Hello, future happy readers! In sailing through the sixth book (tears for Draco Malfoy), we discovered that we had quite a liking for this seemingly incompatible pair destined to produce multi-colored werewolf pups, and, therefore, decided to write a fic tracing their relationship. Huzzah! Anyhoo. So. Go. Read. Be merry. Take the extra ten seconds to review. Love to you all! Toodles!

She was quirky. Okay, really quirky. Perhaps quirky wasn't the right word…she was….odd…ish. She somehow managed a perfect balance of clumsiness and positive energy. If you spent even five minutes with her, odds are, you'd be smiling from ear to ear, no matter how depressed you'd been just moments before. Of course, usually you'd be smiling because she'd just tripped over something that was virtually impossible to trip on and made a sound so loud that one had to wonder how the hell she'd managed it, considering the size of said object that she'd just tripped on. It never ceased to amaze him just how many walls she'd walked into, doors she'd fallen through, and things she'd tripped over. It was as if every day was a competition with the previous day over how many times she could abash herself. Of course, as long as she didn't break anything of real value, everyone found her shameless antics highly amusing and delighted in her company. As long as she wasn't cooking, that is. To say it plainly enough, she was charming. And, despite a huge list of reasons not to, he was beginning to really like her. He'd always been a quiet, patient individual, and maybe it was just him, but it seemed that whenever he entered the room, she would be even more vibrant than this, as if it were an attempt to rub some of it off on him. Thinking it over, he had to admit, rather painfully, that it already had.

He sat up in bed. Never mind the reverie of crushes that may or may not have sprung up in his life. Molly was calling breakfast, and this was not the time to contemplate them.

Sure, he was quiet. And shy. And damned modest. But there was something charming about him. At first glance, he'd usually appear about a decade older than he was, but if one were to ignore the streaks of gray hair, he really was quite handsome. One rarely had the opportunity to see his strong, sculpted body beneath the baggy, hand-patched robes he always wore, but she'd been quite thrilled when she made that discovery when she'd stepped into the bathroom at an inopportune moment the other day….towels quite suited him…especially when the body beneath them still glowed with dripping shower water. Heh.

A mug of tea was slammed down in front of her nose, jolting her thoughts from her new obsession. No…not obsession….crush…maybe…oh, never mind. Obsession. Why must her crushes always transform into obsessions? She grudgingly shoved the fantasies from her mind and sipped the tea, promptly burning her tongue.

Needless to say, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks fancied each other. A lot. Quite a lot. If only they knew.

"Nymphie? You're glazed." Sirius, the server of the tea, waved his fingers in front of his cousin's face.


Her concentration vaguely drifted over the grin setting in across Sirius's face. He sat down next to her. "Is there something that you're not telling your charming convict cousin?"

"What? No. Of course not. Why would I want to keep something from my charming convict cousin?"

"Dunno. There are some persons who have issues….something about lack of trust…." Sirius shrugged.

"Asshat," Tonks muttered, rolling her eyes. She picked up a spoon and began to stir at her tea, most unfortunately knocking it over in the process. "Oh, shit," she exclaimed as the cascade of Earl Grey came crashing down onto her lap.

"That's the Nymphadora that I know and love," Sirius said lightly. "I guess you are okay."

"Twat," Tonks muttered, trying very hard to ignore how Sirius was shaking with his stupid little giggles. Argh. Why couldn't she have been born into a nice, normal, functional family? "You wouldn't have any napkins, would you?"

"Napkins? Nah. Those are for sissies."

"I've got a handkerchief," a soft voice said from the corner.

"Speaking of sissies…."

Remus quietly glared at his remaining live/not evil friend as he strode over with his hanky. "Here you go."

"Oh. Thanks." Tonks gratefully received the aforementioned hanky, blushing slightly as their hands touched.

Sirius, of course, immediately picked up on this fascinating little tidbit. It was in this moment that he realized that Nymphie and Reemie were perfect for each other. So, quite obviously, he would have to do everything in his power to shove them into a relationship. Heh. He loved himself when he had great ideas like this.

The newly self-proclaimed match maker looked up. "So, what're you up to today, Moony?"

Remus quietly poured himself a cup of coffee. "Oh, the usual. Poring over Voldemort's old hide outs. Guessing where he might be now."

"You're so boring. To me, anyway," Sirius added swiftly. And craftily. Heh. Time to let things unfold on their own. He had plotting to do. He danced over the cabinet and extracted a bar of chocolate. "Well, I'm off to do…stuff! See you dears later!" He swung the door open and pranced down to his private plotting room.

Remus shuffled over to the doorway, giving his friend a puzzled glance. "He's exceptionally odd today."

Tonks, however, was too busy giving Remus a puzzled glance of her own (and a quick once over) to notice her cousin's vaguely heightened peculiarity. "Moony?" she asked.

"Ah." Remus refrained from his hallway patrol and joined Tonks at the table. "School nickname. Rather not talk about it."

Tonks gave him a funnier look. "So you mooned people?"

"What? No!" Remus looked highly uncomfortable. He stared into his coffee. "It's about the werewolf thing."

"Oh…" Ah, a wave of understanding. Cheers, Nymphie. "That's stupid."

"Sirius decided on it." He shrugged.

"Sirius is weird."

"Yes, he is." Remus cracked a smile. "It took James about a year to say my nickname without cracking up."

Tonks grinned at what she thought was a very good pun. Cracking up. Heh. She directed her beam at her breakfast companion, who looked a little confused. Possibly annoyed.

"What's so funny?"


"I'm not funny. I've never been funny, except maybe a little off," he said, rather hopefully, nonetheless.

"Of course you're funny. In a good way."

"You really think so?"

"I know so." She smiled reassuringly. "And trust me, I know funny. I've seen Sirius do the hula in his froggy boxers."

"So have I!"

They collectively snickered in wicked glee, until Molly plopped a pan of bacon in front of them, shocking Tonks into upturning Remus's coffee into his lap.


Somewhere in a private plotting zone, Sirius finished the last crumb of the chocolate bar he'd been carefully munching on for the last quarter hour. He had now advanced into Pure Plotting Mode. Hrm. What to do….how to manipulate…how to fuck with their minds to thereby make them fuck….

"AHA!" He leapt in the air with a surge of triumph. "Aha!" he shouted again. "Aha, eureka, and otherwise, I'm brilliant!" He did a little victory dance.

Buckbeak squawked indignantly from the corner of the room, where he'd been peaceably devouring a pile of witless rodents that had previously plagued the bookshelves.

"Oh, shut up, you miserable old beast, I've had a brilliant idea!" Sirius said happily, doing a pirouette.

What Buckbeak had meant to convey, actually, was how supremely ridiculous his master looked hopping about with a smudge of chocolate on his nose, but alas, he was a hippogriff, and could not talk. Instead, he chomped down on a spare rocking chair and allowed Sirius to continue his antics with the chocolate smudge. He'd figure it out eventually.

"I honestly don't know how I got to be this fantastic," Sirius gloated. "God knows it's not genes, my parents were hopeless…anyway! Onto bigger and better things! I must find the super glue!"

He gracefully bounced out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Buckbeak crunched on the surprisingly tasty rocking chair. This would be good.

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