Okay, I hope this is the last chapter of the story. Not that I don't think this was a great story and all, but because I want to move onto my next one and I won't be able to unless I finish this one off. You'll like this finale; it has tons of action in it, a little drama, but mostly action. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

The Smashers waited until the light of the devastating explosion died down before they made their approach. However, they still couldn't see anything due to the column of dust that had shot into the air, covering the entire battlefield.

"Mamma Mia…" Mario murmured as he arrived, looking around for any survivors, "Is a any one okay!" he called

No one replied.

"If you can a hear me, say a something!" he called

No one replied.

"Anyone who is a dead, yell!" he called

"What sense did that make, really?" He heard someone ask

"Samus…" he sighed in relief before a smirk hit his face, "Well at a least you are okay." Replied Mario, helping Samus up, "Where are the others?" he asked

"Right here." he heard a male voice say

"Marth!" he cried out happily, "Where is a Link?" he asked

"Over here." He heard Link say

Mario ran over to Link, helping the sword wielder to his feet while the other Smashers dusted themselves off.

"Oh…" groaned Zelda, "Thank you Samus." she replied, stumbling to her feet with the aid of Samus, "Is everyone okay?" she asked

"I think?" replied Samus, "Is everyone okay?" she asked, "Groan if so."

She heard a gaggle of mumbling and groaning so she assumed that all the Smashers in the immediate area were accounted for.

"I wonder if the pink time bomb is okay." she asked

The Smashers shrugged, not knowing the answer to that question.

"I wonder if this fight is actually over." Falco wondered out loud

"We'll see in a moment." Replied Marth, pointing over to the settling dust

A small breeze swept over the battle field, clearing away the last of the dust from the previous explosion. The Mech was revealed, damaged severely, lying on the ground motionless. However, Kirby was no where in sight.

"I a hope Kirby is a okay." Commented Mario, before the wind began to pick up mysteriously, "What a the…"

The wind began to grow more powerful by the second, and for some reason it was pulling, not pushing.

"Uh…what's going on?" Marth asked, trying to keep his footing

"Wait a minute…" mumbled Zelda, peering toward the Mech, "It's Kirby!"

Indeed it was, the pink menace was still alive, still atop the Shadow Star, and still with an evil look on his face, though he looked rather hungry; very hungry and it seemed that the Smashers were on his menu.

"Move!" yelled Samus, but it was too late

Kirby floated out of hiding and increased the velocity of his suck, slowly but surely dragging the Smashers toward his gullet.

"Hold on to something!" yelled Zelda, digging her nails into the earth

"Hold onto what?!" yelled Falco

There was no stable ground around due to the explosion, and any boulders that had been in the immediate area had been turned to dust.

"Princess!" Link called out, throwing his hand toward her

Zelda grabbed hold and was slightly astonished that Link was able to hold her in place.

"Thank you Link." Replied Zelda

"No problem princess." He replied, trying his hardest to hold onto his sword that he had driven into the ground to avoid being sucked in by Kirby

Marth had copied the Hero of Time, driving his own sword into the ground and taking hold of Samus, though she had a much better time keeping her footing due to her heavy armor. Falco on the other hand wasn't so lucky.

"I don't have a sword ya know!" he yelled, "Could someone lend me a hand?"

"How 'bout this!" called Samus, firing her tractor beam toward Falco

The tractor beam wrapped itself around Falco's wing before dragging him toward Samus, very slowly.

"Thanks! Thanks a lot!" called Falco, though it was hard to say if it was a sarcastic remark or not

"No problem." Replied Samus, indifferent

Seeing his potential meals slipping away, Kirby decided enough was enough and took off the kid's gloves, increasing his sucking power to its max.

"Oh…no…" muttered Zelda

It felt as if a whirlwind had kicked up, literally pulling the Smashers into the air, the swords no longer any use since they had been ripped from the ground.

"Waaaaah!" they all yelled as they were pulled in

Suddenly something flew through the storm and latched itself around Zelda's arm. It was wet and sticky and red and it took a few moments for Zelda to realize what it was.

"Yoshi!" she cried out in relief

Completely out of the range of Kirby's suck, Yoshi had launched his tongue an incredible distance, taking hold of Zelda's arm, saving her and Link. However Marth, Samus, and Falco were quickly closing in on Kirby's mouth. Link fired his Hookshot, letting it fly freely through the storm, where Marth grabbed it. Meanwhile Yoshi latched himself onto a nearby boulder, refusing to budge while his tongue held onto Zelda, who held onto Link, who held onto Marth with his Hookshot, who held onto Samus, who held onto Falco with her tractor beam. In truth, it was a very weird sight, but weird or not it kept them from being gobbled up. Kirby was beginning to loss his stamina and slowly the whirlwind suck began to lose its power.

"Hey, it's dying down!" Zelda said, calling out the obvious

Kirby heard that, and being the evil little guy he was at the moment he closed his mouth, right then. With the storm immediately cut off the Smashers fell like stones, crashing into the ground with a thud.


"Ow…that hurt…" Falco muttered, rubbing his head

Mid head rub the avian sensed something amiss and looked up. His eyes went wide and his mouth went agape as he saw that Kirby was already upon him, mouth wide open ready to swallow the ace pilot.


Moments before Kirby could make Falco his dinner Samus made a face to arm cannon collision with Kirby, sending him skyrocketing away. However the Shadow Star was no slowpoke and immediately shot off, catching the tumbling puffball before its influence could weaken.

"Sorry about that puffy, but you let me no choice." Samus said, "You okay?" Samus asked Falco

"I nearly got blown up, eaten, and dropped multiple times and you ask me if I'm ALRIGHT!" yelled Falco, "Yeah, I'm okay." He replied calmly, "It's just the norm, being a Smasher and all."

