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Main Plot: How Hitsugaya and Hinamori came to be married and what their married life is like. Set way after the soul society arch but may contain spoilers.

Spoilers: Soul Society Arch

Genre: Romance/Humour/General/Drama/Whatever my mood is…

Couples: HitsuHina with minor IchiRu and some others.

Rating: T

Author's Note: Most chapters would start with a narrative introduction but it changes to real time after. Characters are OOC at times. All modern things come from Rukia, though it would be mentioned later.


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There is a theory that goes like so: "some of the best relationships begin with the most unique confessions." In the case of Hitsugaya Toshiro and his wife, Momo, this most certainly rang true. So, let's rewind a few hundred years back to when Hitsugaya was just a teenage boy by Soul Society standards and to when Hitsugaya Momo was known as Hinamori Momo.

But just before we do, let's establish that confessions of love are hard for most people, agreed? But for Hitsugaya Toshiro, it was next to impossible. How was he supposed to maintain his macho stoicism without being turned into Jell-O within the boundaries of love? This was his main concern until one day he decided that enough was enough and he had already gone far too long without her as his.

In light of this new resolution, Hitsugaya set off determined to leave subtle hints of his feelings in hope that Hinamori would be enlightened and hopefully return the same feelings. Little did he know that he was embarking on a wild goose chase by leaving subtle hints that after a while became not so subtle after all…

I shall conquer this, I shall. His forehead creased as his eyebrows strained in from the concentration, one hand wrapped around his upper torso while the other supported his head – portraying him like Rodin's Thinker. His eyes narrowed as he watched her next move. Slowly and hesitantly, she picked up the white Queen and brought it a few steps near the opposing King.

"Check." She said proudly, eyeing him cautiously. What is your next move? She seemed to be thinking. Hitsugaya looked back to the chess board and stared. Ah, he mentally exclaimed when he found a weakness, you will never get past me, Hinamori. A smug grin appeared on his face as he picked up his King. A look of horror passed on her face as realisation dawned on her. He took out her queen, leaving him with two clear paths to her King.

"Check mate." He declared, he had won the war – and he was still holding the queen in his hands.

"Mou, you always win Hitsugaya-kun!" she stated exasperatedly, slumping into her chair. He grinned smugly at her.

"Of course, I'm not called a genius for nothing you know." Hinamori scoffed at his playful arrogance and smiled.

"For a genius you're quite dense at some things." She retorted. Hitsugaya was baffled and mentally knocked his brain to think of something he was dense at. He gave up.

"Dense about what?" He asked. She smiled harder and shook her head.

"Never mind, Hitsugaya-taichou." And she left it at that. Hitsugaya grinned at the use of his title – ignoring how sarcastically she had used it.

"Now that's the kind of respect you should show to your superiors." He informed her approvingly. Hinamori turned and rolled her eyes at him before she left the room. He chuckled at her response then reluctantly settled down at his desk to finish the day's paperwork.

"Of course, I'm not called a genius for nothing you know." Hinamori scoffed at his playful arrogance and smiled.

"For a genius you're quite dense at some things." She retorted. Hitsugaya was baffled and mentally knocked his brain to think of something he was dense at. He gave up.

"Dense about what?" He asked. She smiled harder and looked incredulously at him.

"Remember the other day when Matsumoto asked you if you wanted a girlfriend?"

Hitsugaya looked weirdly at her, not quite knowing what she was getting at. "Yeah?"

"Do you remember your reply?" She asked. Hitsugaya thought for a moment.

"I said "no, I don't need a girlfriend."" He recalled.

"Well, I don't like your answer." She told him.

"Huh?" He was confused, "what's wrong with it?"

"It was not what I wanted to hear." She hinted, but Hitsugaya didn't get it. He thought for a moment then looked at her again, clearly baffled.

"Why not?"

Hinamori let out a frustrated sigh and stood up abruptly.

"You're so dense Hitsugaya, I didn't like your answer because I like you!" She yelled out angrily. Hitsugaya stood there in shock – then it hit him at full force, along with the happiness.

"Hitsugaya?" She bent down over the chest set and waved a hand in front of him, trying hard not to laugh at the goofy expression frozen on his face.


"Oi Hitsugaya, Hitsugaya." A voice called to him. He turned away from it and continued to bask in his heaven. But the voice wouldn't let him.

"Hitsugaya!" it called again, this time he was shaken with the call.

Hitsugaya opened his eyes slowly and blinked. Huh, my room? He looked at the person kneeling next to him.

"Hina..mori" he registered as he yawned and sat up sleepily on his futon. Another dream huh, he thought sadly, trying to push the disappointment down. Outwardly he remained indifferent.

