Tales of Symphonia, idiot seraphim.


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Secondly, this story is a bit alternate universed, since it diverts from the original ending. All explained in the prologue below.

Thirdly, I suppose the characters are a bit out of character. This always happens when I write a fanfic. But don't worry. I'll try to keep your image of them intact.

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After Colette was kidnapped to the lower levels of the tower of salvation, the gang risked their lives to save her and Martel was awakened for a few minutes, Lloyd was able to convince Mithos there was another way to free the world of discrimination. Therefore Mithos gave up his age of lifeless beings and let Colette go. However, Lloyd still had to defeat Kratos, so Origin would be freed. Then, using the Eternal sword, he reunited the worlds, and bathed the great seed in Derris Kharlan's mana. Lady Mana was awakened, and the great Kharlan tree was born. Having lost the power of the Eternal sword, Derris Kharlan left the planet's orbit, taking Welgaia and Vinheim with it. The three seraphim stayed behind. Having no place to live, they created a new castle in the top of the tower of Salvation, which was still standing. Their battle against discrimination continues. Lloyd returned from his journey to search for exspheres three days after he'd left, due to an incident at the Tethe'alla bridge. He got a new job as guardian of the Kharlan tree. This story starts two months after the worlds were reunited.