"Good, let's get Kirby off that thing." Samus said, "I know he can't help himself and the longer he sits on the thing the worse it's gonna get for him."


Samus and Falco ran toward Kirby, who was still recovering from Samus's previous attack. The Shadow Star sensed them coming and flew straight up, out of their reach, though not out of their range. Missiles and laser blasts flew at the Shadow Star, but the nimble little Air Ride avoided them effortlessly.

"Jigglypuff!" yelled a loud, piercing voice, causing Kirby to look up

Riding atop the Warpstar was the balloon pokemon named Jigglypuff, with a peeved look on her face. Kirby flinched slightly due to the sheer anger etched on Jigglypuff's face. And that was all the hesitation needed for Samus to connect with a well place missile.

"Whoa!" yelled Kirby, the blast launching him off the Shadow Star

The Shadow Star tried to catch him again, but Jigglypuff wasn't going to let that happen; crashing into the dark Air Ride with all the force she could muster. The Shadow Star spiraled out of control and with that out of the way Jigglypuff jetted down toward the falling Kirby.

"Jiggly!" she yelled, trying to rouse him from his daze, but Kirby was far too out of it to hear anything she yelled

With only one option left Jigglypuff began to spin rapidly, quickly picking up speed. The spinning ball of puff grinded against the Warpstar, kicking up sparks that resembled tiny stars. Then without warning she shot off the Warpstar, spinning through the air on a one way course towards the falling Kirby, the ground coming up ever quicker. Jigglypuff flew down at an angle, an angle that would make it so that she would hit the ground before Kirby did, right under the pink vacuum.

"This isn't gonna end well." Falco commented before Jigglypuff and Kirby hit


The crash kicked up dirt and dust, clouding the Smashers' view for a few moments.

"Are they okay?" Falco asked

When the dust cleared their question was answered. Kirby was safe, caught by Jigglypuff and Jigglypuff was safe, caught by Pikachu.

"Where'd he come from?" Falco wondered

"Don't know, but Pikachu just saved the day." Replied Samus, "Come on."

"Jiggly?" Jigglypuff questioned, wondering what was going on

"Pika, pi Chu." Replied Pikachu, explaining that he had just come out of hiding after the huge explosion

"Jiggly, jig?" she asked, wondering where he had been before hand

"Pika, pi, pika chu." He replied, saying that after getting thrown away by the Mech he had just recently returned to the battle field

"Jigglypuff." She replied, thanking the electric mouse

"Pika pi." He replied

"Oh…what happened?" moaned Kirby, rubbing his head, "Did I get hit with a bus or something?" he asked

"The equivalent of." Replied Samus, "You okay Pinky?" she asked

"Well, I think so. I am sorta hungry though."

"You're okay." She replied with a chuckle, "Hmm…where's Mario?" she wondered

"Right a here." She heard

Turning to the sound of the voice she discovered that Mario was currently standing over the cockpit of the downed Mech, trying to think up a way to open it.

"You were there the entire time!" Samus practically yelled

"Yes." Replied Mario very slowly

"You could of help!" yelled Falco

"Oh…I didn't a notice, I was a too busy seeing if I could open this thing up." Replied Mario, twiddling his fingers

"Mario!" both Samus and Falco screeched

"I'm a sorry, I didn't want to be a sucked up by Kirby so I a ran around to try and stop him, but he had a gave up before I could, honest." Replied the plumber, sincerely as possible

A snort came from Samus and Falco, but they believed him. Mario was known to be an honest person, even if he fibbed ever once in a while.

"So, did you find a way in?" Marth asked

"No, this a thing is a sealed tight." Replied Mario, "We'd a need a pretty a big nutcracker to open this." He said

"Will this due." Replied a voice

Everyone turned around to see more Smashers converging on the scene. Ganondorf, Popo and Nana, Young Link, Dedede, DK, Ness, Mewtwo and the 'Hands; they all were coming.

"Let's crack that thing open." Replied Dedede, patting his hammer

"I don't think that's wise." Samus commented, "We don't know if this thing has any defensive weaponry. Messing with it might set something off." She replied

"So we just leave this thing here?" Ganondorf asked, "What if it just gets up and comes after us again."

Abracadabra, the Mech seemed to hum back to life and before the Smashers had time to contemplate its revival the Mech was up and ready for action.

"You just had to open you mouth." Muttered Link

"Shut it boy." Ganondorf growled, brandishing his blade

Link raised an eyebrow at the overly large sword, but didn't reply.

"If you're wondering how I can hold this the answer is, very well." Replied Ganondorf, a smirk running across his face

The Mech looked down at the Smashers and opened it mechanical jaw to roar, but when it did all that came out was an irritating screech.


It seemed that the Mech had taken some damage from Kirby's attack and was beginning to lose power. Regardless it brought its large arm up, its plasma bomb launchers glowing with merciless intent.

"Get ready to move." Replied Samus, arm cannon humming

But just before it was ready to fire the launchers simply…went out, light a match.

"Uh…is it out of ammo?" Marth asked

"I a guess so." Replied Mario

If the Mech could twitch in anger it would have, but instead of retreating it raised its arm high in the air.

"Move!" yelled Samus and with that the Smashers scattered before the Mech could smash them with its enormous fist

It may have been without weapons, but the Mech was more than powerful enough physically to end the Smashers' lives. It tried to scan the area around it to lock on all the Smashers, but many of its scanners were useless, due to Peach's earlier interference. However, it didn't need scanners to see what was coming dead for it.


Deafening roars from Bowser and Giga Bowser announced their arrival on the battlefield, obviously peeved because of prior circumstances.

