Disclaimers: Bleach is copyrighted to Kubo Tite. I'm not making money off this fanfic, except having fun. And the disclaimers also apply for every chapter in this piece of fanfic thereafter.

A/N: The end of these drabbles will tie-in with the anime/manga timelines ie visit of Ulquiorra and Yammy to Earth, to look for Ichigo.

Timeframe setting for fic: Starts when Aizen resides in Hueco Mundo.


This technological simulation is provocative, a convincing replica of where trash resides.

Caring. Reliant. Weak.

Nothing he respects.

"Ulquiorra, Aizen-sama has returned!"

A flick of the wrist, and a formed hand seal is pressed against the raised hilt of his sword.

There is an ominous hush, followed by volcanic enmity of suffocating coldness.

No words are spoken, but it's obvious to the other Espada.


It is over in less than ten seconds. Wildlife, trees, rocks… a wasteland of bloody debris and razed earth slowly fades back into the beautiful bleakness of their realm.

"At last, Yammy. He needs help."