story:In the end shuichi got tired of Yuki's crap, and when Yuki brushed him off, Shuichi didn't run after him anymore, rather slammed the door in his face. They havent seen each other for a long time, but what happens when shuichi goes to his best cousins wedding. Guess whose the groom? (romance/angst).

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I'm still in love with you, can I be with you again?

Theres no other place where i'd rather be,

Shuichi tapped the table top, he was writing lyrics for a new song he thought of. He sighed, what else could he write in? Then tapping the pen on his head an few sentences popped into his head.

Tears keep falling, and we keep running,

Because of the pain we went through,

But no matter what My feelings are left unchanged

There.Final chorus done. Feelings left unchanged… huh? Another sappy love song from Shuichi Shindou as usual,he thought. He always thought when you write lyrics it comes from the heart. Deep down with passion and will you write it. And the best lyrics are made out of people's experience and relevance. But this one? So far this one was weird, it just popped into his head and he decied to write it. He sighed he hadn't had anyone special for 5 years. 5 good long years. He smiled, at least he was enjoying the single life. His eyes wavered, although he did miss being with someone…. But for sure.. he wouldn't make the same mistake again… the same mistake he made 5 years ago.



The pink haired boy turned just to have someone jump on him causing him to crash on the floor. He saw it was his cousin. his best cousin in America giggling on top of him.

"Ahhhhh! Riku-chan get off me! What did i do to deserve this morning call? I just woke up. In fact i didint sleep at all!" he said rubbing his head which was throbbing. It was true, he had been working all night writing a new song lyric for a famous band in America and working on mixing some sounds for the band working under him.

" You should really chill and cool down Shu-chan! If not you'd go all brittle and die off"she said cheerfully.Shuichi smiled at his silly cousins acts.She had long hair and pink hair and purple eyes.They could be mistaken for twins!They look very alike. And ironically. Act alike.Maybe thats why they're closer than siblings

" Hey when did you come back?" shuichi asked after she got off him helping him up.Hamasaki Riku had gone to Japan to stay with her mother because her father just died, and her mother wanted to be close to her family in Japan.She was there for 2 years and now she landed in his house. " you didint even tell me you were coming"

"sorry Shu-chan but i came here for an errand, and i totally forgot to tell you i came, so now i came! its a surprise. arent you happy to see me?" she asked.

Shuichi smiled, how could he mind? "Of course i'm happy. Its you Riku-chan!" he hugged her, then patted her head. Riku was only 3 years younger than him.Sweet at the age of 21,but both the same-young, beautiful,loud and hyper. least shuichi WAS loud and hyper. Not anymore though. He hadnt been loud and hyper for the past 5 years.

"come on Riku, lets go to the opposite cafe, have a drink and you can tell me your years in beautiful Japan" Shuichi said taking his coat and opening the door for her.The girl jumped up happily, took her coat as well and went down with him.

They both sat at the cafe table,shuichi spent half an hour smiling and laughing at his cousins time in Japan.

"You had fun then there, eventhough you had a hard time grasping the language?"Shuichi asked.All her life Riku had been living in America and suddenly moving to Japan was a big change for her. But the girl smiled and nodded vigorously. " yeah! Much fun.And the school i was in was fun too!"

Shuichi smiled " cool!"

Then they drank their drinks, its quiet now, but shuichi was sensing something was wrong. Riku was suddenly quiet.Its not normal. He looked at her from across the table.She was biting her lip, something was definitely bothering her.

" Riku. Spill" Shuichi said looking at her.Riku jumped up like she just got pulled out from deep in her thoughts " huh? Shuichi what?"

"something's on your mind. Care to share with dear me?" he asked. Riku suddenly laughed. "Shu chan! i would never keep anything from you!Youre like way cooler than any aniki's i have woo!" she said.

" But what i'm going to tell you might be a shock because it is coming out from me" she said. Shuichi shrugged " i had worst shocks in my life." oh trust me i have.

" Okay... here goes. I... Hamasaki Riku... is getting... married" she said finally. she waited for her cousins reaction.And she was happy with what she got. shuichi grinned and suddenly jumped up embracing her.

" Your sly Riku! You went on and on for an hour about your life in Japan and you didint tell me about the lucky guy who got you!" he ruffled her pink hair messing it up. " your mean! and you made me think it was a bad thing!"

" Yeah i know. I am sooo sorry i didint tell you. But we didnt really have enough contact for the past 2 years i was there.So forgive me aniki" Riku said. Shuichi laughed and hugged her "Its alright. But i'm glad you told me now. I cant wait to meet the guy. He must be handsome " he winked at her.

" Yeah! i cant wait for you both to meet either. It'd be so fun! two of my favourite men meeting!Here shu-chan" she handed him an envelope " its the invitation card for the wedding, which is going to happen in a months time. so you have to find time to come down to Japan"

" For you of course i will!" Shuichi said his purple eyes happily glinting for her. Riku grinned and pinched his cheek " No i mean you have to find time to come down early... very early"

"Huh? why? cant i be there a day or two before the wedding?" shuichi asked. Riku shook her head " nope. You have to be there when the rehearsals and planning are going on.know why?" she asked him.