"You're going down!" roared Giga Bowser, charging head first at the Mech

The Mech launched a punch at the overgrown tortoise but Giga Bowser slid to the right, avoiding it before coming with an uppercut to the cockpit. The Mech backed away and spun around, extending its left around so that it would collide with Giga Bowser. Giga Bowser ducked under the swing and unleashed a fireball at the mechanized menace, but the flames didn't do any damage to the Mech's strong armor. The Mech tried for another punch but Giga Bowser aptly dodged it, ducking under the blow. At the same time Bowser leap into the air and rammed the Mech, pushing it back a few feet.

"What's this thing made of?" Bowser wondered after landing, his headbutt having little effect on the Mech

His thoughts were cut short by the Mech who tried to squash the Koopa King, but a fully charged Charge shot and Shadow Ball interrupted it.

"Hey, forget we're here!?" yelled Falco, blaster at the ready, while Mewtwo's paw and Samus's arm cannon still fizzled due to their attacks

The Mech hopped in the air, preparing its Seismic Hammer attack, briefly disengaging its gravity generators. However, just before it could land, two more Smashers entered the fray.

"Falcon…" they heard someone yell

The Mech turned to see Captain Falcon blazing his way over to it but before it could react Captain Falcon leapt up and threw his body forward, toward the cockpit.


Unlike the rest of the Mech, the cockpit wasn't as well armored and the force of Captain Falcon's punch pushed the Mech off balanced, just as Luigi came from seemingly nowhere and hit the Mech's gravity generators with a misfired Green Bomber. The Mech spun 180 degrees before it actually fell to the ground, a complete lost of balance on its part.

"Oh yeah, Captain Falcon does it again!" cheered Captain Falcon after he landed, "Thanks for the assist Luig." He replied

"No a problem Captain, just a doing my job."

"Where did you two come from?" Samus asked, "Better yet, where were you two when we were getting beaten to a pulp?" she demanded

"Well, after the avalanche went south I sat down and thought of a way to beat that thing." Replied Captain Falcon

"I did too." Replied Luigi, "…after awhile." He mumbled

"So this was planned?" Samus asked, "Couldn't you have come up with this a little sooner? You know, when Kirby went all dark on us?"

"Sorry, but we had to a sure that we could that that a thing down." replied Luigi nervously, "You a understand, right?"

"Yep." Replied Captain Falcon, "Good thing two cause we just save your butts."

"Don't think this battle is over just yet Falcon." Replied Marth

The Mech began to pick itself up again, albeit very slowly, as if it had been damaged by Captain Falcon and Luigi's attacks.

"Not so fast!" roared Giga Bowser, bring his claw in for an upper cut slash

The Mech took the attack head on and was popped in the air, though it caught itself before any further damage could be done to it.

"I'll rip this thing to shreds!" bellowed Giga Bowser, ceasing to end his rampage

This time however the Mech was expecting this attack and swiped Giga Bowser away effortlessly, sending the beast spiraling away. When Giga Bowser finally landed he crashed into a few boulders farther away, soon buried by them.

"Well, we just lost our heavy hitter." Samus commented

"What about me!" Bowser bellowed, "I'm way better than that over excuse for a Koopa!"

"We sometimes forget that." Replied Mewtwo, smirking

"Stuff it."

"Scatter!" yelled Marth, the Mech approaching quickly

The Smashers fled, running in random directions to avoid the giant Mech and its large fists.

"Hey, anybody wonder where G 'n W went?" Captain Falcon asked as the Smashers ran

"Pika?" wondered Pikachu, not exactly sure, "Pika pi?" wondered Pikachu

"Don't know where short stuffs at." Replied Falcon, "Probably stuck somewhere."


Narrowly avoiding a boulder thrown by the Mech, Captain Falcon and Pikachu scurried away.

"This is getting us nowhere." Muttered Falco, "We'll eventually run out of juice before than thing does." He said "We need to deal some heavy damage here and now."

"Any bright ideas?" Falcon asked

"Pi…ka…" Pikachu growled, electricity building in his cheeks

"No, that'll just power it up." Replied Samus, "NO ELECTRICITY!"

"Pika pi…" mumbled Pikachu, the electricity dying down

"Uh…did we forget something?" Ness asked

"What?" asked Nana

Everything went silent after that…until…


The Smashers looked back to see Jigglypuff and Kirby try to waddle away from the Mech. Since Kirby was still out of it, Jigglypuff had to carry the bottomless pit. Being a pokemon that couldn't exactly run very quickly didn't help Jigglypuff at all in this situation and she could barely dodge the Mech and its relentless attacks on her person.

"Jiggly!" yelled Jigglypuff, swearing vengeance on all the Smashers

Luckily for her, just before the Mech could finish the two, something crashed into it from behind, toppling it over.

"Jiggly?" wondered Jigglypuff, as the shadow behind her grew larger very quickly


"JIGGLY!" she cried out, narrowly avoiding being crushed by the oversized falling Mech

The impact of the falling Mech propelled the two light puffs into the air, sending Kirby and Jigglypuff in opposite directions. Luckily Jigglypuff had far more control of her self in the air than on the ground, so she easily got away and made her way over to Kirby, who was just keeping himself afloat. Although Jigglypuff had wondered just what had knocked over the Mech. Giga Bowser, the only thing around that could actually stop the Mech, was still recovering, so it couldn't have been him.


That's when she saw it, the dark aura of the feared Air Ride, the Shadow Star. It had not given up its quest to obtain Kirby and it was coming up on the puffball fast.

"Jiggly!" she yelled to Kirby, but it was no use, he was just too tired to get away and the Shadow Star was right on his tail

"Jiggly…" mumbled Jigglypuff, closing her eyes, not wanting to see that evil look on Kirby's face again, however…


A sharp, pinging noise jolted Jigglypuff back to reality where her expression lifted and a smile skipped across her face.