"What is it Hina" he yawned again, "mori?" he asked, falling back onto the futon again and flipping himself over to lie on his front side.

"I had a nightmare again." She muttered quietly. Hitsugaya's eyes slowly opened and he turned to sit up again.

"Another one?" he asked. Hinamori nodded and looked away. Hitsugaya sighed and moved over, lifting the blanket up for her.

"Climb in" he invited. Hinamori climbed in and turned her back to him, Hitsugaya autonomously turned towards her and placed an arm around her.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. He felt her hesitate for a minute before speaking, her voice a quiver.

"I dreamt that Aizen came back and destroyed Soul Society."

"Baka Hinamori, Aizen is dead. Has been for forty years. He's not coming back."

"I know, but still…"

Silence fell upon them. Hitsugaya was now quite awake but Hinamori began drifting to sleep, comfortable and secure in her surroundings.

"Ne Hitsugaya." She called to him sleepily.


"What were you dreaming about? You were smiling so happily in your sleep." Hitsugaya turned red and thanked the world that it was dark.

"I don't remember." He lied.

"Liar." She caught his bluff.

"Shuddup." He threw back, facing away. Hinamori smiled and closed her eyes.

"Must be something perverted." She muttered loud enough for him to hear her clearly.

"What!" He pushed himself up on one side with a hand and glare down at her.

"Now wait a minute, you…" He trailed off as he realised that she had already fallen asleep. He let a deflated sigh out his mouth as he looked at her.

"Baka Hinamori." He muttered as he propped himself on one elbow and leaned on the palm of his hand, watching her sleep. He would do this often – whenever she got scared and came into his room to sleep – he would just stay up all night, mesmerised by her sleeping form. She snuggled further into the pillow causing a strand of hair to fall over her face. A hand spontaneously extended out and swept the stray hair away from her face. He felt a sudden but strong urge to kiss her but he painfully resisted.

Forty years. He had waited for her for forty years and he was still waiting. Actually, he had waited for her longer then that but back then they had been too young. And there was Aizen. But now he was older, wiser and taller and he knew what he definitely wanted.

As he continued watching her sleep, a new resolve formed in him – he was finally done waiting in the shadows. The problem now lied in how to tell her. He didn't want to tell her straight out – that was too embarrassing for him. I know, I'll leave hints he decided, turning over to lie on his back to stare at the ceiling.

When Hinamori woke up the next morning, Hitsugaya had already left. Probably already left for his captain meeting she figured. She made the bed and adjusted her clothes. There was a gentle knock on the door.

"Hinamori-fukutaichou." Came a voice outside the door. Hinamori froze. How did they find out that I'm in Hitsugaya's room?

"What is it?" She asked, panic building inside her. A muffled conversation began outside causing Hinamori to stare curiously towards the closed door.

"Hinamori-chan" called out Matsumoto. Hinamori allowed herself to breath again.

"Come in, Rangiku-chan" she responded. The door slid open a moment later to reveal the tall, ample-chest shinigami carrying a tray.

"What's that?" she asked, pointing at the tray.

"Your breakfast. Taichou was worried you'd miss breakfast again." Matsumoto replied as she placed the tray on the desk.

"Thank you." Matsumoto winked at her then left the room.

After breakfast, Hinamori departed for her office in the fifth division headquarters. She was surprised to find a single rose on her desk and walked over to it to pick it up. A large smile appeared on her face. Could it be that Hitsugaya is finally starting to make some moves? She giggled happily to herself and held the rose close to her chest. But I want him to say it – I bet that's what he's trying to avoid. She thought for a moment then smiled deviously, I'll just play dense until he has no choice but to voice it out. With that she patted herself on the back on an idea well done and then settled down to do her work.

After a few hours, Hinamori sighed and leaned back on her seat, tired from all the paperwork. Ichigo, who was now the fifth division captain, hated doing paperwork so he had taken up her offer to do half the division's work. Oh well, she thought after a moment, at least I'm done for now. She picked up the rose again and got an idea.

A few minutes later she walked into Hitsugaya's office and found him doing some work. His eyes brightened when he saw her but other than from that he retained his stoic indifference. Hinamori, however, was not fooled. She smiled inwardly as she continued walking up to him. His expression faltered a little when he saw that she was holding the rose.

"So, I got a rose today." She started. Hitsugaya played impassive even though his heart was leaping a thousand miles at a time.

"That I can see." He replied coolly, sitting back in his chair with his arms folded.

"Well, there was no card so I can't be completely sure who gave it to me but I do have a pretty good guess." She chirped. Hitsugaya raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? And who might that be?" He asked.

