The Aftermath of Memories 2- The Aftermath of Four Years Gone

Summary: It seemed like everywhere she turned, there he was...Now was not the time to be thinking about the outcome of things...The return address stopped her dead in her tracks...She'd come to tell him, that she'd never forgotten...but it looked as if he had...

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Chapter Seven- Broken Brooms and Italian Food

It had been a completely normal day at the wing where Hermione worked. The late morning had sent in a pleasant breeze through her open office window, and she never grew tired of the birds chirping right outside of it. Her hot Butterbeer had tasted just as it always did, her paperwork was nearly finished, and Luna had of course only bothered her twice.

Everything seemed to be going quite smoothly. Totally predictable. The only thing that felt out of place was her.

Just another boring day to add to my equally boring life, she thought, sighing deeply and placing her head on her desk. She tapped her quill along her parchment pad a few times and clicked her teeth before walking over to the window. The only thing that had been even remotely odd about the day, was that the mail hadn't arrived just yet. She opened the window wider, awaiting her owl with anticipation. She anticipated the thought of her promotion letter coming, but other things were on her mind as well.

Gazing out into the sky longingly, she began to think about the one person she knew she wanted to hate. But no matter how hard she tried to, she would never stop caring for those baby blue eyes and that goofy Weasley smile. No matter how big of a jerk he had came to be, she would always kindof sortof him to the death...

She wiped a tear away, lying to herself and blaming it on her allergies that she knew she didn't have. Nearly giving up on the mail, she was about to close the window, when she spotted something in the very far distance. It was flying. Thinking it was her owl, she opened the window wider, as to give him room to land, but as the speck grew bigger, she realized that it was a person on a broom.

The person was moving fast, right for her, almost blurry in sight, as the broom sped for her open window.

She had just enough time to realize that the person had flaming red hair, before he zipped right through the open window, knocking over her vase of flowers and a lot of other things while he was at it, including Hermione.

Both figures fell to the floor with a THUD! When she finally decided to open her eyes to see who the hell had crashed in her office, she found herself staring into the same baby blue eyes that she loved so much, yet hated just the same.

Ronald Weasley had crashed right into her, snapping the end off of his brand new broom and landing on top of her with a crash. He was wincing, showing his pathetic sorry gaze. She glared up at him.

"Would you mind telling me exactly why you're here and on top of me!" She yelled, breathing deeply. He had given her quite a scare, the bloody oaf!

Taking the hint, he rolled off of her and got up, dusting himself off and holding out his hand to help her up. She didn't take it. Instead, Hermione stood up by herself and dusted off her clothes just as he had. For a moment, he just stared at her, before answering her question with a quivering voice.

"I-I brought you flowers!" He said, pulling his arms out from behind his back to reveal a disarrayed bouquet of pink and orange daisies, some of the petals falling to the ground in the process.

Hermione placed both hands on her hips, staring at him with a confused daze. She didn't speak, though her mouth was slightly open in utter confusion and defense.

Clearing his throat, Ron decided to take the hint and speak again. "I Ummm, I thought you might like some and about we find a vase," He looked around, spotting the one that had spilled out all it's contents onto the ground. "Ah! Here's one!" He said, picking it up off the carpet and placing the flowers in it, smiling meekly. Hermione only sighed.

"Ron, answer my question," She said impatiently.

He shrugged "I did answer it. I brought you flowers! Ooh, and chocolate too!" He sifted through the pockets of his robes, pulling out a small box of chocolate frogs, tossing it at Hermione. She caught it, looking the slightly-squashed box over.

What was wrong with this guy!

"Tell me something," She said, placing the box on her desk "Are you on medication! If not, do you NEED some! What gives you the right to come into my office by bloody mail order and just-"

"Miss Granger, has the mail finally came for you?" Luna interrupted, peeking her head in. "I was wondering when it would, it's a bit la-"

Pausing abruptly when she noticed that Hermione wasn't alone, Luna went very pink indeed. "oh, so sorry Miss, I-I didn't know you had company,"

"He's Not Company," Hermione glowered, giving Ron a death glare. He swallowed, waving sheepishly at Luna with a nervous chuckle. Luna shook her head.

