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You could call this day, a normal day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and a group of friends were sitting in a circle reminiscing. However these weren't normal friends. Actually they were some of the most powerful fights in this and other known galaxies. They were known as the Super Smash Brothers, or Smashers as they so like to be called. There were twelve of them in this small circle, each different from the last, though all unite by the same force, and evil god-like entity that wanted control over the Nintendoverse. However, banding together they defeated this malevolent force, and rid the Nintendoverse of his evil. After their climatic battle they all returned to their separate universes to go on with their lives, but they would return every once in a while to reminisce (as stated above).

"Hey, remember when I through DK into that Venusaur. It got really mad and attacked him with a barrage of Razor Leafs." Comes a Hyliean warrior.

The giant ape grunts his acknowledgement. And though he grunts most of the time, he can speak English, though it sounds disfigured.

"Yeah, never knew plants could hurt so much." He replied

"Well, I have to deal with them all the time, and it isn't easy." Replied a yellow electric mouse jokingly

Now to everyone else when Pikachu, and other pokemon like him, speak all you can hear are their names, but the other Smashers have learned, not to understand his language, but to understand what he means, through body movements and such. It is almost like a sixth sense that the Smashers have acquired, being as close as they were.

"That's nothing compared to the time when I was about to finish off Fox here and got attacked by one of his Arwings." Came a cybernetic bounty hunter.

"I can't help if my teammates want to give me a little extra advantage." Replied the humanoid canine.

"Well, heck, ya needed it. When it came to me of course." Came a sometimes-arrogant racer/bounty hunter.

"Oh please, you aren't all that good. Remember when Kirby beat you badly. You didn't seem so 'gun hoe' as you say afterward." Came an Italian plumber with a horrible accent

"Hey, that was a fluke, I was haven' a bad day." Replied Captain Falcon in a pathetic defense.

Then everything went quite for about five seconds before the entire group busted into laughter. Their laughs echoed across the vast, seemingly endless field until the Smashers got a hold of them selves and resumed their little chat.

"We you have a point, everyone has a off day sometimes." Replied the brother of the Italian plumber.

"See, I glad that somebody agrees with me." Came Captain Falcon

"That's a first." Replies Samus, full of sarcasm

"Oh come on babe. You know you can't ignore the best F-Zero racer in the galaxy." Replies Captain Falcon, summoning false manliness

"Please." She scoffs "You and you're fast pace driving. I'm just surprise you haven't killed yourself yet."

"Hey, after becoming a Smasher, crashing in a flaming ball of twisted metal is a walk in the park." He replies.

"Though is pains me to say it, your right." She replies with a sigh of acceptance. "I mean I knew I was strong, but after become a Smasher, I've hit a whole new level of strength. I've never been able to take hits like I've been before I became a Smasher." She explains

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Replies Link "We knock each other halfway across the universe sometimes, but we just get back up and keep battling. It's almost like the Master Hand gave us more power."

"I hate to admit it, but he's right. That backstabbing glove did make us way more powerful than ever. In a way, we kind of owe him. With out him, we would never have become so strong."

"Or become Smashers." Replies Kirby, a pink balloon with a black hole for a belly.

"Or friends." Replies the other pink balloon that loves to sing

"Jigglypuff is right. Through the Master Hand's greed, we have become good friends." Replies Pikachu

"Yeah, I always loved hanging with Mario and Luigi, but now it's even more fun with you guys." Replies the green dinosaur known as Yoshi

"Yeah, I have to admit. I've had fun with all of you. Even though I could live without Captain Falcon's constant hit-ons." Replies Samus

"Oh you know ya love 'em." He tells her. "And I think your softening up to me. Who knows, maybe you'll finally cave in and go out with the man of men." He says, eyeing Samus deviously

Samus's arm cannon greets him across the face.

"Bad move Captain." Replies Fox

"Can't blame a guy for trying." He asks, dazed

"Oh, yes I can." Replies Samus sarcastically

"I hope I never grow up to act like that." Ness, the earthbound physic prays

"You and me both kid." Replies Samus.

"Oh come on, look at the two puffballs. They got together. And if they can, that I know we can." Captain Falcon says

"One, Kirby isn't an arrogant jerk, and two, I'd rather jump into a black hole than get together with you." Samus replies

Kirby and Jigglypuff blush profusely at the remarks of their friends. They weren't really together, but they hung out so often it was as if they did, however truthfully they really did like one another, just not in that way.

"That was cold Samus." Comes Falcon, his ego hit hard.

Being an old softy at heart, Samus lightens his mood.

"I'm not saying that you're not datable, I'm just saying you're not my type. You'll eventually find somebody that likes you for you. And on that day the fates will smile down on you." She explains

"Yeah, you're right. No girl can resist my charms. So I'll just let you be Samus. Your lost." He replies, now full of new fire

"Yeah, my lost." The sarcasm oozing through her helmet.

