. People are sheep. Well, I am their shepherdess, and this little black sheep has gone astray," she said using a little girl voice, alternating speech with tiny kisses to his neck. A stirring beneath her told her that she was producing the desired effect.

"Well Little Bo Peep, that is probably the perverse analogy for what we do that I've ever heard," Lucas said with a soft chuckle.

"Do you prefer 'you fuck them and I'll blackmail them'?" she smiled.


"Well, then fuck you. You make the analogy when you give the speech."

The stepsiblings shared a laugh and smile, and it would be a very touching scene if it weren't for the actual touching. A few intimate moments later, he was putty in her hands. Lucas liked to put up a fight, but when it came down to it, they both knew that they were now a team, and whether he liked it or not, he would be following through on whatever diabolical plots his wicked stepsister came up with.

By the pricking of my thumbs

Something wicked this way comes


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