"Jigglypuff!" she cried out in glee, for the Warpstar had finally made an entrance

Not only had it deflected the Shadow Star but it also caught Kirby, and it seemed that Kirby was okay too, the bright smile that usually adorned his face was back and he seemed like he had gotten some of his strength back.

"Go away!" Kirby yelled at the Shadow Star

The Shadow Star seemed to react and 'flinched' slightly, but it tried to move in closer on the puff and his star.

"Go!" yelled Kirby

Like a beaten dog the Shadow Star flew away, its tail between its legs.

"That's that." Kirby said, before looking down at the Mech who was once again picking itself up after being knocked over, yet again

Kirby lowered himself so that he floated directly ten feet in front of the Mech's line of sight and glared at it, obviously peeved off at the Mech resilience and stubbornness.

"Go away!" he yelled at it, hoping that it would obey

However, unlike the Shadow Star, the Mech did not fear Kirby and immediately voiced its opinion by trying to squash the Star Warrior like a bug.


Luckily Kirby avoided the attack and flew away from the mechanized monstrosity.

"Eh, worth a shot." He thought

"Jigglypuff!" he heard some cry out

And before he could get away Jigglypuff had clomped onto him like fat to a burger.

"Hi Jigglypuff." He said, less than enthusiastic about her arrival, though he couldn't help but smile slightly, happy that she was okay

The Mech began to follow after them, but thought against it, its power cells were in the yellow, meaning it only had about half its strength left, and trying to swat them from the sky would be just a waste of energy. Instead, it decided to try an entirely knew method of taking the Smashers out, one that might just work. Meanwhile…

"You think it'll work?" Falco asked

"Well, I scanned them and they're still operational, they just need a power source." Samus replied, looking over at Pikachu


"Thank you Mr. Game 'n Watch." Replied the pyro swordsman named Roy, "But I should be okay now." He said

"Beep Beep." Replied Mr. Game 'n Watch, "Beep Bop, Boop, Beep Beep?"

"I know the others must still be fighting that robotic menace, I just hope they are all okay." Roy told him

"Beep Bop."

"Yes, we should get going." Roy replied, until he noticed something afar

"Do you see that?" Roy asked, pointing toward a strange sight


It seemed as if a thundercloud had formed over a small plateau. And when I say over, I actually mean over. The thundercloud was actually resting on the plateau itself, as if it were living or something.

"Do you suppose it's worth it to check this strange phenomenon out?" Roy asked

"Beep Beep Boop." Replied Mr. Game 'n Watch, nodding his head

With that, the two took off toward the strange cloud, trying to deduce just what could be going on.

"What's it a doing?" Luigi asked, dumbstruck as he watched the Mech transform before his very eyes

"Not sure, but let's get on with this 'plan' before it has time to hurt us further." Replied Ganondorf, dragging the younger plumber brother along

The Smashers split up, each going in opposite directions around the Mech. With coordinates given to them by Samus, the Smashers had a plan to hopefully defeat the Mech. Whether it would work or not would all rely on teamwork, a little ingenuity and a whole heaping mess of luck.

"I don't like what that thing is doing." Samus said, as she, Falco, Mario, Captain Falcon, Zelda, and Mewtwo raced toward their target destination

"I sense it, it's collecting energy." Zelda replied

"A great deal of energy." Mewtwo commented

"Plasma energy to be exact." Samus replied, "I think it would be a good idea to not let that thing see us anytime soon." She replied

"I'm with Sammy." Replied Captain Falcon

"Me a too." Replied Mario

"Ditto." Replied Falco

In the opposite direction…

"This doesn't look to good." Replied Fox, followed by Young Link, Marth, Popo, Nana, Ness, and Pikachu

"What?" asked Popo and Nana at once, "What doesn't look good?" they asked, like a pair of siamese cats

"Uh…that, and the fact that that thing is collecting a load of energy." He replied

Popo and Nana didn't get the first part, but Young Link did and he couldn't help but to giggle.

"Ahem…" Marth interrupted, "What is the problem?" he asked Fox

"Well, I don't like the readings I'm getting." Fox replied "I not sure what it's doing but I can tell you that it won't be good for us." He replied

"Pika, pika?"

"Well that settles it, it is imperative that we reach those weapons before that thing is done doing whatever it's trying to do." Marth replied

"Ohhh…" moaned Giga Bowser, rubbing his sore head, "Stupid machine." He muttered

Picking himself up and throwing boulders off himself Giga Bowser looked for his daunting foe and found it seemingly in a trance of some sorts, though is now sported two strange energy plates that were glowing brighter by the second.

"Hmm…" mumbled Giga Bowser, not liking what was happening, "Something tells me I should take cover." He thought, slinking away

Samus's group arrived at their destination first, the missile launcher that had been discarded by the Mech earlier. Hopefully the weapon could still be used now that most of the ice had melted.

"How is it?" Falco asked

"Well, it's still operational, but the ice screwed with the guidance system." Samus replied "We'll have to aim manually and hope that the Mech doesn't move out of the way." She said

"Well, that's better than nothing." Replied Captain Falcon, "So let's fire this thing up!" he proclaimed

Meanwhile, Fox's group had just come upon the Gatling gun that was once part of the Mech.

"Can't say it's out of ammo." Fox quipped, "Could this thing have any more bullets?"

"That does not matter." Replied Marth, "This is the only weapon we have to defeat that thing." He said

"I know, I know, just saying..." he trailed off, looking at the Gatling gun intently

"Well?" Marth asked impatiently

"Well what?" Fox asked, not really paying attention

"…by the heavens…Can we use it or not?" he asked, irate

"Sure, just need a power source." Fox replied calmly, "It'd have to be a pretty big one though." He said

Everyone looked toward Pikachu.

