Okay, here is the update. The kids start to get better, but they start to look like they have powers.

(Danny's P.O.V.)

3:05 a.m - Lil' Danny

I was sound asleep when I heard a cry. "Dada." I wonder if he wants anything to drink. I got up and went into the kids bedroom where I saw Lil' Danny standing up in his crib. "Dada." he said again. "Shhh, we don't want to wake up Brittney or Chris. Now what do you want." "Dwink." Well, at least he wants a drink. I picked him up and carried him down to the kitchen.

"Now, lets see, where did mommy put your...oh, here it is, your sippy cup." "Cuppy!" Lil' Danny shouted. "Lil' Me be quiet and yes your cup." I filled it up with water and handed it to him. He drank half of the cup. "Wow Lil' Me, you were thirsty!" "Yes, vwery." he said, then giggled. "Alright, now lets go to bed." I said as I carried him back to his room.

I put him back in his crib and headed back to my room. Now, I can sleep until morning.

4:00 a.m - Brittney

"Mama." Well, she's calling for Sam, so, I'll let Sam answer this call. But after a few minutes of waiting, she was still calling. Man, I guess Sam doesn't hear her. So I got up to see what she wanted. I walked into their room to find this time it was Brittney that wanted something. "What do you want little one." "Mama." "Mommy is sleeping, what can I get for you?" "Dwink." Uh...I'm so tired, but at least they are drinking. "Okay, lets go down stairs." I said as I picked her up.

"Okay, here is your cup." I said after I filled it up. She also drank about half the cup. "Wow, you are thirsty." She giggled and yawned. "Tired." I asked her. "Yes." "Then lets go back to bed." I got her back in bed expecting to sleep until morning.

5:30 a.m - Crystal

"Mama, Dada." Oh...not again. She called for both of us, so maybe this time Sam will hear. Once agian, Sam did not hear. Man, when I wake up I've got to find out how Sam sleeps like that. I went to the bedroom and found Crystal standing in her crib. "What do you need Chris?" "Chrissy want drink." "Alright, lets go down stairs." I picked her up and carried her down stairs.

I filled her cup with water and handed it to her. She drank most of the cup. "Chris thwirsty." "Yes, Chris, you were very thirsty." I took her back to her room and hoped that this time I would get some sleep.

7:40 a.m

"Danny, get up, I need your help wiht the kids." Sam half shouted in my ear. "No, not now...up all night with kids." I mumbled. "Oh, come one they are hungry." That woke me up right away. "They are hungry?" "Yes, not come on, get up." Sam said as she pulled the covers off me. I got dressed and headed down stairs.

"Dada!" Lil' Danny shouted as he ran over to me. "Hey Lil' Me. So you are hungry." "Yes, vwery, hurry up dada me huwngry." Lil' Danny said. I placed Lil' Danny in his high chair then turned to Crystal and said, "Chris, do you want up in your chair too." "Yes, upps!" she shouted. I picked her up and put her in her chair. I didn't even get a chance to ask if Brittney wanted up, she was already tugging at my pants saying, "Dada, upps!" "Alright, I'll put you in your chair." As I put her in her chair Sam said, "So, what do you want for breakfast, cereal, or pancakes?"

"Cakes, Cakes!" the kids shouted. "Okay, I'll make pancakes." Sam said. I gave the kids some juice in their sippy cups and they gladly drank it. I walked over to Sam and said, "Need any help, Beautiful?" "Oh, you're making me blush, but yes, I'd like some help." We got the pancakes ready just in time for my dad to come down stairs and start to dig in. "Mmmnn...thanks for the pancakes kids." Dad said. After we left, we finally got to eat.

After breakfast we took the kids to the doctors anyway, to make sure that they really were better. At the doctors office, Dr. Schindell said, "Well, its looks like they all are alright now, so I'm guessing that this all had something to do with their powers starting to function." "Oh, but they are alright now, right." Sam asked. "Yes, for now, they only felt bad for a little bit, so I'd say that until they can control their powers they will be sick off and on." Dr. Schindell said.

We left and headed home. So everything turned out alright. They were growing up just like they should. I did have a great day though when they kids were 6, but you'll have to read about it in the sequal.

Well, that is the end of this part. The sequal will be called, A Day to Remember. I'm hoping to release it by the end of the week. Please R&R, no flames.