Hey, this is my second fanfic. Summary: Danny tells Sam he loves her, and now she has a surprise for him. But there is a new girl that wants something from Danny. Italics are thoughts.

(Sam's P.O.V.)

The day started out like any other day. My alarm clock woke me up long before I wanted to get up. I got dressed, ate breakfast and headed for school. But as soon as I got dressed, things did not seem so normal. You see, Danny was acting very strange. For instance, every time he would talk to me, he kept stuttering. When he finally was able to talk to me, he asked me if we could talk at lunch. Well, now it is lunck hour, so I wonder what he has to say.

"Hey, Danny, what did you need to tell me?"

"Oh, right. Um...Tucker, do you mind getting lost?" Danny said.

"Why would I want to...Oh, I get it, okay, see you later." Tucker said.

"Anyway, I wanted to say...I want to tell you that...I...I...love you." he stuttered out.

Wow, what do I say. I feel the same way about him, but I never thought that he liked me too. "Danny, I don't know what to say, except, that I love you too." "Really, so do you like want to go on a date?" "Sure, I'd love to."

3 weeks later (Danny's P.O.V.)

She loves me! I'm the luckiest guy in the world! Danny was at his house getting ready for a date with Sam. But he was so busy in his thoughts and getting ready, that he did not notice someone was watching him. She started down at him as if she was studying him. Her name was Stephanie, but she was better know as Super Spectra. She was a ghost hero, like Danny. Her town was called Ghostville, and it was called that for good reason, is had lots of visits by ghosts. Normally she could take care of it on her own, but now there was a massive ghost invasion, and she needed help. She had heard of Danny Phantom, and decided to go and ask him for help.

Suddenly Danny became aware that he was being watched, so Stephanie left. Strange, I thought someone was watching me, oh, well, I need to get to Sam's house, she said, she has something special planned for us.

(Normal P.O.V.)

Danny arrived at Sam's house in a flew minutes. Sam answered the door. "Hi Danny." she said seductively. "Hi Sam, so what was this big evening you had planned." "You'll see, come in." He walked in and she lead him up to her room. When they reached her room, she locked the door bechind them. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Sam asked. "If you mean, do you want to make out with me, then yes." She walked up to where he was sitting on her bed and moved her lips up close to his. He moved in also and their lips met. The kiss deepened and Sam leaned back to lie on the bed. Danny followed and leaned over her, careful not to put all his weight on her.

But they were not alone, Stephaine was right outside the window. I must talk to him, my town is in danger, and I need his help. She thought. She flew away vowing to return to ask for his help when he was not so...uh...busy.

The next day

"You guys sure look happy. Did you do something last night?" Tucker asked. "Whats your problem, can't we ever be happy and not have done anything?" Sam asked. "It's just, you look more happy than usual, that's all." "Tucker, can't you just drop it, we're happy, that's all." Danny half shouted. "Fine, just don't blast my head off or something."

For the most part the day went as usual. Boring teachers, long lunch lines, running into Dash. At the end of the day, Danny, Sam, and Tucker went to go to Nasty Burger. Half way there, something or someone, pulled Danny into an alley they were passing.

"Danny, you don't know how I am, so let me introduce myself." Stephaine said. "I'm Super Spectra, I come from a town called Ghostville, and our town is being invaded by a massive ghost attack. I need your help to stop them." "What, I'm Danny Fenton, and I have no idea what you are talking about." "Look, I know who you are, you're Danny Phantom, and Danny Fenton." "Uh...what...how did you..." "Everyone in my town knows who you are, you are in the news, I found out your that you are Fenton because, when the ghost started to invade, I went out to look for Danny Phantom, I saw you change." "Oh, well, I'll need to tell my friends, then sure I'll help you."

Stephaine let him go back to his friends, but continued to watch him. "Where did you go?" Tucker asked. "Some ghost fighter named Super Spectra pulled me back there, and said, that her town needs my help to defeat a massive army of ghosts invading her town." "Well, are you going to help?" Sam asked. "Yea, but I wonder where she went?" "Well if she needs you are much as it sounds like she does, she'll be back." Sam said. Stephaine chose this moment to appear. "Hey, I need to take you back to my town to help me fight the ghosts." "Wow, you weren't kidding Danny there is a ghost that needs your help." Tucker said. "That's ghost hybrid." Stephaine said as she changed into her human self than back again. "Cool, another ghost hybrid!" Tucker said, getting more excited by the minute. "Look, less talk, we need to go." "Okay, lets go." Danny said as he changed. Danny grabbed Tucker and Stephaine grabbed Sam and they flew off.

It's finished! Chapter 1! Well what do you think please R&R, no flames. I did not continue the scene with Danny and Sam because I did not want the rating to go too high. What is Sam's surprise for Danny? What will happen in the battle to destroy the ghosts invading Stephaine's town?