"Well aside from Captain Falcon's show of manliness, weave all grown to respect one another. Remember when we first met?" Link asks

"Real, we did not know one another." Replies Mario

"Save the few people we met up before hand" Fox replied

"But now look at us, we're like brothers and sisters now." Replies Luigi

"Dysfunctional brothers and sisters." Ness quips

"Well I couldn't ask for better brothers, like Yoshi and Kirby." Comes Pikachu

"Thanks Pikachu." Kirby replies

"Yeah pal." Replies Yoshi

"And it is a good thing that we become a 'family' because it took us all to defeat the Master Hand." Link comments

"Yeah. I'm thinking that if one of us was there in the final battle, we would have never beat that power-hungry glove." Fox states

"That's true. We pounded him into the dirt." DK replies, pounding his chest to show his happiness

"Yeah, that Master Hand was nothing when all of us worked together." Replies Mario

"Oh, is that so?" comes a loud, yet calm voice

All the Smashers look up to see their worst nightmare slowly floating down toward them.












"Here?" All twelve question.

They were for sure that they defeated this entity. But there he was, as if nothing had happened, calmly floating down to be no more than ten feet above the Smashers. They all immediately jump back and ready them selves for battle, however before any action can take place, or words be uttered the powerful being, known as the Master Hand speaks.

"Ah Smashers. It has been quite some time since I have seen you last. How are you?" he asks, "Are you all still defending your worlds…oh wait, why should I asks such a silly question. Of course you are. You are the Super Smash Brothers, protectors of the Nintendoverse, so of course defenders of your own worlds. Would be a shame though, should something happen to those worlds while you're hear in the Nintendoverse." He states in almost a mocking fashion.

"What are you getting at 'hand'?" Fox barks (not literally)

"That is Master Hand to you. And because you asked me so politely, I shall answer. However I would like to introduce you all to the very being to release me from my prison that you Smashers so dutifully sealed me in." he replies, spatting at the last few words as if they were poison.

Then another hand descends upon the group. However this hand isn't at all calm as the Master Hand. Every few seconds he twitches as if he is anticipating something that will never come.

"I would like to introduce you to my 'brother' Crazy Hand." Replies the Master Hand

"Hello Smashers." Says the new hand. Though his voice is calm like his brother's, a slight variation is heard through the constant twitching this hand seems to suffer from.

"Great, now we got two of them." Captain Falcon says, not at all impressed

"What do you want?" Fox asks, more forcibly

If the Master Hand and his brother, the Crazy Hand had lips they would have smirked at Fox's question. It was so enjoyable to string these puppets along.

"Simple. We want to host another tournament and we want you all to enter." He replies

"What for?" Mario asks irritated, more than ready to release a fireball on the two gloves

"The ratings of course. After the first tournament, the ratings went through the roof. Do you know how much money was made? Our investors made a killing."

"I do not believe that money is the only objective here." Link inquires

"Oh, that is true. Besides the dough, my brother and I would like to defeat you Smashers to prove that we are unstoppable." The Crazy Hand explains, "So, do ya accept?" he asks

"If it means we get to mop the floor with you again, then lets go." Replies Captain Falcon

"Good. However…"

"However what…" asks Pikachu, electricity dancing across his rosy cheeks

"However, the viewers want more combatants. So it'll be up to you all to find them. We want at least twenty-six. We'll be providing one of them. But the rest of them are up to you." Crazy Hand replies.

"And for you that have a hard time with numbers, that means you must find thirteen more." The Master Hand taunts.

Ignoring that Samus asks "And how are we suppose to do that?"

"Not our problem. However you have a month to gather the amount. If you can't by then, let's just say your worlds will be in for a rocky time." The Master Hand explains

"Ka-peesh?" Crazy Hand asks

Then they float back into the air and disappear just as mysteriously as hey appeared.

"Like I said, great." Come Captain Falcon

"So we have to find other fighters." Kirby asks

The Smashers put their hands to their chins and think hard. Everything goes quiet for a time before Mario speaks up.

"I think I know of a person who would a want to join."

"Me too. I'll have to ask her though." Come Link

"Hey, maybe we can get 'you know who' to join." Asks Jigglypuff

"Him…it just might work." Replies Pikachu "And I know of someone we can ask

"I've got a person in mind." Comes Fox

"I've got a friend to that might want to fight." Kirby quips

"Hey-a Mario. We know of a two that might want to fight."

"Yes, you are a right Luigi. We should ask a them."

"Well it's best that we hurry this up. We only have a month to find some knew combatants. And that's not a lot of time." Samus says

"Yeah." Replies Link

Then an awkward silence rises again. That is, until someone breaks that silence.

"We'll all meet back here in a month, with or without new recruits." Asks Ness

"And we'll kick giant glove butt…if they have butts." Replies DK

"Yeah!" they all reply, the mission of stopping the hands burning in their hearts.

And then they disperse, all going in separate directions to obtain new allies to stop a new and old force. The Smashers…also know as the Super Smash Brother.


In the dimension that they now call home, the Master Hand and the Crazy Hand are now gloating on their upcoming victory.

"Victory shall be ours!" The Master Hand bellows

"Yes. It shall be a Melee!" The Crazy Hand yells, unable to hold in his excitement.

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