"Pika pi." Pikachu mumbled, knowing that it would be no use in trying to disagree

"So that was what you were doing?" asked Roy

"Beep Beep." Replied Mr. Game 'n Watch, "Beep, bop, boop…Beep." He told Roy

"And to think that I thought you fled out of fear." Roy replied "I am ashamed of myself for ever doubting you." Roy replied

"Beep Boop."

"Now, let us see just what we are dealing with, eh?" replied Roy, the two-man group almost upon the strange thundercloud

"Could this be the work of Pikachu or Pichu?" Roy wondered, staying a safe distance away, "They can call thunderclouds from the heavens after all." He replied

"Beep beep boop, beep beep." Replied Mr. Game 'n Watch, "Boop, beep bop."

"I suppose…let's see." Roy said, gathering his courage and walking closer

He walked up to the thundercloud and stopped when he was merely five feet away, seemingly examining the strange phenomenon.

"Pichu?" Roy called

No respond came from the cloud.

"Pikachu?" Roy called

No respond came from the cloud.

"Beep boop?" called Mr. Game 'n Watch

No respond came from the cloud, though a squirrel ran by mysteriously.

"That was random." Replied Roy, scratching his head

Mr. Game 'n Watch nodded his head in agreement.

Roy and Mr. Game 'n Watch were very curious about this cloud, though they kept their distance. They weren't fools. Touching electrically active clouds could kill them, horribly.

"This is too strange." Replied Roy, "Just what could this thing be?" he asked out loud

As if those were the magic words the thundercloud sparked violently, causing Mr. Game 'n Watch and Roy to back away quickly. After another violent spark the cloud began to die down, the thunder condensing into a more contained fashion and beginning to take form; a familiar form.

The Mech was finally done and ready to unleash its most devastating attack. However, there was one glitch in its plan: It didn't know where the Super Smash Brothers were hiding and without its scanners it wouldn't be able to find them. But that didn't matter because for what the Mech had in store for them, they wouldn't be able to hide…or survive for that matter.

"Is it done?" Link wondered

"I think so." Replied Bowser, "But somethin' ain't right." He commented

"I'm with Bowser on this." Replied King Dedede, "Maybe we should…"

But it was too late; the Mech fired its most powerful attack, the Omega Plasma Cannon. The chest of the beast opened up, revealing a revolving core, it's main power source, which was currently glowing very brightly.

"What the…?" mumbled Ganondorf, his bewilderment matched by the other Smashers

For a few moments the Smashers didn't know what was going on, until the Mech fired.

Do, do, do, do, do…FWOOSH!

"RUN!" yelled Link before the beam unleashed itself

"LINK!" yelled Zelda as she watched the Mech devastate everything in its immediate area

She knew Link and the other Smashers were in that general area and the sheer magnitude of power that the beam unleashed was simply nauseating.

"Whoa…" muttered Falco, unable to say anything else

Falco had only seen that kind of power when he was in an Arwing, battling bio-creatures, ships, and ironically enough, Mechs. But he had never seen a beam that powerful on foot, it was an entirely knew experience for the avian pilot.

"Unbelievable." Samus said, not bothering to check her scanners

She didn't need to in order to tell of the destructive power that beam was unleashing. Mario and Captain Falcon stared idly at the beam, wanting to say something, anything, but not being able to find the words.

"Hmm…" mumbled Mewtwo, the only Smasher among them who kept his wits about him

However, even Mewtwo was impressed, if not a little frightened by such power, power that he wanted to be able to wield one day. But that was for another day; right now they had to stop that menace.

"Let's go." He said, floating over to the Missile Launcher, "I can direct the missiles to an extent; keep them on a straight path." He said

"What are you talking about!?" Zelda practically yelled, "We have to go and help them, help Link…"

"I know you are concerned Zelda." He replied calmly, "But I assure you that none of them have met their makers just yet." He said


"That…was big." Replied Young Link, "Very big."

"No kidding." Replied Ness, "I hope the others are okay."

"You don't think…" Nana asked, trailing off

"Don't know." Replied Popo, "I really don't know."

"We still…have to fight that thing, for the sake of the others." Replied Marth

"Well we have the power source." Replied Fox

"Pika pi!" Pikachu yelled, not liking this idea

"All we need to do is aim this thing." He replied, ignoring Pikachu

"Pika pi chu." growled Pikachu, vowing that Fox would get his

"Then let's get pushing!" replied Young Link, already putting his back into aiming the Gatling gun at the Mech

"Ugh…my a head." Groaned a green-clad plumber, "What happen?" he asked, "Am I a dead?" he wondered, "Am I in a heaven?" he wondered

"If that is the case then I must be in hell." Replied Ganondorf, rubbing his own head

Luigi looked around and noticed that they weren't in heaven, nor hell, though close enough. They were underground by the looks of it.

"I a thought we were hit by that beam?" Luigi questioned, making sure that all of him was still in one piece

"Something happened…the ground caved in on us at the last second." Replied Link

"The ground doesn't just cave in out of nowhere, especially when large laser beams are fired at you." Replied King Dedede, "Something made us fall."

"I'm that someone." Replied a deep voice

From the shadows trudged Giga Bowser, looking rather tired.

"YOU saved us?" questioned Donkey Kong, bewildered

"Don't look so surprised." Replied Giga Bowser, "Only I get to kill you lot." He replied

"Sounds a just like Bowser." Replied Luigi

"I heard that." A voice said, "And get off my head plumber."

The ground beneath Luigi began to rumble; giving Luigi only seconds to hop away before Bowser erupted from beneath the rubble.

"Next time you decided to burrow under us, don't." muttered Bowser

"Hmm…peeved I saved you?" asked Giga Bowser, smirking

"I DON'T need you to save ME!" Bowser roared

"Don't start!" yelled Link, "He saved us and we should be thankful." He said

"Easy for you to say long ears!" Bowser bellowed, "I bet if it were old Ganny over there who saved our hides you'd be singing a different tune."

