Circumstances Allowing

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Chapter 3: Please Don't Hate me

(Where last left off)

"Okay…what happened is this…." Avi began in a voice so quiet that even Kuronue's sensitive ears cold barely pick it up. "I was recruited, involuntarily by a group called the Oglum. I died in a sense in Makai because they dragged my spirit in all forms into this place. Oglum basically controlled every aspect of this realm of existence."

"Where are we Avi?" Kuronue interrupted her for just a moment, and she was thankful since if he was going to understand her story, he would need to understand the type of place he was in.

"Sanctuary Earth." Was her answer, and shock was his reaction.

Sanctuary Earth; it may not seem like much of a sanctuary at first glance but that's only if you're a human who's been born here. This isn't a human world; it's a world of safe haven shared by vampires, lycans, witches, wizards, warlocks, elves, fae, demons, half breeds, quarter breeds, full breeds and every other kind of breed you can possibly think of! The exiled will come to this place and find refuge, those seeking better lives for them and their own will come here, it's like the America of the Universe except unlike America it's got a severe LACK political crap. To many other realms, this place was a legend.

"Are you over the shock yet?" Avi asked him several minutes later, waving her hand back and forth in front of his face.

"Yeah…I'm good. Please continue, I'm curious as to what you could have possibly done to make me hate you." He gave her a small smile which she did not return but looked down at her lap once more as if speaking to her sweat pants instead of him.

"Okay, I'm pretty sure that I don't have to explain about S.E. to you but I do have to explain about Oglum?" He nodded at the implied question before she went on. "Okay…well, Oglum is kind of like the detective's spirit world uses except it is not sprit world business in any way shape or form. We would handle every single case, being both a 'Welcome to Sanctuary Earth, here's the paperwork and the line for the physical' type of group and an authority's type of force. There was a high council, an empress under the council, and then the ranks of, well, trained forces that could be better called hunters or assassins who handled everything else. The lower the ranking, the worse the skill which meant probably handling the filing. There was a file for every single creature that came in and left this place, and they were always updated. Some of the higher ranking hunters would track down new arrivals as well which is why we had group set ups in several countries.

"Well…I got pulled for a reason, when I was old enough I was sort of awakened to who and what I really was and brought into the Oglum, as the empress. Believe me when I say there was nothing royal about that position, I got less training and had to do diplomatic missions on top of keeping myself in the topmost rankings. I was the empress; I had a duty to be the best fucking killer in the group." She sneered out the last sentence, hating it. "I was Avaria, my name was legendary and I was the most dangerous and valuable asset. This is why I think you might hate me Kuronue."

"Let me be the judge of that one Avi."

"All right," She finally looked him in the eyes, the regret and the guilt apparent in the orange orbs. "Kuronue…I am half demon, half elf. I had made friends both in Oglum and out of it who had no idea I was who I was. You and Yoko both taught me that killing was only to done if completely necessary!" She stared down at her palms for a split second, palms that should have been much paler than they were. "I killed Kuronue; I was the best assassin out there! Avaria, the Hellcat, the Kittens Claw, the Not So Innocent Angel, the Black Cat, my hands are permanently stained with the blood of even my own kind. I even had to do away with some of the people I had come to call friend. Then things got bad, Oglum crumbled from the inside out and I found myself unable to find anyone I once knew. They even bound me once they found out hat things were beginning to go wrong thinking I was behind it but I broke those bindings a while ago. I'm sorry Kuronue…I killed even when it wasn't necessary only because Oglum ordered me too, even when I knew they had done nothing wrong." She looked down again, refusing to meet his eyes for they surely held loathing hatred.

Cue in awkward silence number one!

A good fifteen minutes passed with Avi staring at her own stained hands and Kuronue staring at the curtain of hair that hid her face from view. Her guilt over so much blood shed by her hands and her regret for it all was eating away at her and he knew that was why the light was gone. He realized why she had given a barely there cringe when he'd called her Avaria too, for Avaria was the killer. But Avi was all that was left, she was the result of guilt and regret and horrible epiphanies about yourself.

"Avi," Kuronue reached out a pail, half bandaged hand and lightly grabbed her chin, forcing her face up, relieved that she was not looking away this time. "I can't hate you for surviving."

"Really? You always taught-"Kuronue cut her off.

"And you were always stubborn and argumentative over everything. I know what we taught you, but didn't we teach you as well that survival was necessary?"

Avi nodded vigorously, Kuronue's fingers still pressed to her lips to keep her quiet.

"Well then wouldn't killing in order to survive be considered necessary to us?"

Her eyes widened at the thought, and he knew full well that she'd forgotten to think of it like that. He deftly moved his hand out of the way before her own could hit it in the process of smacking herself in the forehead with a sigh. Why HAD she never thought of it like that…?

"Well I feel stupid…" She muttered with a sniff.


"Don't what?"

"Feel stupid of course!" Kuronue laughed at her raised eyebrow.

"I…do not have a come back to that one, damn." She pouted before chuckling as well, it was funny after all.

Suddenly, the half demon mutt found herself being pushed back down to lay upon the mattress by Kuronue who had a very serious look now plastered upon his face, eyes sharp and analyzing. Analyzing her that is and she found herself both weary and comforted by it but raised a questioning eyebrow anyway.

"Kuro-chan, what are you doing?" She questioned with a not so well hidden yawn.

"Putting you back to bed, you've got circles under your eyes that would make a ditch look shallow and I know your still tired." He replied in a voice she knew meant not to argue as he pulled the blanket back over the both of them for it had gotten just a bit chilly in the room.

"You know, I think the last time you used that voice with me was when I was small because I refused to take a bath." She giggled, propping herself up on some of the pillows and grabbing the television remote.

"Yes, I then tossed you into the lake where Yoko was waiting, I remember you landed on him and I got yelled at for it." He gave a more manly giggle back to her, watching with interest as she turned on the TV, which she'd explained about last night. "What are you doing?"

"It's too early for sleep and I don't know about you but I'm not really hungry for dinner just yet even though we bypassed lunch about an hour ago." She replied, flipping through the channels before finding a good movie on HBO.

For the rest of the day she and Kuronue merely rested up, Kuronue noting that Avi did in fact fall asleep soon after dinner and wasn't going to be waking up anytime soon that night. Little Avaria, make that Avi, was all grown up now and he could not help but feel admiration and pity for her.

That and a rather overwhelming sense of foreboding seemed to sneak up on him as he fell asleep near the midnight hour.

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