"Well, giving someone a single rose can have many meanings but there are two main interpretations. This helped me eliminate the potential givers until there was only two left." Hitsugaya's heart skipped a beat but he remained impassive outwardly.

"And what were these main interpretations?"

"Hmm, giving someone a rose may mean "I love you" which would mean that someone secretly admires me. On the other hand it may mean "we're friends forever" which means that a very close friend gave them to me." She went into a deeper thought, "or…" she gave Hitsugaya a quick sidelong glance.

"Or what?"

"Or it could be a really good friend who loves me in a romantic way. So, I was thinking, 'who am I really good friends with that would like me in that kind of way?' but I could only think of one person – Kira-kun." She paused for a moment and smiled to herself as Hitsugaya choked on his tea.

"Are you okay, Hitsugaya-kun?" She asked innocently.

"Just fine." He replied, coughing. Kira! What the hell!

Hinamori sighed and feigned stress. "But what to do! I don't like Kira-kun that way but I don't want to hurt his feelings. Shiro-chan, what should I do?"

Hitsugaya stared incredulously at her. Did she really believe that the rose came from Kira!

"You can't be sure it's from Kira so just don't do anything about it before you embarrass yourself." He advised. Hinamori sighed inwardly but she managed to clap her hands and grin widely at him.

"That's right, I can't be sure it's from Kira-kun. I guess I'll never know who it's from. That's too bad, I would have wanted them to know how sweet it was." She sighed heartily, "thank you, Hitsugaya-kun, you saved me from embarrassment again."

Hitsugaya smiled weakly in return.

After Hinamori left, Hitsugaya pondered on the first failed hint. Why didn't he just tell her that it was from him! Because you were too scared to. He answered himself. Hitsugaya sighed. You're a freaking captain of Gotei-13 damnit! Pull yourself together.

That night when Hinamori returned to her room to sleep, she noticed a large box on her table. Curious, she moved towards it and opened it – it was a chubby plush bunny. Gasping, she took it out and hugged it. It was so soft!

She placed it to one side then examined the box and found a small note.

"Oi Hinamori,

Stop having nightmares.


She picked the bunny up and hugged it tightly, unable to stop smiling. She looked at the bunny toy again. Hm, white fur…

"I shall name you Shiro-chan!"

The next day, Hinamori took the bunny with her to Hitsugaya's office.

"Hitsugaya!" she squealed happily as she flung her arms around him and gave him a quick squeeze before letting go. Hitsugaya felt a surge of disappointment when she let go and brooded –an expression thatwasn't that much different from his usual expression.

"Thank you for my bunny!" she exclaimed as she pulled the bunny into another tight hug. Hitsugaya glared at the bunny, quite jealous of the attention it was receiving from Hinamori.

"I love my Shiro-chan!" she exclaimed happily as she cuddled the plush toy. Hitsugaya's heart skipped a few beats. She loves her Shiro-chan?

"What?" he blurted out, eyes widened. Hinamori grinned at him and pointed a finger to the plush toy.

"Shiro-chan, meet Shiro-chan, my bunny hun."

"You named the bunny after me?" He asked. Damn rabbit.

"Of course, since I always go to you when I'm scared. Now that you have given me this bunny to hold instead, what other name would be more suitable than yours?"

Hitsugaya cringed inwardly. He was being replaced - by a plush toy no less, more over, a plush toy he had given to her himself. He hated that bunny.

Hinamori sighed depressingly.

"What's wrong?" he asked, trying to mask his concern.

"Nothing much, just got a lot of work to do." She replied.

"Bring it here." He offered.

"No way, you have way too much work on your own. Besides, I don't really mind it – it's just boring." She made a face before she left to do her work.

Hitsugaya pondered on his hints – maybe they need to be more straightforward. He sighed as he went back to his work. As he was reading through one of the papers, he suddenly got an idea.

A few days later, Hinamori sat in her office going through reports. She exhaled noisily as she finished one report – one hand placing it on the 'read' pile and the other hand getting another report from the other pile.

She looked down at the report and her eyes widened when she saw what it was.


Name: Hitsugaya Toshiro

Career Objective: A starting position as boyfriend for a certain fifth division vice-captain who always wears her hair in a bun.

Outstanding Qualities: Everything, duh.

Experiences: Almost two centuries of being best friends with her.

References: Matsumoto Rangiku, Obaasan, anyone.

14 April 2046


Hinamori Momo San


5th Division Headquarters

P.O Box 5

Seireitai, Soul Society


Dear Hinamori-san,

After many years of waiting and contemplation, I am finally submitting my resume for the position of boyfriend. My forte lies in my feelings for you. I like you. A lot.

