The Aftermath of Memories 2- The Aftermath of Four Years Gone

Summary: It seemed like everywhere she turned, there he was...Now was not the time to be thinking about the outcome of things...The return address stopped her dead in her tracks...She'd come to tell him, that she'd never forgotten...but it looked as if he had...

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Chapter one- Everywhere She Turned

Sometimes, a sunrise can be one of the best things for a girl. For example, if that girl is getting married and has had an awefully hard time sleeping the night before her wedding, a sunrise is exactly what she's hoping for. Or if she's anxious about a new job and the next day is her first day working, then a sunrise can be somwhat relieving. Or if one has had a slightly bad dream, a sunrise could wake them from it and make everything ok again.

But to Hermione Jane Granger, a sunrise wasn't exactly alluring, because it woke her from the most pleasent dreams imaginable. Dreams about a certain red-headed bloke with the most adorable freckles on the planet and a grin that made her go weak in the knees. And as it so happens, on that Tuesday morning when the sun decided to rise early...Hermione was yet again, having a wonderful dream about Ronald Weasley...

She stirred slightly underneath the soft downy covers, as visions of Ron played in her subconcious mind. A smile spread across her sleeping face, the minute the sun begin to rise. The window was open and had been letting in the cool summer breeze in all through the night, but now that the sun was rising the breeze was softening, warming the rug and making the air inside her room smell sweet.

The sunshine spilled through the window and across the carpet right onto the frizzy brown head of sleeping Hermione. She let out a long groan, her eyes fluttering open to greet the new morning. Unfortunatley, the sun had awoken her from a engaging dream once again, and the only words she could muster at the moment were--

"Bloody sunshine..."

She sighed, kicking off the covers. Why did the damn morning have to spoil everything? Why did it have to bring her back to reality, where she knew Ron and Harry were no longer a part of her life?...Why?

These were questions she would never be able to answer, or so she thought. They accompanied so many other questions. Like, why did Ron have to join the Chuddly Cannons team after school had ended? Why hadn't he written to her in the past four years? Was he really that busy, or did he just forget about her all together? And what about Harry? Had he forgotten as well?

A tear fell down her cheek, and she quickly wiped it away. Now was not the time to cry over lost friends. Now was the time to eat breakfast and read the Daily Prophet. She slipped her fuzzy bunny slippers on and got up off of the bed, walking towards the door. She emerged from her room, into a large hallway. The walls were decorated in black and white pictures of everyone. Harry, Ginny, Fred, George, Seamus, Neville...and Ron... She hardly even glanced at these as she walked down the hallway, some of them waving to greet her. There was too much to remember when she saw those pictures, and it hurt, but something stopped her from taking them down every time she considered it.

She entered the kitchen, her eyes searching for something she could eat. She opened the cupboard and got out a loaf of bread. Pulling her wand out of one of the drawers, she toasted two peices and buttered them as well. Placing them on a plate and accompanying them with a cup of coffee, she sat down at the table and unfolded the pages of the Daily Prophett.

The first thing her eyes layed upon was a picture of Ron. Typical.

He was holding a brand new broom and sitting on a couch inside one of the most beautiful apartments Hermione had ever seen. He kept winking at the Camera in an utterly fake way that made her want to throw up on the picture. Hermione could tell his grin was fake as well, because she knew his real smile better than anyone else. Or had he changed so much, that even his smile had become different?...

The picture hadn't even startled her. She was used to seeing his face everywhere. It seemed like everywhere she turned, there he was. Whether it be the paper or a magazine she was reading, he always turned up. And she had grown to expect things like that. But sometimes reading and watching things about him only made her angry and frusterated.

The picture was to the left of an article. It read:

How Famous Quidditch Stars Celebrate their Birthdays

Celebrating his 21st Birthday today, Chuddly Cannons Keeper, Ronald Weasley sits inside his brand new apartment, holding his new Broom. The model is a Firebolt 3 and is "The Best Birthday Present I've ever gotten" he claims.

His new apartment is something this Quidditch player has been thinking about for quite a while now. "I was having trouble finding one that was right for me." he admits "But then, I was searching through the papers and found this one. I'm really happy with it. It's really quite nice."

'Nice' is truly an understatement, when it comes to Ron's new apartment. Furnished with black leather couches and an indoor jacuzzi, he seems to have surrounded himself with the more than just the bare neccessities. We say good for him! Happy Birthday Ronniekins!

Hermione crumpled up the newspaper and threw it into the waistbasket violently. How dare they call him Ronniekins! That wasn't his name, nor would it ever be! His name was Ron...or Ronald... but NEVER Ronniekins! She gagged at the sound of that name, sticking out her tounge. She had heard it on Television, and now it was in the newspapers? It made her sick!

Pushing her half eaten toast away, she left the kitchen to get ready for work. She walked back into her room, and into her private bathroom. There was a message written in lipstick on the mirror from a few nights before that nearly made her as sick as the nickname she'd just read.


I had a great time with you last night. Don't be a stranger and neither will I. Owl me.

Love, Parker

There was an address written below it. She quickly wiped the message away along with wherever he had lived. Of course, she wasn't going to owl him! That would be one of the stupidest things Hermione Granger would have ever done in the history of her young adult life! Parker had been a real pompuss ass. He had made her pay for dinner and had insisted on going back to her house for drinks, claiming that his house was under construction . When she had awoken the next day alone, with no evidence of him being there but that disgusting message, she had felt so relieved.

She stared at herself in the smudged mirror...

It's no wonder Ron hasn't written to me. She thought, He's probably met loads of girls prettyer than I am.

She frowned, picking up her toothbrush. She reached for the toothpaste, discovering that it wasn't there. Sighing, she got down on her knees and pulled a new one from the cupboard. As she brushed her teeth, she thought about how Today was Rons Birthday.

His bloody twenty-first birthday! The sweet seventeen year old boy she once knew, was now allowed to drink legally, and it didn't take much for Hermione to know that he would use it to his advantage. She wondered what his plans were for his Birthday. He would probably invite a bunch of importantly plastic people to his new apartment and party the night away, completly unaware that somewhere in the world, Hermione Jane Granger was thinking about him.

She got herself ready for work and headed back downstairs. Grabbing her Mungos ID card, she headed out the door and to work. After school, she had recieved honors in all of her classes, making it very easy for her to find a high paying job at St. Mungos as a Healer. That was just about the only good thing that had happened since school had officially ended. Everything else had just gone down the drain. Even men.

But Hermione didn't really give a damn about men. Atleast not anymore. Not since her and Ron had lost touch...

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