Link tried to retort, but swallowed his tongue instead.

"I thought so." Bowser replied, turning back to Giga Bowser, "As for you, I'm gonna finish this right here, right now!"

"Bring it fool!" Giga Bowser roared, baring his teeth and claws

Both Koopas charged at each other, ready to rip one another to pieces, however before they could, someone interfered.

"Stop right a now!" yelled Luigi, jumping in between the two

"Move it plumber or you're going down with him!" Bowser bellowed

"Just give me a reason!" yelled Giga Bowser

"Both of you shut up and a listen!" yelled Luigi, much unlike himself

This outburst gave him complete silence.

"You don't a care if you two hate each others guts, that is a not the problem. We have big robot out there that wants to a kill us and we a need to work together." He said, "You'll have plenty a time to kill each other after we survive." Replied Luigi, "So make a up and let's get out of this hole." He told them

"Grr…" growled Bowser

"Grr…" growled Giga Bowser

"Now!" yelled Luigi

"Fine." Muttered Bowser

"Whatever." Giga Bowser mumbled

"Well that's settled…" replied King Dedede, "Mostly."

"Let's just get out of here." Groaned Ganondorf, "I have a headache…" he whined

"I can't…keep this…up…long." Groaned Samus as she held up the missile launcher, "Why didn't we…er…get the others. Like…Ganondorf…or…DK?" she asked

"They wanted to handled the Mech personally." Replied Mewtwo

"Bet they're regretting that now." Falco joked

"Don't joke like that, they could be hurt, or worse." Replied Zelda worried

"I told you, they are fine." Replied Mewtwo, "They avoided destruction through Giga Bowser's interference, ironic enough." He said, "Now let us aim this thing and end this pointless battle." He told them all

"Easy…for you…to say…you're not…holding this thing…up!" yelled Samus, straining under the weight

"Alright guys, fire when ready!" Falco called to Mario and Falcon, who had to manually fire the rockets

"Oh a kay!" called Mario, pulling the cords that activated the missiles

A small chain reaction went off, sending five missiles spiraling out of the launcher wildly, luckily Mewtwo had a hold of each and straightened their path, toward the Mech. The Mech was busy gathering energy for another attack until it noticed something coming up behind it. The Mech turned and saw missiles, its missiles hurtling toward it. With its rockets all used up and no defensive measures to counter the threat the Mech could only try to avoid the wayward missiles.


It was able to dodge three of the missiles, but two caught it at its sides, puncturing its dense armor.


The Mech spun to the side, but in the process grabbed a boulder and flung it in the direction of the missiles, right toward the Smashers.

"What the…lookout!" yelled Falco, spying the boulder before the others

Samus tried to lift the missile launcher off of her before the boulder could hit, but it was apparent she wouldn't make it so instead they fired another volley of missiles, eight to be exact. Five of which flew off in random directions, though the remaining three hit their target, obliterating the boulder and showering the Smashers in rocks.

"Well it now knows what we're up to." Replied Falco, before a rock bonked him on the head, "Ow."

"Well…then…guess there's no point…er…in holding back…" Samus grunted, "Fire…them all." She said

"Oh a kay." Replied Mario, "Captain Falcon, I'm a going to need some a help." Replied Mario

"No problem." He replied, "Falcon…" he said

A fireball formed in Mario's palm.

"Punch!" he yelled, through his fist into the missile launcher just as Mario released his fireball

Missiles galore fired from the Missile Launcher, flying in crazy, random directions, though Mewtwo and even Zelda were able to control some of them and send them on the correct path. As the missiles flew, bullets cut through the air, and the sound of rapid gunfire assaulted the Smasher's ears.

"Good, about time they decided to fire that thing." Falco retorted

The bullets, being the faster, hit the Mech first, pelting it with hot metal. At first the bullets had little effect against the tough armor of the Mech, but over time the bullets began making bigger and bigger dents against its armor, even with it moving away frantically to avoid them.

"That's it Ness, keep on him." Marth encourage

"Thanks…but this ain't easy." Replied the psychic boy, his mind being strained to its limits as he tried to aim the weapon

"And you think hot wiring a Gatling gun was?" asked Fox, "I'm surprise the stupid thing hasn't blown up yet!" He retorted, "Slippy would have a fit if he saw the sloppy work done on this thing."

"Pika pi, pikachu, pi chu pika!" yelled Pikachu, not liking the situation either since he was the one giving up his electricity to power the thing, and he was already running on empty as it was

"I think…it's slowly down." Replied Young Link, squinting his eyes to get a better view

Indeed the Mech was slowly down, as the bullets and missiles being launched at it finally did some damage, hitting vital parts in the Mech. The Gravity generators took a big hit, causing the Mech to fall to the ground, unable to continue floating, though it was not dead on the ground for the back up generators kicked in, allowing it to 'roll' along the ground.

"Yeah, they got it on the run!" cheered King Dedede, until a bullet whizzed by his head

"Get down idiot unless you want to lose your head!" yelled Ganondorf, dragging the penguin down

However, all good things must come to an end and eventually the Smashers ran out of ammo to throw at the Mech.

"Oh…great…" muttered Fox, the Mech turning to them, "It's gonna…" he didn't get a chance to finish as the Mech prepared to fire his Plasmas Laser

Though not as powerful as the Omega Plasma Laser, this laser was still hard to avoid and still very dangerous. Although, before it could actually fire the beam a loud yell turned everyone's attention to a small plateau in the distance.


"Huh…could that be…Pichu?" asked Fox, stating the brutally obvious

"Ah, he is finally ready." Replied Mewtwo, a pleased smile on his face

"What are you talking about?" asked Zelda

"My ingenious plan for defeating that Mech." Mewtwo replied proudly, "I knew that even I didn't have the power to deliver the damage needed to destroy that thing so I told Pichu to do it for me."