"Whatever he is," she said "I'll leave you two alone now." With that, she had left, shutting the door tightly behind her. Hermione wished she hadn't left her alone so quickly.

She watched Ron stare at the door, scratching his head. "Didn't she used to be...somewhat of an oddball when we were in school?"

Hermione folded her arms "I'm impressed to see that you even remember that much, Ronald Weasley..." She muttered, sitting down at her desk.

Everything was silent for a moments worth more, with the exception of Ron making twiddling movements with his fingers and clearing his throat every so often. His hands traced over the things in her office awkwardly; The pictures of her and other people, none of them being Ron, the plants, the wizarding hospital tools, and anything else that lay between the desks and drawers. She watched him from the corner of her eye. it was hard pretending that he wasn't there, though she thought to try.

"I wanted to see you," He finally said, turning back to her.

Hermione scoffed. "Why? So you could make out with more girls in front of me?"

"Oh come off it, Penny was just-"

"Just what, Ron?" She asked, getting up from her desk, "Just some other girl, right? Just one of the 'few', correct?" She asked defensively. Ron sighed.

"Aren't you going to eat those?" he asked, pointing to the box of chocolate frogs. Hermione sighed.

"Stop trying to change the subject!" She said, pulling at her tousled hair. She had to wonder how he'd found her. "How did you know where I worked anyway?" she asked, raising her eyebrow at him.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me!" Ron exclaimed, pulling her robes from one of his slightly larger pockets. She took them disbelivingly. How could he have the nerve to look through her robes?

"You went through my personal items!" She shouted, jumbling the robes up in a bunch and throwing them at his head. He winced.

"Not exactly," he squeaked, "It just--sortof fell out of your pocket, so I read it. Besides," He pointed at her. "YOU left them at MY house, miss Granger!"

"Oh, forgive ME," Hermione shouted, clenching her fists "Next time I'm over and I find you snogging someone and throwing a huge get-drunk-quick party, I'll remember to grab my robes before storming out!"

It had appeared as though Ron wasn't listening. Instead, he twirled a plant vine between his fingers and coughed.

"Do you like Italian?" he asked randomly.

Hermione just stood there, raising an evil eyebrow "What?" she asked, not quite getting it. Ron sighed.

"Food, do you like Italian food," he tried to explain "You know...Spaghetti, Meatballs, Pizza, Lasagna-"

"I know what Italian food is, Ronald..." She said in an annoyed tone.

"Well, your lunch break is nearly there, isn't it?" Ron asked "Perhaps we could go out to eat. It would mean the world to me..."

Hermione folded her arms and closed her eyes tightly, trying to ignore the fact that he knew when her lunch hour was and how weird that was, and sighed deeply. Even if she was craving Italian, she wasn't just going to go with him...not just like that. Ron had changed too much.

"I don't think so..." she replied.

Ron sighed "Why?" he whined, grabbing her arm lightly and falling to his knees. She rolled her eyes, as his arms found their way around her torso, watching him practically beg her on his knees.

"Please, Mione? Please go with me!"

Hermione growled at the sound of that nickname "Fine! on one condition!" she pointed a finger high in the air.

"Anything!" Ron said, smiling and getting up.

"Don't call me Mione..." She warned, before grabbing her purse, ready to leave through the door, but Ron stopped her.

"No...where we're going doesn't require doors." He grinned, grabbing her and quickly repairing his broom with a spell. Mounting it, he tossed her over the handle. She gripped his robes tightly.

"And where exactly is that!" she asked shakily. She loathed heights.

Ron shrugged. "Italy," he said plain as day, smirking at the shocked look on Hermiones face.

"What-" was all she had time to say, before they were both out the window, speeding through the daylight. Hermione had a bad feeling about this, but she would ignore it for now. It wasn't like there was anything she could do about it.

And she'd never been to Italy...

lol cute huh? NO, she has NOT forgiven Ron, as you can plainly see! He's still not off the hook, nor will he be for a while...perhaps never! muahahhaha lol jp...