If you feel that I am qualified for this position then please contact me, either by letter or personally, so that we could set up an interview.

Yours truly,

Hitsugaya Toshiro

A.k.a Shiro-chan

Hinamori read the paper over and over again to make sure she was reading correctly.
Hitsugaya couldn't concentrate. She would have read the letter by now, he thought nervously. He had written the letter as a resume for two reasons. The first one was that if she rejected him and didn't return his feelings, he could pass it off as a really over-the-top joke. The second reason was to simply cheer her up and give her a break from the work.

There was a knock on the door.

"Hitsugaya-taichou." Called out one of his subordinates.

"What is it? Open the door."

"Hai." The shinigami slid open the door.

"You have a letter sir." Hitsugaya's heart stopped.

"Place it on my desk." He ordered, continuing with the paperwork on his desk.

"Yes sir." The subordinate got up and placed it on his desk. Hitsugaya continued on with his work without glancing at it. However, as soon as he heard the door shut and he had checked that he was alone in the room, Hitsugaya quickly picked the piece of paper up and unfolded it.

"Dear Hitsugaya Toshiro,

I have put you under consideration and have arranged an interview with you tonight at 11 pm at the big tree by the lake. Hope you can make it.

Yours sincerely,

Hinamori Momo"

Eleven, he looked at the clock, it was only nine thirty. Two more hours to go, I wonder what she's going to say. Hitsugaya groaned nervously and tried to finish the remaining paperwork by eleven.

The water glistened under the moonlight, accenting its every gentle wave and ripple. Hitsugaya sat on the large branch of the tree and stared out at the lake. A twig snapped, startling him out of his reverie.

"Hitsugaya" a soft and gentle voice called out to him. Hitsugaya froze when he saw Hinamori standing a few feet away from the tree, the reality of the situation hitting him. He took a silent deep breath then leapt off the tree, landing smoothly near its trunk and only just a few steps away from her.

"So" Hinamori started, aiming for casual but achieving breathless.

"I received an interesting letter from you." She continued, her voice smooth and gentle. Hitsugaya remained silent, afraid to speak. Hinamori tilted her head slightly and smiled an unsure smile. She took one step towards him. Hitsugaya didn't move.

"Was it true? Or was it a something you did just to make me less stressed about work?" She asked, her eyes pleading. Please tell me it was true.

Hitsugaya swallowed hard. He wasn't sure what to do, what did she want him to say, what does she want?

The air surrounding them intensified and became heavier and heavier as the second went by. Hinamori bit her lip, Hitsugaya's silence was disquieting.

"Say something, Hitsugaya!" She demanded as she took another step towards him, then another, and another until she was finally standing right in front of him.

"I…it was…" He hesitated. If she didn't like him then their friendship would be tainted, but if she did… He allowed himself to look at her. Her eyes were wide, staring intently up at him, tears brimming at the bottom. Why is she about to cry?

"Yes?" She pushed, she was scared – she couldn't take much more of this tension.

Hitsugaya decided. He looked directly at her.

"It was true. All of it." He answered, observing her closely to see what her reaction was. The tears fell down and a wide smile broke out on her face. She let out a sigh of relief. Hitsugaya watched her, his heart beating a thousand beats per minute. She's smiling, does that mean that… He allowed himself to hope like he never dared to before.

"I want to hear you say it." She asked of him, looking up at him once more.

There was absolute silence for a moment - accenting the sound of insects, the gentle rippling of water and the quiet breath of the wind. Hitsugaya looked down at Hinamori. She was his everything.

"I like you, Momo." He confessed. She stared up at him, searching his eyes for the truth before breaking out into a smile. She threw her arms around him and tip toed, bringing him down to meet her lips in one smooth movement. Hitsugaya's eyes shot open fully. After a moment he relaxed and closed his eyes. He lost himself in her warmth, the soft wetness of her lips, the sweet taste of her mouth. His arms found their way around her small body and he tightened his grip as if he were scared that she would slip away from him. Their kiss deepened and after a while they broke apart for air.

"So" Hitsugaya started breathlessly, "did I get the position?" Hinamori chuckled and pretended to contemplate for a moment.

"Mmmm…" Hitsugaya grew impatient.

"Oi! Hinamori." He prodded. Hinamori laughed.

"I think you are definitely qualified." She teased. At his look she laughed some more.

"There's no one else I'd rather have" she confessed. Hitsugaya raised an eyebrow. "Because I like you too." A feeling of euphoria overwhelmed the both of them as they looked at each other – it was a new beginning.


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