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Samantha Manson stirred awake. It was her 17th birthday. She woke up in her pajamas hair a mess and eyes a little sagged. She waltzed downstairs ate her breakfast and came back upstairs with just enough time to change into her halter top and jeans, her hair was down a little past her shoulders and to the mid point of her back. She looked at herself in the mirror; she certainly had changed a bit since her freshmen year. "Sam, honey Danny and tucker are here," Her mom yelled. Sam grabbed her backpack and gracefully made her way down the stairs. Danny flashed a warm smile,


"Hey." She responded smiling back. There was something between them; everyone knew except the people who needed to know the most; Sam and Danny.

"Hey Sam." Tucker said without looking up from his palm pilot.

"Hey Tucker."

"Happy birthday Sam." Danny held out a small wrapped boxed gift. She took the gift but as she did their hands grazed each others. There was a cough and their contact broke instantly, they were both blushing and looking away.

"Open it tonight." Danny finished. Sam turned, left it on the table and went out the door with her friends to school. Her mother grabbed the gift watching them leave with a frown on her face.

"Thank you Daniel, but Sam doesn't need this from you." She put the gift in the drawer and locked it with a key that she clutched.

"Hey Fentino!" Dash threw a football and it smashed the back of his head. "Leave him alone Dash."

"Sam protecting her little boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend!"

"She's not my girlfriend!" The two yelled in unison. But their answer just made Dash walk off laughing. Danny's eyes glowed green until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned up to see Sam.

"He's not worth it." Danny gritted his teeth. He hated to admit it but she was right.

The bell rang freedom from Lancer and all the other teachers. The halls filled with students wanting to rush away from the place that gave them torture. Danny and Sam walked out to the curb. "So Danny, do want to come over tonight?"

"I can't I have to meet up with….someone." Sam's smile faded, but Danny didn't seem to notice.

"Ok….call me ok?" she said weakly. She turned her back on him and started to walk away smile fully gone. Danny headed the other way and started walking. He heard the ring tone of his cell phone as he pulled it up to his ear.

"Hey Danny."

"Oh hey."

"So if I go tonight the ghost boy will be there?"

"Yeah Paulina…he will." Danny felt a frog stuck in his throat. Why was this so hard to talk to his girlfriend?

'Maybe it because you still like Sam.'

'I do not. She is my friend.'

'You know you like her.'


Sam walked homes as slowly as possible deep in thought. The rain drizzled down and landed on her face as the rain creased down her face. She faced the place she called home.

'Home…' Her thoughts dwelled off of Danny and now to face whatever her parents had in store for her as she stepped inside. The house was ill lilted.

"Mom…Dad." She turned the corner and their stood her parents holding a cake that read happy birthday Samantha.

"Surprise!" They jollied out. Sam wasn't really surprised, but it was in the moment and she pastured a surprised look on her face. Her mom's face lit up,

"I know lets go shopping" before Sam could object her mother pulled her out the door. As soon as they were out the door Sam's dad picked up the phone. His fingers dialed the phone number. There were three rings and then a voice of a female voice.

"Hey Susan did you tell Matthew? We are going to tell Samantha tomorrow." He turned phone still in his hand.

"Matthew accepts, that great!"

"Good." The doorbell rang.

"Got to go Susan the guests are arriving." He placed it on the ringer and waved for the butler to bring them in. Danny and Tucker walked in with people coming in behind them.

"Hello Daniel….Tucker."

"We came for the party."

Sam almost ran home; anything to get away from her mother lagging behind. Sam rushed through the door not even noticing that the lights were turned off she flicked them on to be greeted by a huge,

"Surprise!" She looked around at the people shouting and clapping, her gaze landed on one person.

'What is she doing here? No wonder everyone is here.' Sam clenched her teeth.

"Hey everyone lets play hide-in-go seek in the dark!" Everyone looked at her,

"and maybe the ghost boy will find me." Everyone nodded their heads to Sam's surprise and so she flicked off the lights. She felt her way downstairs not caring about the game but more about escaping her party. She stumbled into the laundry room and sat down against the wall. Her mind wandered to other thoughts for at least an hour till she heard a cough and looked at a pair of feet. Her gazed filled up to show Danny smiling.

"Escaping your party?"

"No, just thinking." Which was the truth but what she didn't say was it was about them. He sat down next to her.

"About what?"

"Nothing." He nodded knowing not to press the matter. He held out the same wrapped gift. "Happy birthday Sam. I found it locked away." His head turned away as Sam unwrapped the gift that was given to her, to reveal a sliver bracelet that on it engraved was I promise. She gasped as she nearly dropped the item that was now in her hands.

"Danny…" She leaned over and hugged him...

"It's beautiful." When they pulled away they stared into each others eyes. Danny kept glancing from the bracelet to Sam's eyes…

"I found it unopened so I thought that…I got it to promise that…" Sam's eye won; he was drawn to them. Sam leaned over closer, knowing what was going to happen. Their lips connected for a spilt second and then found themselves kissing again. To Sam this was the best present for they both knew that they had liked each other but never had a chance to say anything or do anything. Maybe it was the fact that deep down inside Sam felt that this could break their friendship, but if Danny was willing to take the chance with her, what could happen. After two or three minutes of kissing they pulled apart.


"Um…We better get back to the party." Here she was about to confess her feelings and all he wanted to do was go back to the party?

"Yeah…sure." Sam said without questioning it. She opened the door and all the lights were on symbolizing that the game was over. When they finally reached up stairs guest were just starting to leave. Danny turned to Sam, and Sam spoke,

"Thanks for the party."

"You're welcome." Danny smiled.

"You-Who Danny!" Sam's feelings were drained from her as she watched Danny run off and join hands with Paulina and anger burn in her as Paulina planted a kiss on his cheek. It struck her, they were going out. Did Danny feel anything that night or was it just a thing. She watched Danny walk out the doors with Paulina without looking back.

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