"Pichu has been biding her time, collecting the necessary energy needed and it seems that she is finally ready." He replied, closing his eyes

Making a mind link to the aforementioned pokemon, Mewtwo gave Pichu the okay to finish off the monstrosity once and for all.

"Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…CHU!" yelled Pichu, unleashing her attack

Pichu shot off like a rocket, destroying the ground beneath her in one movement.

"Whoa!" cried Roy, dodging rocks that had been launched

"Beep!" cried Mr. Game 'n Watch

The Mech didn't need sensors to see Pichu hurtling toward it, like an electric comet. Pichu zipped by nearby plateaus, leaving scorch marks in her wake as she barreled toward the Mech. But the Mech was not daunted, it turned and powered up it Plasma Beam, knowing that Pichu wouldn't be able to survive its blast. However, before it could fire it was interrupted by a pair of mischievous gloves.

"Not so fast!" yelled the Master Hand, crashing into the underside of the cockpit

"But so slow!" yelled the Crazy Hand, grabbing the armor on the Mech's back and pulling

The combined efforts of the Master Hand and Crazy Hand caused the Mech to fire its beam upward to the sky, making it utterly harmless to the electric comet coming its way.

"Now to make sure you can't get away!" The Master Hand yelled, taking hold of the Mech's left arm, "Brother!" he called

"Right-o!" cried the Crazy Hand, taking hold of the right arm of the Mech

Trying to fight them off the Mech soon discovered its efforts were futile, it was just far to damaged to fight off too large 'Hands who had had ample time to recover. So it tried to roll away, but Giga Bowser wasn't having any of that, taking hold of its mid-section and firmly keeping his footing.

"No…you…don't." grunted Giga Bowser, holding fast against the struggling Mech

The Mech struggled for all it was worth, but could not break free of its captors. It was out of luck and out of time, for Pichu was already upon it.

"PICHU!" cried Pichu before crashing into the Mech's chest, completely piercing it and heading for its core

Wires and energy conduits were severed as Pichu tore through them like a knife through butter. Systems in the Mech began to systematically shut down without their connecting ports and the Mech's struggling had ceased, though Pichu continued to rip through it until it broke through the Mech's back, just above Giga Bowser's head. Pichu landed and immediately turned back around and rocketed back up toward the Mech, going through it again for good measure. As Pichu flew through the air the core detonated, destabilized beyond repair.

"Pichu pi." Pichu said, floating through the air,

The final blow had been delivered and now it was time to get out of the blast radius of the impeding explosion. The cockpit of the Mech seemed to take on a strange transforming until it resembled a small plane, a plane that took off in a desperate attempt to get away from the main body. The 'Hands and Giga Bowser took this as their cue to flee the battle scene as well; the 'Hands taking flight while Giga Bowser burrowed quickly underground.

"It's gonna blow!" yelled King Dedede, hightailing it

The other Smashers followed, quickly, running as far as their tired legs could carry them while Kirby and Jigglypuff took to the skies, moving as far out of reach as they could, watching as a series of small, random explosions came from the Mech. Its arms flailed about wildly due to the explosions while pieces of its armor fell to the ground until finally, the Mech tipped over, hitting the ground with a loud thud.


Moments later the remainder of the core collapsed in on itself and the Mech self detonated.


The explosion rocked the very earth; even more devastating than Crash Kirby's attack. The ground was literally pulled up; causing the Smashers fleeing by foot to tumbled which way and that. It was as if the ground itself was trying to swallow them whole, though it 'spit up' Giga Bowser, launching him skyward. Kirby nearly lost his balance on the Warpstar, even at the height the two puffballs were at. The turbulence caused Jigglypuff to clamp onto Kirby, nearly squeezing the life out of him as he fought to maintain control. The Smashers farther off prepared themselves for the gust of wind that would surely follow this devastating explosion, which it did.

"Grr…" growled Fox, trying to keep his footing against the gale winds that hit him

Zelda was knocked off her feet by the gust of wind and tumbled back until she caught herself, dragging herself up to one knee. Meanwhile, Pikachu's light frame nearly caused him to be blown completely away by the winds. Luckily Fox was there to catch the flying rodent before Pikachu could become UFP, an Unidentified Flying Pokemon.

"By the heavens!" Roy gasped, watching the explosion of the Mech, "Mr. Game 'n Watch, hurry, we must see if the others are okay!" Roy exclaimed, hurriedly running toward the explosion as is began to die down

Meanwhile, Pichu, who had been the only Smasher to actually be caught in the explosion felt like she was floating on air. Was she dead, she wondered? She couldn't be sure but she knew for sure that she was floating.

"Pichu?" she heard someone call to her, faint

"Pi…" Pichu mumbled

"Pichu?" she heard the voice call again, this time closer

"Pi…chu…" Pichu mumbled

"Pichu?" she heard the voice call yet again, though this time it sounded like it was right in her ear, "PICHU?!" The voice yelled, jogging her awake

Pichu looked around and noticed that she was indeed floating in the air, but when she looked up Pichu saw that she was being held up by none other than the pink vacuum, Kirby.

"That was close." Replied Kirby, "Whew."

"Pichu?" Pichu mumbled, confused

The moment Kirby had gained control over the Warpstar he saw Pichu skyrocketing in the air. Acting immediately he flew over to the bullet known as Pichu and saved her before she could meet an early demise.

