Care Bears are not (c) to me. Soulful Heart is and Regal is (c) to Mariel. That is all.

"Inventor No More"

Everyone has an off day or two. It's a simple fact. But sometimes these things can last a bit longer than a day or two. For example…


"Bright Heart!" Cheer Bear shrieked as the new window-washer he made for her smashed her windows and tried washing her face.


"Bright Heart!" Soulful Heart Fox snarled as a device Bright Heart made as a machine designed to make wedding dressed stuffed him in a dress that Little Bo Peep would've been ashamed to wear.


"Bright Heart!" Brave Heart Lion bellowed as he was being pursued by a deranged, mane-brushing machine.


"Bright Heart!" Tenderheart Bear groaned as a modified Cloud Mobile took off all by itself and started flying about five feet off the ground.


"Bright Hear!" Gentle Heart Lamb moaned as Bright Heart's latest device to help her gardening ended up uprooting half of her flowerbed.


"Bright Heart!" Regal Heart Lioness hollered when she found her daughter after she'd had a run in with a gift-wrapping machine


"Bright Heart!" Grumpy yelled as a cleaning robot hung him from a cloths line. "Oh why do these things always happen to me?"

"Bright Heart!"

"Bright Heart!"

"Bright Heart!"


Two Weeks Later:

Please work! Bright Heart Raccoon said in what was more than half a prayer. Please, it's just got to...With one last crank of the wrench he finished his latest invention: A machine that was designed to pick up and carry food from the kitchen to the family members already sitting in the Hall of Hearts. He programmed it so everyone would be delivered their favorite meal.

Crossing his fingers he hit the on switch. The machine hummed and turned to life. Bright Heart affected not to notice the exchange of worried glances that most of the Care Bear Family members were already wearing as they awaited their lunch.

The machine rolled into the kitchen and a few moments later, rolled out of it. It rolled at stopped in front of Brave Heart, who winced as the machine beeped and spat out a tray of sandwiches and peanut butter balls. He tensed up then relaxed when nothing happened.

Bright Heart breathed a sigh of relief. Finally…

The machine started rolling on to the next person when it stopped. A funny whirring noise started to sound and the machine began spinning round in circles, beeping like crazy and moving much faster than it was supposed to go. It began spitting out trays of food in random directly, splattering against the walls.

Everyone, Bright Heart included, dove under the tables and tried to wait it out. A few moments later the machine stopped again. Everyone started to get up, thinking it was over. Just then, the machine let out one last, loud "Beep!" seemed to fly apart at the seams, showering everyone and everything with what had been lunch.

Bright Heart idly wiped what had been a salad from his shoulder as he looked at the smoldering wreck of his latest work. He turned and saw the frowns from the food-covered faces of his family members. Bright Heart spotted Soulful Heart Fox glaring at him. Soulful's face was covered with an egg salad sandwich, but Bright Heart could feel the glare anyway. Gentle Heart's hair was smeared with a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff and Brave Heart's main was coated with what looked like Jello and Lotsa Heart was trying to clean oatmeal out of his ears. Swift Heart had a similar problem with lasagna.

Bright Heart's shoulder's slumped. Not again. He hardly noticed Noble Heart and True Heart walking over to him until he felt a paw being laid on his shoulder. He turned around to look into the eyes of an annoyed looking horse.

"We need to talk Bright Heart." Noble Heart started.

"We know you mean well." True Heart said gently as she scooped some ice cream out of her headfur. "But—"

"—You have to be more careful with your inventions." Noble Heart continued, picking up the thread. "It's just that—Bright Heart?" He saw the wrench in Bright Heart's paw shaking violently as Bright Heart gripped it with ever increasing pressure.

"Bright Heart? Are you all—" True Heart hadn't gotten the word "right" out before Bright Heart turned around and threw his wrench through the window.

Jaws dropped as the shards of glass fell with a tinkle. Noble Heart's next words died on his lips as he saw Bright Heart's face; Furious and streaming with tears.

"That's it!" Bright Heart exclaimed as he stormed out the open doors, leaving a stunned family behind.

"Bright Heart wait!" Gentle Heart said, the first to recover her wits as she ran out the doors. Soulful, still wiping egg salad from his face, followed soon after, as did Noble Heart, True Heart and several others.

Out of breath, they arrived at Bright Heart's home in time to see him stuffing his garbage cans full of various objects and devices.

"Bright Heart, please. If we did something to hurt you're feelings we're sorry…" True Heart said. Bright Heart ignored her, which was stunning in and of itself.

"Bright Heart--" Gentle Heart said as she walked up to him. "Please…talk to us. Talk to me."

"I-I can't do this anymore." He said in half a whisper. "No more."

"What're you saying Bright?" Soulful asked, concerned.

"I mean I'm through." Bright Heart said forcefully as he dropped an armful of tools into the trash. "I am sick and tired of humiliating myself and endangering my family with these…these things." He spat the last word as if it were an obscenity. Raising his voice, something he rarely did, Bright Heart squeezed his hands into fists.

"I am never going to pick up another tool or invent anything ever again…Never!"

To Be Continued…