For anyone reading this poem, the old hag is Kreia not Atris or anyone else who may come to mind.

I watched her from afar

I watched her from afar, and she never said a word to me.
Not that the others hadn't tried for my attention;
I just humoured them, joined in their jokes and remarks…

But I never made any advances to them and grew distant and cold.
Eventually they left me for more suitable relationships,
Atton, men they knew… even Mandalore had them flirting with him.

It was all jealousy and I laugh now as I laughed then;
But no matter how hard I tried,
I could not erase her face from my mind.
Tried to forget her, to let her live alone in peace, but it wasn't possible.

She haunted me, her eyes boring into my sol when
There was none but the shawl to cover her sightless nature.
And so I fell prey too my passion and I started to love her.
Not as a prize or power of the Force, but her soul.

The old hag warned me, she did.
But it matters not, for our love surpasses
What the boundaries of life hold for us.

Our love…

That's all we shall ever need…

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Okay, this is a different poem related to the Exile and Visas Marr if they had fallen in love. Zealit - you asked for a Exile and Visas Marr poem, so here's you poem. Hope you enjoy it.