Circumstances Allowing

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Chapter 1: Timing Is Everything

"Finally…" I muttered to myself, watching as my parents boarded their flight to Hawaii. That's what happens when an aspiring writer, that would be me, finishes her book and watches, as it becomes a best seller in less than 6 months. "I finally got to pay them back for all they've done for me."

What am I talking about exactly is somewhat complicated. Not the best selling author sending her parents on an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for as long as they wish to stay, but for my reasons behind it. No, I'm not adopted per say but I'm not exactly from their bloodline either. Circumstances allowing, I'll get back home eventually or to the place I consider home, in any case.

Circumstances will take some time to allow.

((((General POV)))

The melancholy best selling Author of Heaven and Hell, a story about the end of the world not entirely fictional, drove home. Were it not for the fact that it was now 10:30 at night, the deserted highway would have worried her somewhat, but alas, she wasn't really paying much attention to anything but the road in front of her. Her thoughts were turned to a much more pressing matter, one she'd been striving for, for years on end and now.

How to leave.

She got home in 20 minutes and was reluctant to go inside. Something made her stand out there in the driveway and she wasn't sure what. She pulled a pack of Marlboros from her purse and placed a cigarette between her lips, lighting it with jewel toned, dark red lighter. A lighter with sentimental value, from her best friend last summer, a friend she was slowly losing. She took a drag and let it out slowly, waiting for whatever was to come, to hurry up and come.

She didn't have to wait very long.

The figure was dark, but it was definitely male. Tall and slim, pale skin, black hair, a black vest, black ribbons wrapped around his arms and a strange white skirt over black pants and boots. The hat that would usually be on his head, tipped so that it hid one sharp, dark, blue eye was lying on the ground next to the figure. He had just collapsed there, out of nowhere and was lying on his side, facing her.

"Oh my unholy Hades lord of the underworld…" She muttered to herself, walking over to the trembling figure quietly and kneeling by him, her cigarette fallen from her lips and completely forgotten. It was then she got a good look at him and gave a tiny gasp. "Hell must be frozen and Heaven must be burning…"She muttered as the figure groaned and curled into himself slightly.

He was bleeding…badly.

"Hey, hey there. Come on sweetie, stay with me now." She cooed softly, slapping his cheeks lightly to keep him from slipping into unconsciousness. He opened his eyes and stared at her through squinting eyes, his breathing was quick, slightly shallow and worried her even more. "There we go. Okay buddy, can you walk if I help you?"

"Y-yeah…"he answered weakly.

"Good." She helped him sit up, then grabbed on his arms and draped it around her shoulder, using her other arm to hold his waist. Slowly but surely they made it to the front door, into the hall way and into her parents room where she would be sleeping while they were gone. Gently she laid the man from her driveway on the bed and turned on the light. Now they could both see each other clearly now, and what a shocker they both got.

What he saw after his vision cleared and his eyes got used to the light was a woman. She wasn't too tall, and she wasn't too thin, but she was healthy and her pale skin seemed to almost shimmer or glow from the inside. She wore a black tank top with a pink lace trim and a denim mini skirt with a pleated trim. He couldn't see what kind of shoes she had on but he could see the black and red striped tights quite clearly. She was holding a black leather jacket over her shoulder in a casual manner and soon opted to merely throw it into the closet to her right. In her left hand, she clutched his hat tightly and stared right back at him. Her eye's shifted from a dark brown to a brilliant orange and she put her long auburn hair up in a ponytail, revealing slightly pointed ears.

She looked oddly familiar to him.

What she saw was a tall, slim but muscled and pale guy lying on the bed. Black hair was up in a ponytail and his eyes were a sharp, dark blue. Just like her guess before, all of his clothing was black, black pants, black boots, black vest, black wraps on his arms and a white skirt like thing around his waist. She also saw the many bloody wounds that adorned his body, and she knew that it tonight she'd have her work cut out for her.

She remembered him very well.

She hurriedly ran into the adjoining bathroom and rooted around under the sink for the first aid kit. "A-ha! I knew you were under there you little bugger!" She exclaimed, finally finding the immense kit she'd hidden under there years before for her own secretive line of work. She walked out of the bathroom looking triumphant and carrying the suitcase sized black briefcase with a red cross on it and the man on the bed just stared.

"Eh-heh. You know, if you spread them, you can lay flat on your back much easier." She began idly, motioning to the black wings on his back. Bat wings to be more exact, as he took her advice if only to be more comfortable. "See?" She undid the few clasps holding the blood stained vest closed and he merely laid still and stared at her face, trying to remember. "Uh…this is kind of embarrassing but I'm going to need to take your…pants off." She stated, smiling nervously at him with a blush spreading across her face.

"K…" he answered in the same weak voice as before on the driveway.

Once the pants and the vest and the boots were off, she surveyed the damage and gave a sigh. "I don't know what group you pissed buddy but you sure are lucky you found me and not some random person on the street."

"Yeah…? Who are you, anyway?" He asked, eyeing her as she opened the big, black briefcase of medical supplies. His eye's widened at the array of things from needles, to bandages, to iodine, to dried herbs and a mortar and pestle. She rooted around in it before turning towards him with some disinfectant alcohol solution and a rather large cotton ball. She then soaked the cotton ball in the stuff, which smelled horrible.

"You mean you don't remember me? Why I'm…okay, not shocked, but a little bit hurt. Brace yourself, this is going to sting." She replied in part and began cleaning the many wounds upon his body.

There were four deep gashes along his abdomen, and one going straight across his chest. There were several smaller cuts on both his arms and a few rather large ones on his left leg. There were also many bruises adorning his pale skin, and she wondered just what had happened to him. He winced as she continued on with the stinging solution, his face scrunching up every so often in pain. When she was finished, she helped him sit up so she could wrap his chest and arms without obstacles.

"Anyway, to get to your question, I was a kitten when you, Yoko and oh yeah, Zuzuko were the best thieves in Makai-" She was suddenly cut off by he himself.

"Avaria! It's really you?"

"Well, it's just Avi now but yeah, it's me all right!" She finished bandaging up his legs and stood up to observe her work. He did as well and opened his arms as wide as he could.

"Come here you!" He exclaimed again as Avi gently dove in for the hug. "I was wondering where you'd gotten too kitten." He spoke softly to the girl in his arms.

"I missed you too, Kuronue."

(((((((((((((((((((((((((Chapter Fin))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Right…I know it's kind of sucky right now but bare with, it will get better. There's a lot of background here that will be discussed later on and so on and so forth and hey, he never gets written about and I for one like Kuronue! The bat rules!