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Sneak Peaks:

Yeah I know this is what you all wanted to see in this anyway… I just want to let you know I use a movie trailer type of thing…It just appealed to me…

You Promised:

When they were so much in love…

"Do you take Daniel Fenton to be your unlawfully wedded husband?" Sam looked into the man's eyes that she had grown to love.

"I do."

Things were easier…

"Things are different now, what about Amy? She is your child too."


"You don't even know your own kid." She accused.

Seven years later…

The girl's hand turned intangible again. Her eyes widened in fear.

Their love falls apart…

He dropped the papers in his hand, and they fell to the ground. Printed primly across the top of the page it read DIVORSE.


"Every time I see you I miss you, I want you Sam." His pleas tried to burst through her tough skin, she wouldn't let him in.

"Until you give up being Phantom, Danny, I'm sorry. It's over." She turned away to be alone so he wouldn't see her cry.

"Sam." He tried to reach out, but his grasp fell short.

"You promised me and you broke that promise. Good-bye."


In a school were the people are divided into the popular and the Outcasts…

"They're nothing but no-good rich snobs that will find your weakness and tear you apart." Cassie eyes held hate towards the preps.

Two people from the two entirely different groups fall for each other…

There were no interruptions this time, their lips connection and without hesitation she kissed back letting Danny take control.

Along with their relationship comes hate…

"How could you do that to me; to us? You went behind our backs."


"Cassie, I love you." Tucker whispered in her ear as he pulled her closer.


"Why do you even care?" Tucker yelled back at Valerie. The next thing Tucker knew Valerie's lips were on his.

And Heartbreaks…

Sam walked into the room and didn't even need the light to see Dash and Paulina in a full lip-lock.


"Danny…I can't do this anymore."

"So that's it?" Danny called out as he watched the girl he had thought he love starting to walk away.

"Don't make this harder for me Danny. I don't have a choice." It was a pitiful cry.

"Everyone has a choice." Danny shot back. She couldn't stand to be with him anymore. She walked away leaving the boy she had fallen for like a girl that was done using a doll for a period of time and had gotten bored with I; only to be picked up another day.

Everyone wants them apart…

"Stay away from Fenton, Sam. He's bad news. Who knows what he's done."

Will their love survive? Or die out…

"Danny I think I love you." The words were sincere as she pressed her lips against his hoping he would forget all she had done. She didn't deserve him…not after what she had done.

You can't kill me. I also want to dedicate You Promised to Divinedragon7 because they found the foreshadowing in I Promised. I will try and put up Outcast next week because I am up to chapter 4 on that story but haven't even started another story I'm working on or You Promised. I'm just hope it will work out…somehow.