Hello, my lovely readers!

Alright, upon rereading this story, I promptly attempted to throw myself off the nearest building of considerable height. However, after much internal toil, I have decided to attempt to salvage it. This is the result, I do hope you're pleased.

(Disclaimer: Aladdin © Disney)

Aladdin walked through the black labyrinthine halls as if through a heavy fog. He had no memory of arriving at this place, Mozenrath's citadel. Nor indeed did he harbor fear, although he understood quite well that his enemy had many places to hide, and that he was at an extreme disadvantage.

But he did not question it. Aladdin strode forward with purpose; a purpose, perhaps, that he was not aware of, but he followed like a dog to a scent, without complaint or question. Deeper and deeper he walked, into the lair of his enemy, knowing somehow that this was not one of the sorcerer's elaborate ploys. He was expected.

And there he was. Atop a throne of black marble, ebony hair flowing freely to his sides with commanding grace. Mozenrath's alabaster countenance denoted not a hint of surprise, as if he had been waiting.

Without a word the sorcerer drifted down to Aladdin's level. The boy's eyes rested momentarily on the powerful gauntlet encasing his enemy's right hand, but he did not think to run.

Mozenrath's cloak quickly enveloped them both, blown softly by a breeze Aladdin did not feel. Obsidian curls danced around Aladdin's face, and without thinking he ran one dark hand through the soft hair. With speed akin to a striking cobra, Mozenrath's long, pale fingers twisted around Aladdin's wrist. In his eyes, not anger, but hunger. And Aladdin found himself leaning closer, closer, until their lips met…

Aladdin jolted up in bed, cold sweat clinging to his features. He glanced about frantically, desperate to release himself from the throes of that… Dream?

No, surely not, he chastised himself. Not a dream, a nightmare. Definitely a nightmare.


Aladdin's internal struggle came to a halt when Jasmine's sleeping form stirred beside him. He wrapped his arms around the princess, burying his face in her hair. Black as ebony… Just like…

Aladdin jerked back again, shaking his head violently. Turning away from Jasmine, he stared out the window and tried to sleep, to force the… Nightmare… From his mind.