"Jigglypuff?" asked Jigglypuff, hoping that Pichu was okay

"Pichu pichu." Replied Pichu, relatively okay, though the electric mouse was quite hungry and very tired, yawning moments later to prove her point

After the defeat of the terrible Mecha that wanted to eliminate the Smashers the Smashers simply headed back to the mansion. Beat, bruised, and very, very, very, very tired they barely got into the door before they fell over one another and went into slumber land. Even Kirby, who usually had something to eat every five seconds was actually too tired to eat at the moment and fell asleep in the main hallway, and many of the others followed suit. No one actually made it into their rooms, though Young Link was the closes, falling asleep right outside his room door. The mansion grew incredibly quiet, which was a rarity among rarities. This phenomenon should have been recorded for future generations but it wasn't, unfortunately. Meanwhile…

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shrieked the head of the representatives after the pilot of the Mech gave her his report, "MISSION FAILED!" she shrieked, causing the pilot to run away in fear

The poor guy was then promptly fired moments after.

"This isn't good." Replied the Su representative, "Not only did we not defeat the Smashers, but those 'Hands will sue the britches off of us

"BUT HOW!" screeched the head, not listening, "HOW COULD IT LOSE! ALL THAT MONEY SPENT ON IT!"

"Down the drain." Replied the Per representative, "Along with the rest of our money once those lawyers get a hold of us."

"THIS CAN'T BE, IT MUST BE A JOKE! THAT IT, A JOKE! HA HA, REAL FUNNY SMASHERS! JOKES OVER!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, putting even the Crazy Hands insanity to shame

"Maybe we should do something?" the Er representative suggested, "She's kinda scaring me."

"Call in the guys in white." The Broth representative replied, "And let's get our pocket books, they'll be getting a workout soon." He said

"I'LL GET YOU SUPER SMASH BROTHERS, I SWEAR! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HE, HE, HE!" the cackled, falling on the ground in a fetal position

One Week Later

"Hey a look, we're in the news." Replied Mario, holding up the morning paper

Smashers galore crowded into the kitchen, surrounding the plumber and for a moment Mario felt like the proverbial 'deer caught in the headlights'.

"This is pathetic." Mumbled Mario, "One paper for all these people. I needed to talk to the paper boy." He murmured

"Well?" Samus asked, a little anxious about why the Smashers were in the paper

It was never anything good when the Smashers were in the paper, for half the time it was about something in the city they destroyed or someone they scarred for life.

"Okay, oh a kay." Replied Mario, clearing his voice before he began

"One a week ago the peaceful city of Smash a Central was a overrun by strange reptilian creatures known as a Giga Bowser, commanded by the mischievous 'Hands. Great collateral damage was a done to the city and for a moment all hope seemed to vanish. However, a ray of light soon a shined on the city for surprisingly the group called the Super a Smash Brothers came to the scene and fought against all a odds for the benefit of the city and its a citizens. This came to a shock for a many who only referred to the Super a Smash Brothers as entertainment in the ring, circus monkeys one would say."

"I take offense to that." Replied DK

"Anyway, through their gallant efforts the Super a Smash Brothers pushed back this terrible threat and saved the city from complete destruction. However, the Smash Brothers were not done saving the day yet for eye witnesses report that they also defeated a large mechanical robot of sorts that was making its way to the city to further its destruction. Information on a why this robot wanted to destroy the city is a unknown, but the Super Smash Brothers averted the threat. The city gives the Smash Brothers its a utmost thanks in it defense in its a darkest hour and is forever in a debt to their heroics and self sacrifice."

"Wow." Samus said, "Actually something good."

"And look a here, some nut job was a put away last week. It a says here that they caught her yelling 'I WON, THEY DIDN'T, THEY CHEATED!' over and over again." Replied Mario, "Ain't that a something?"

"Quite." Replied Ganondorf

"Never thought the city would thank us for anything." Captain Falcon replied, "Once they came with pitch forks and burning sticks." He said

"That was after the 'Kirby Incident' that you started." Replied Samus

"Hey, that place said all you could eat."

"Yeah, all you can eat not you can eat all." She said, "You know how Kirby is."

"Well sorry." He said

"So…you think this is the last time we'll here from the reps?" Fox asked, "Not to mention the 'Hands and Giga."

"Don't know." Replied Peach, "They are pretty big meanies." She replied

"We'll just crush them when we see them, we are the Super Smash Brothers, the heroes of Smash Central after all." He replied proudly

"Ganondorf and hero in the same sentence…I feel a bad omen coming upon us." Replied Link

"So very funny elf."

"Hey, Pichu was the one who beat the Mech anyway, shouldn't she get all the glory?" Young Link asked

"Yoshi, yosh." Replied Yoshi, agreeing with him

"Please, if it was not for my impeccable genius Pichu would never have taken the victory." Replied Mewtwo

"You were sleep half the time!" yelled King Dedede, "I was the one who fought that thing hand-to-hammer!"

"Whatever blubber butt. I was the one who got most of the beatings from thing." Bowser quipped

"What about me, I was hit by that large beam!" screeched Roy

"Yeah, to save clueless over there." Came Ganondorf

"CLUELESS! I'll show you clueless!" she yelled, brandishing her club

While she and Ganondorf duked it out, the remaining Smashers continued to argue over who was the real hero one week ago. All except Mario, who continued to read the paper, for he already knew who the heroes were that day.

"All of a us." He thought, turning the page, even though he thought he did most of the work


Well that's it people, the end of the story. It's all done, finally. But truthfully I actually enjoyed writing it, even if it took awhile to get the right ideas for the story. I still want to change a few things around and add some more, but I think that's just the critic in me saying that. I'm pretty sure you all enjoyed it, but if you didn't you can stick it up your…never mind. Hope you did enjoy it and stay tuned for another story that is still in the works. Now stop reading. Get your lazy butts up from that chair, cut off the computer and get a sandwich, or watch TV, or play video games, or whatever you young whippersnappers do to have fun. (Geeze, can't a guy leave you for five seconds without ya wanting more?)