Tales of Symphonia, idiot seraphim.


Around twelve o'clock the people of Flanoir started complaining about the noise, and everyone was forced to go home.

The next morning Kratos, Yuan, Mithos and Genis were sitting in the kitchen in Vinheim having breakfast.

"Well Mithos, it's about time I head home." Genis decided, getting to his feet.

"Oh, okay. Later Genis!" Mithos called, waving merrily. Just as Genis walked out the door, Zelos entered. He looked very much like a zombie, his long lush hair standing slightly on end.

"Mornin' guys." He muttered, sitting down. The others replied with low, hung-over grunts.

"You know, Mithos, what you are doing with Genis… Technically it could be considered paedophilia. You are four thousand years older than him." Yuan said suddenly.

"Yeah? Well I… You… Oh, shut up!" Mithos grumbled, turning to his breakfast.

"See, me and Kratos, we're about the same age." Yuan continued, putting his arms around said auburn-haired angel.

"Yuan, please. I'm trying to eat." Kratos said grumpily, not even bothering to pay attention to the arguments anymore.

"I find it strange how a man your age could like little boys." Yuan said mockingly.

"I told you to shut up!" Mithos growled.

"What do you do on your playdates anyway? Play doctor?"

It only took Mithos one second to change into Yggdrasill, jump to Yuan's throat, push him against the wall and get ready to punch him in face. His fist stopped a few inches in front of Yuan's nose however, as the kitchen door opened again. Kratos dropped the sandwich that was halfway to his mouth, as everyone stared at the boy who came shuffling into the kitchen.

"Mornin' Lloyd." Zelos said. Lloyd replied with a low "Meh.". His hair was standing even more on end than usual, and he looked as though he had a very rough night. Yggdrasill accidentally let go of Yuan, who fell to the floor.

"Have a sandwich." Zelos grabbed a few slices of bread and held them out to Lloyd who accepted them, before heading out the door again.

"Later Lloyd!" Zelos called after him.

"Later…" Lloyd grunted, closing the door behind him again.

"… What?" Zelos asked after a long silence. The three seraphim were now staring at him. "We used protection, so it's not like he's going to get pregnant or anything…"

"Zelos, you truly are the biggest idiot of us all…" Kratos sighed, hiding his face in his hands.


((Eh? Eh? What did you think? Yes, I know I said the epilogue would be up yesterday, but I couldn't concentrate very well, and I still had to make some final alterations.))

((So... Oh yeah, I wanna give credit to my sister, for a fewjokes (though I can't remember which are hers) I wanna credit my buddy Jan, who urged me to play the game. And I wanna credit the people of Tales studio, who created the loverly characters of Tales of Symphonia. To everyone who reviewed: Thank you! It always makes me happy to hear I can make other people smile.))

((Right now I'm debating whether I should write a sequel, or a serious (not comedy) KratosxYuan story. The problems with sequels however, is that the storyline lacks... story, and the jokes won't be as funny. I've had that trouble before. Then again, those KratosxYuan stories have already been done before. So I'll let you guys decide.))

((Oh, right, to Katandshadow. You and your friend aregonna dress up as Yuan and Kratos for Halloween? That is sooo cool! You simply MUST send me pictures!))