"no... not really" shuichi quirked his brows.

"Youre going to be the one to walk me to my future husband" she said.


"Eiri I am so glad that you finally decided to settle-,"

"cut to the chase old man" a blonde beauty known as Yuki Eiri snapped at his father who was in his monk clothes…. He was at his fathers house, he still had no idea why on earth was he born into a monk-ish family.

Yuki's father's eyebrow twitched but didn't leap at him. He was overjoyed that his eldest son decided to finally settle down. And with a girl at that.

"Its good that you continue the family line, I am so proud-,"

" yeah yeah, are you done? I'm out of cigarettes, is there any shop nearby?" Yuki cut him, listening to him rambling doesn't profit to his time.

" EIRI!" his father bellowed. Yuki smirked.

" why cant you take the man seriously eiri?" Mika, Yuki's sister asked once Yuki opened the door out of his fathers room. He brushed his hand through his blonde hair.

"When he's six feet under"Yuki said closing the door. Mika sighed and said, " Eiri, Eiri you have never changed have you?."

"Like if my behaviour is any of your business." He said trodding out of the house, Mika following behind him.

He opened the car to his Mercedes when Mika said, "I'm proud that you finally decided to settle down Eiri"

Why does everyone have to say that! Its getting annoying woman!

"No no, before you blow up in my face again we are all happy for you. Your 27 already and not in a serious relationship from 5 year---..…." Mika trailed off. Oh boy, she didn't know if she could say anything about what happened 5 years ago.

But Yuki looked blankly at her, his face showing no expression " Look Mika if your done with your crap, i have to pick someone up from the airport" He said going into his car and slamming the door.He started the engine and drove off.

Mika watched him drive off.She sighed " I really am happy for you Eiri." She said then walked back into the house.



A familiar voice called out his name,Yuki was in the airport waiting for someone,he turned to see someone slam into him.

" Argh!" a person with pink hair was hugging him. " RIKU! For gods sake get off me!" he said harshly.

The girl looked up at him with her huge purple eyes.He blinked,and wanted to take back his words.Those purple eyes were so pitiful he didn't yell again after. He didn't know why and perhaps he didn't want to but whenever Riku just showed him her eyes which were about to cry he would just stop being a jerk. But those eyes, he swore a million times it was exactly like….

"Sorry Yuki"

" Huh?" he jerked up. " What?"

" I said I'm sorry" she said putting her hands on her hips "Man youre spacing out" she said then she jumped up and hugged him.

" Okay okay fine Riku. Enough" he said. For a moment there, he thought someone else said the 'sorry Yuki", the way she said it was also like….. He shook it off. Like noone. Like no one he bothered to know or remember anymore. But why did he keep on remembering how Riku sounded like? But sometimes she sounded vaguely like….

"Hmp. Yuki I've been gone for a week and your still so distant" she sighed " but oh well! I got you. And I'm happy" she said hugging him.Yuki rolled his eyes "Your making a on lets go."

Once inside the care he asked " How was your trip there?" he asked. " did you get to do everything you wanted?"

" YES!" she said cheerfully. " visited my old friends, told them about the wedding gave invitation cards….." she said counting all her tasks with her fingers. Yuki kept on driving. While she rambled on, Yuki wondered again for the millionth time since the day he asked Riku to marry him.

Yes Ironically Yuki Eiri asked someone to marry him.He didn't like attachments that was so true about him, but one day he just lost it and asked her.

Ass…. I lost it. I just lost it.

But it was too late taking it back now. Besides it is a change for him,Riku had been the longest with him anyways.Wait… no…it was…

" My cousin!" Riku said loudly snapping him back to earth.

" What?" he asked again annoyed.

" I also went there to ask my cousin to be the one to guide me up to the alter" she said grinning non stop. Yuki flinched at the word 'alter' would it be a time would he ever go up there. He didn't know it was now.

" So you asked your cousin?"

" Yeaps! Hes very very very very close to me, we've kept very little contact with each other. And ive only been close to him recently like 5 years ago. Until I left. But we're still close… since my father died I had no one in mind except aniki to escort me" she said sadly. " you don't mind do you?"

Yuki shook his head, then ruffled her hair " No. Besides I don't know the point of all this, so you do it" he said. " You call him aniki.You two must be really close"

" yes. Very" she said grinning. " Me and shu-chan are so alike! Its hard to miss us" she said laughing.

Yuki snapped his head to look at her " what?"

" I said we're alike-," she said repeating her words.

" no no I meant you and who?" he asked still driving, his eyes turning back from the road to Riku's face.

Riku smiled and said" Oh. Me and shu-chan. My cousin whose going to be my escort in the wedding. Shuichi shindo."


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